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by Free Market Duck


Who Really Killed Osama bin Laden?

Nov 15, 2014

New York, NY -- Well lah dee dah and whoop tee doo.  Navy Seal Robert O'Neil is traipsing around the national TV talk show circuits such as Hannity Calamity, Greta van Suspect, William O'Reilly, and Jelly Bean Kelly telling everybody how it was HE who shot Liberty Valance, oops I mean Pancho Villa, no no make that Osama bin Laden.

   Where was Osama knocked off?  In some compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011 on a dark and stormy night.  Really?

   What about Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette -- interviewed by CBS 60 Minutes' host Scott Pelley -- who claimed he shot OBL "a handful of times" during the May 1, 2011 Zero Dark Thirty raid to knock off bin Laden in Whattabaddybody Abbottabad?  And after Navy Seal Matt shot this "somebody" -- because good old Matt said neither he or anybody else there recognized the dead duck as Osama bin Laden -- a second squad of Seals running up the stairs pumped a few more rounds into bin Laden.  You know, just to make sure.  Uh-huh.

   Was this second Navy Seal Robert O'Neil, who is now claiming that HE was the one who killed Osama bin Laden or was it another Navy Seal?  Who knows?  None of the Navy Seals knew Osama bin Laden from Abduhl the Camel Driver.

   So what we got here is at least two stories by Navy Seals trying to take credit for kicking Osama bin Laden's bucket.

   Meanwhile, President Obama and his administration made sure that there would be no proof given to the American public about whether OBL was actually killed in this daring and highly questionable raid or not.  Think about it for a minute:  The US claimed for over a decade that neither the CIA or any other US government agency could find Osama bin Laden.  Really?  The US has had technology for decades that can pinpoint a gnat's eyelash on a postage stamp in Lower Slobovia any time day or night.  The NSA even knows what you said on your cell phone last night and whether you farted once or twice and in which direction, including color pictures with Dolby Sound.

   And further, President Obama said the reason they didn't release any pictures of deader 'n a door nail Osama is because they didn't want to frighten people or anger all the Abduhl Camel Drivers living all over the world.  Right.  But they dragged Iraq's Saddam Hussein's statue through the streets of Badhdad, put him on trial on TV, and then hung his ass from the nearest oak tree in Dodge City.  Hasn't President Obama ever heard of an undertaker, somebody who works in a funeral home who can do wonders with fixing up dead bodies to look OK at funerals?

   And the excuse of burying bin Laden by dumping his body in the ocean without exhibiting him for the public to finally gain closure?  Hmm.  Sounds like the whole thing was choreographed from beginning to end.

   We give Pakistan hundreds of billions of dollars per year and we can't ask them to accompany us to Osama's supposed compound in Abbottabad to see whether he lives there or not?  So, instead we sneak into Pakistan on two Black Super Duper Choppers built at Area 51 and send Navy Seals in at midnight to shoot whoever happens to be there and then dump the body into the ocean so there is no proof?

   If OBL was really there in Abbottabad, we could have captured him alive in the full light of day and taken him back to the US to stand trial on public TV.  Simple.  Period.  End of story.  But President Barack Obama's 2012 Elections were coming up in Nov 2011.  How convenient for him to stage a Zero Dark Thirty air raid in Nowheresville, Pakistan, send in the Navy Seals to shoot anything that moved, whisk the body away, and dump it in the sea.  Then, force the Navy Seals to not reveal shit from Shinola about the entire episode as Obama controlled the news release to all his drooling left Liberal news media buddies who unquestioningly disseminated this hyped up bullshit.  Yahoo, Obama knocked off FBI Enemy Number One:  Osama bin Laden.  Vote for Obama!

   Three years later, this whole fiasco full of more holes than a slice of Swiss Cheese, is regurgitated for the FOX News talk show hosts to drag Navy Seal O'Neil across the screen so old ladies and fathers who lost loved ones in bin Laden's 9-11-2001 attack on the World Trade Centers can cry their eyes out and thank O'Neil for his "service."

   Oops.  Did I say World Trade Center?  Oh no, looks like one staged fiasco at Zero Dark Thirty may have been created as a sequel to a previously staged fiasco:  World Trade Centers collapsing from well-placed demolition charges that melted steel to ashes instead of what it should have looked like if only jet fuel from two airplanes caused the collapse.

   And now for the cherry on top of the Obama Administration's Hot Fudge Sundae of Lies, Lies, and More Lies, MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber reveals on national TV how he and the Obama Administration purposely lied about the contents of ObamaCare in order to get it passed by what he calls the "stupid" voters.

   The entire US Government is so caught up in so many lies that Americans don't know what to believe any more.  I sure don't.  Except for one thing:  I know they're all lying through their freaking teeth. -- FM Duck


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