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by Free Market Duck


President Obama Falsely Yells "Fire!" in a Crowded Theatre

Dec 5, 2014

Washington, DC -- President Obama -- and other race-baiting social and political pundits -- are yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre where there is no fire.  This is not an exercise of freedom of speech.  In a crowded theatre, there is an implied contract between everybody in the theatre that they will not fraudulently mislead each other with false statements such as yelling "Fire!" when there is none.  Same for all the drivers on our nations' roads.  There is an implied contract that everybody is not under the influence of mind altering substances -- such as alcohol -- that would cause them to crash their car into others.  That's why the police can legally compel you to take blood alcohol tests and are not violating your rights.

   Similarly, the exercise of freedom of speech does not include yelling "Racism!" by the President of the United States to a crowded, predominantly African American ghetto, in cases when a white police officer defends himself and kills a black perpetrator attacking the police officer and/or resisting arrest.  Especially, once a grand jury has handed down an indictment of innocence for the police officer, and all the objective evidence shows that there was no racism involved.  Fraudulent cries of "Racism!" by the President of the US or the US Attorney General or the mayor of the city when there is no proof is not the exercise of freedom of speech but rather a case of fraudulently yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre, causing people to riot and/or trample each other under false pretenses.  Which is exactly what we now have in many cities across America.

  It is also not within the authority of the President -- or other race-baiting social or political pundits -- to attempt to retry a grand jury case in the news media.  This is the equivalent of a lynch mob, a group of people who already know what they want for an outcome and, in fact, are basing it not upon the rule of law but rather the rule of gang or tribal collectivism, the lowest form of state collectivist ideology.  This is a revocation of the concept of inherent individual rights, the underlying premise of our founding document, the US Constitution.  This is also a throwback to the Dark Ages of so-called "group rights" in which the individual obtains his/her rights from a collectivist ruler, the gang leader, the tribe, the mob, the King, the Monarch, the Dictator, the Emperor.  Starting to sound familiar with the Obama Administration?

   In summary, this is a fraudulent use of the President's power, and a fraudulent use of the DOJ's power, crying "Racism!" to cause race riots in America's inner cities, many of which are predominantly black and held down economically by the President's own political party, the Democrats, under the illusion that welfare -- based upon whoever claims to be the neediest and redistribution of wealth by the federal government -- will somehow bring justice to those who have not earned it.  Basically, it's called robbery, with the federal government acting as redistribution broker, keeping blacks under the thumb of the Democratic Party forever so they will vote for more and more free cookies but never seem to break out of the government-created ghetto.  As, on purpose.  No mention of inherent rights or free market capitalism or the rule of law vs. the rule of the mob comes from the lips of our exalted race-baiting President, our Pied Piper of African Americans and college students who, in 2008, thought they were ushering in a bright new day.  Actually, they were:  it's called national socialism under the guise of redistributing the President's "stash" from the Federal Reserve to his new minions... and beyond.

   When the grand jury in any particular case has already looked at all the evidence and concluded that racism was not an issue, when members of the grand jury themselves are black and find no indictment against white police officers, or vice versa, then it is not the function of the President of the United States to second guess that finding and go on national TV to directly or indirectly insinuate that "Racism!" was an issue in the case and further that the President is now going to dispatch his US Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is also screaming "Racism," to retry the case in the news media as he jumps on an airplane and runs down to the scene of the crime to try and dig up proof to prove the President's false cries of "Racism!"

   The analogy between falsely yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre and falsely yelling "Racism!" in a predominantly black ghetto stands in that both are not exercises of freedom of speech.  Both are cases of fraudulent speech and he/she who utters the falsehoods in both cases should be held accountable for whatever outcome occurs:  people trampled to death as everybody tries to dash out of a crowded theatre in the first case, and people robbed or killed in race riots in the second case.  In the latter, it is a very disturbing case of the President of the United States using the power of his office to incite a possible racist civil war in America.  And he -- as well as others who also falsely yelled "Racism!" to a crowded African American ghetto -- bear responsibility for their false statements.

  Whether police officers of whatever ethnicity committed whatever alleged acts of illegality against anybody else of whatever ethnicity should be based upon the rule of law (hence a grand jury), not upon fraudulent cries of "Racism!" by the President of the United States or other state collectivists.  Otherwise, this issue simply devolves into the President revealing that he is a racist himself, by his own actions and utterance, not the officers under possible indictment and found innocent by a grand jury.

  This is just another case of President Obama lying to the people of America in his grand attempt to "fundamentally transform America."  We now have proof that he lied about his national healthcare, the so-called Affordable Care Act, about the NSA spying on Americans, about the IRS targeting Conservative political groups, about the Benghazi murdering of our Ambassador, about using Executive Orders to illegally go around Congress to allow millions of illegal aliens to storm across our southern borders, and now on national TV essentially yelling "Racism!" to his political party's created ghettos so they will riot and possibly start a civil war in the US.  Is this the issue that President Obama has been waiting to create so he can call for martial law, suspend government elections, and use his selected military to take over the United States?

   Those who still do not think that President Obama, the non-citizen from nowhere, who has no record of having done anything traceable, is not hell bent on truly "fundamentally transforming America," had better wake up soon or they may well find themselves being transported to re-education camps somewhere in Arizona.  The Austrians in the 1930's cheered and voted in the Third Reich, until the tanks rolled in from Germany and they found out what that really meant.  Wake up people.  The tanks are rolling in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and other major American cities.  "Never let a good crisis go to waste," right President Obama?  Right out of the Cloward and Piven textbook for 1960's radicals. -- FM Duck


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