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Boise's Watergate
 University Place and All The Governor's Men


 Deep Throat II


Chapter 8 - Governor's Legislative Dog & Pony Show



"04/03/01   E-mail  'Roy Eiguren had lunch with Governor, Speaker (Bruce Newcomb) and Phillip Reberger.   Governor and Speaker both said they would personally head the effort to get the next legislation to adopt the resolution necessary to make it happen next session.'”
-- Investigative Prince Report

   On May 5, 2002, Governor Kempthorne and his merry men put on a dog and pony show at the Idaho State Legislature.  What was the Governor’s intent?

   Freeze frame.  Hold that thought.

   On or before December 24, 2002 in California, Scott Peterson allegedly murdered his pregnant wife, Laci, and unborn son, Connor.  Nobody saw Scott murder his wife.  Nobody found a murder weapon.  Nobody saw Scott dump his wife’s body into the San Francisco Bay, although it eventually washed up onto the rocks near San Pablo at the north end of the bay.  The jury heard Scott lie on the phone to his wife.  The jury heard Scott lie on the phone to his girlfriend, Amber Frey.  The jury saw Scott appear stoic and unconcerned about his missing wife.  Scott did not take the stand to defend himself at his murder trial.  In the end, the jury looked at the series of circumstantial events and convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his wife and unborn child.  They gave him the death penalty in California.

   How could the jury convict and sentence Scott Peterson on circumstantial evidence?  Individually, none of the pieces of evidence was conclusive.  Individually, none of the pieces constituted criminal activity.  All together however, the pieces of evidence painted a very convincing circumstantial picture of criminal intent and activity by Scott Peterson to commit and carry out the murder of his pregnant wife.

   What does Boise’s Watergate fiasco have to do with the Scott Peterson murder case?

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