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Boise's Watergate
 University Place and All The Governor's Men


 Deep Throat II


Chapter 6 - UI and UIF Cookie Jars



“Overall, the transaction documented in the Disbursement Agreement appears to us to be nothing more than the UIF agreeing with itself that it can use funds held in trust by it for its own project (emphasis added).
 -- Investigative Prince Report

   How did we arrive at the “Enron-like implosion” of the University of Idaho’s finances in Boise’s Watergate?  Time for a quick review:

   ·   First, we have a giant pile of chocolate chip cookies, Idaho’s annual education budget:  $1.3 billion.

   ·   Second, we have All the Governor’s Men sitting on multiple boards comprising Idaho’s 180 government vacuum cleaners, sucking the life-blood out of the taxpayers.

   ·   Third, we have private Cryptic Partners who was questionably granted exclusive development rights along Boise’s Court House Corridor, 14 acres unconstitutionally purchased by Ada County.

   ·   Fourth, we have a shark frenzy of lawyers and lobbyists.

   ·   Fifth, we have a land-grant expansion University, the U of I, with a President and Vandal alumni competing against Boise State University.

   ·   Finally, everything was supposed to happen faster than a speeding bullet:  at the speed of "Hoover-time."

   Everything was in place, everything except for the money.

   How did the perps in Boise’s Watergate expect to pay for their vision of University Place?

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