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Boise's Watergate
 University Place and All The Governor's Men


 Deep Throat II


Chapter 4 - Shark Frenzy



Boise’s Watergate wasn’t a boating accident either.  It was a shark-frenzy for public education tax money.  And guess what, taxpayers?  You’re the bait."    Deep Throat II

Just when you thought it was safe to buy Idaho public education bonds, JAWS jumps into the picture.  Was Boise's Watergate just a simple little boating accident?  I think not.  Allan Garten, the Oregon U.S. Attorney for white-collar crime, on loan to Idaho, may soon discover enough evidence to reiterate what Richard Dreyfus said in the first JAWS movie, “This is not a boat accident, it wasn’t any propeller, it wasn’t any coral reef, and it wasn’t Jack the Ripper.  It was a shark.”

I agree.  A lot of lawyer sharks were trolling for education money in Boise’s Watergate fiasco.  I predict a grand jury will convene in 2005 and draw the same conclusion as the Mayor in JAWS movie # 1, “Now I want those little money-happy bastards caught and hung up by their Buster Browns.”

Let’s look at two major areas in the Boise Watergate shark frenzy:  money and conflict of interest.

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