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by Free Market Duck


Obama Staged Fake Zero Dark Thirty Raid to Knock Off bin Laden?

May 11, 2015

Washington, DC -- Legendary journalist Seymour Hersh has recently claimed that President Obama's alleged take down of terrorist master mind Osama bin Laden in a zero dark thirty helicopter raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011 contained many inaccuracies.

   According to Hersh's American and Pakistani intelligence sources, Osama bin Laden had already been captured by Pakistan and was being held prisoner in the Abbottabad compound since 2006.  Whether the Americans knew about this in 2006 when Bush was president, Hersh didn't say,... yet.

   If President Obama found out after he came into office in 2009, it appears that the Obama Administration saved this knowledge so that it could make use of it in a future take down of bin Laden for political marketing reasons.  Like running for a second US Presidential term.  Also, there was no Navy Seal fire fight.  Instead, Pakistani intelligence insiders allegedly rigged it so that US choppers could fly across Pakistan borders without setting off alarms, landed at the Abbottabad compound, Navy Seals hopped out, ran upstairs and one US trooper simply shot bin Laden dead.

   Then, according to Hersh's sources, the US Seals loaded bin Laden into a body bag and dumped him out of a plane or chopper over some rugged mountainous terrain while claiming that they carried his body to a US aircraft carrier and gave bin Laden a "proper Islamic" burial at sea.

   But here's the thing.  If all of this -- and more -- is true, then that would mean that President Obama and various high level administrative officials were holding Osama bin Laden as marketing fodder (for many years) so President Obama could make an announcement of bin Laden's capture so Americans would cheer and vote for him for a second presidential term:  Hey, looky, looky, stupid American public.  I (President Obama) found bin Laden all of a sudden and have ordered a top secret raid to take out this evil terrorist to save America, yahoo, etc.!

   Note that this scenario is not far off from what we here at FM Duck have been saying for the last several years, to wit:  it is absolutely ridiculous to think that bin Laden had avoided capture for all those years what with all the intelligence sources looking for him, a $25 million reward, and it is absurd to think that the US could or would just willy-nilly waltz into Abbottabad, Pakistan at midnight and blast bin Laden in some secret midnight raid.  Sounds good for a Hollywood movie but not real life.

   Number two, it would have been more reasonable for the US and Pakistan to openly knock on bin Laden's door and search the place and then capture him alive for future interrogation.  Our suspicions here at FM Duck were that bin Laden was already dead and the fake staged zero dark thirty raid was done for the same reasons as stated above: to influence Obama's 2nd run for the White House.  The only difference between our narrative and Hersh's story is that we assumed bin Laden was already dead and Hersh says bin Laden was simply being held captive.  Both of us presumed that if either scenario was true, the reasons were the same:  political influencing at the right time in the future.

   The big question has always been:  why was bin Laden being held captive for such a long period of time?  What was everybody waiting for, to arrest him, if not for political election reasons?  Either way, it is not surprising -- if Hersh's story is true -- that President Obama and his advisors would do something like this, for the same reasons he has violated all sorts of US law for his own nefarious purposes:  IRS targeting of GOP politicians, Benghazi lies with another Hollywood fairytale, amnesty for 5-10 million illegal immigrants, and on and on.

   Also, as a side note, notice that Sec of State Hillary Clinton was in the War Room as President Obama pretended to walk through his carefully choreographed fairytale of Zero Dark Thirty, which came to a theatre near you from Hollywood just in time for your vote in the 2012 presidential elections.  What a coincidence!  Sen. Ron Paul was correct in stating that it was inconceivable that the Obama Administration did not bring bin Laden back to the US for interrogation.  Now we know why... allegedly. -- FM Duck


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