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by Free Market Duck


Not "Je Suis Charlie," but "Je Suis Socialist"

Jan 08 2015

Washington, DC -- Islamic terrorists knocked off 12 French journalists at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris yesterday for publishing satirical cartoons depicting Allah.  Not a big surprise since this magazine has been attacked and blown up by Islamic terrorists over the last ten years.

  There are millions of Islamic Muslims living in France but not integrated into the socialist French economy.  There is a double debacle going on in France as the Islamic Muslims are also living in a highly bureaucratic socialist society.  In fact, the Muslims came to France specifically to obtain jobs and the "free" welfare goodies distributed by the French socialist nation.  But as the Muslims showed up to socialist France, they quickly learned that socialist bureaucracy, namely jobs, is based upon who you know, not what you can accomplish or produce.  So the Islamic Muslims are essentially frozen out of the non-free market socialist economy and stuck in Muslim ghettoes.  We're talking 5 million Muslims in Paris No-Go Zones.  No-Go for even the cops.  Just like the blacks in America are stuck in the state collectivist welfare ghettoes created by American left Liberal Progressive Democrats who have created welfare economies in most major cities of America.

  And look at the results in both cases:  France and America.  Islamic Muslims are stuck in poverty in the socialist ghettoes in France, especially Paris, and Afro Americans are stuck in poverty in the socialist ghettoes in America.

  Who is at fault in both cases?  The culprits, of course, are the governments of each respective nation, France and America, and those who are running both nations.  Who is running both nations and what is their moral philosophy?  State collectivists are running both nations and the moral philosophy underlying their social political economic policies is:  altruistic state collectivism.

  But let's zero in on some other factors, similar in France and America.  In France, the Islamic Muslims hold a religious philosophy not much different than state collectivism:  call it religious collectivism.  So the attitude of the Islamic Muslims in Paris, or France in general, is doubly enhanced in that their mental attitude is tuned into anti individual rights, anti inherent individual rights, and anti free market capitalism, just like the socialist bureaucrats running France.

  In America, blacks caught up in the Democrats' altruistic state collectivism of their welfare ghettoes are also caught up in church or religious collectivism, as witnessed by many of them being led into their rioting activities by The Rev. Al Sharpton, The Rev. Jesse Jackson, and even our own President of the United States, Barack Obama, who spent over 20 years in the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright who proclaimed, "...not God bless America, but God Damn America."

  Is there a moral philosophical relationship going on here:  the state and church collectivism of France bringing about the same results as the state and church collectivism in America?

  Regular Muslims in Paris will claim they don't agree with the Islamic terrorists, but they do nothing about it, and in the same manner regular Christians in New York will claim they don't agree with the Sharpton-Jackson-Obama-Holder "terrorism of race-baiting," but they do nothing about that, too.  Or, at least the main stream media says nothing.

  President Obama refuses to call both terrorist or race-baiting issues -- in Paris and in New York -- by the names that they really are:  altruistic religious and state collectivism.  Therefore, we can now understand -- though not agree with -- WHY President Obama appears to be morally supporting the Islamic terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, with all of his domestic and foreign policies by ripping apart America with amnesty for 5-20 million Illegal immigrants storming across our southern borders, implementing Obamacare to bankrupt our US economy, pulling out of Iraq and leaving all of our weapons and billions of dollars in accessible accounts for the Islamic terrorists, releasing 5 Islamic Muslim terrorists from Gitmo for one American Army deserter without consulting Congress, and it goes on and on and on.

  If we didn't know better -- and maybe we don't -- it appears that President Barack Obama is falling right into the fallacious philosophy of his father, socialism and Islamic Muslim terrorism, the fallacious philosophy of his mother, socialism, and the fallacious philosophy of his grandmother, grandfather, and private educators, namely, socialism mixed in with religious state collectivism.

  If this is true, and it is only just a deduction at this point, the President should be impeached for all of his "crimes" against the people of the United States, from illegally implementing Obamacare to all the above-mentioned issues.  If the US Congress does not have the cajones to take action based upon what Obama has revealed about himself thus far, one can predict that his continued anti-American activities will soon manifest themselves as really bad results in the near future.

  Possible scenarios might be one or more of the five released Gitmo Islamic terrorists caught participating in actions against America (or another nation), Illegal Islamic terrorists coming in across our southern border with suitcase nukes, etc.  I don't know which possibility might happen, but just as 2 + 2 = 4, the Laws of Identity (objectively identifying the problem) and Cause and Effect (Action A Causes Event B) will eventually occur and President Obama's actions -- if he continues acting as he has and still is -- will be part of the Cause.

  Unfortunately, that may well be too late for an impeachment or to save the US economy and our inherent freedoms.  Obama simply needs to be peaceably removed from office by Congress through the process provided in the US Constitution (impeachment) so that America can get back to limited government which is brought about by respecting true individual rights and free market capitalism. -- FM Duck


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