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by Free Market Duck


Is Sgt Bergdahl Obama's Last Hurrah?

June 08, 2014

Boise, ID -- Sgt Bowe Bergdahl deserted his US Army platoon in Afghanistan in 2009 and went AWOL.  For five years.  For you non-military individuals out there, that means he was Absent Without Leave, or absent without permission.  That also means he deserted his post in a hostile fire zone, aka during a war.  In plain English, that means that when it was time for him to stand watch to make sure the enemy -- in this case, the Taliban -- did not sneak into their platoon's encampment and blast everybody away, Sgt Bergdahl was missing.  When Sgt Bergdahl's squad leaders went to wake him up for guard duty, he was not there.  His rifle and flak vest were left on his bed and he only took a few items such as water and a compass.

  In an effort to find out what happened to him, Bergdahl's squad briefly searched their compound but could not find him.  Then they suited up, grabbed their weapons and started a search outside their perimeter. Was he captured by the Bad Guys or leave on his own volition?

  At the start of their search for Sgt Bergdahl, his squad ran into several Afghani school children who said they saw an American soldier crawling through the brush without a weapon and pointed in that direction.  The squad continued their search but finally gave up when they couldn't find him.

  From many discussions with the platoon members and Sgt Berdahl in the months before he disappeared, his comrades had long since concluded that he disagreed with the way in which the Afghan war was being conducted -- namely, the motto "win their hearts and souls" or something to that effect describing the Americans' attempt to convince the local villagers that the US was their friend and they had a mutual enemy, the Taliban.  Platoon members said that Bergdahl wanted more bang-bang shoot 'em up action with the enemy instead of door-to-door friendly chats with the villagers.  At other times, Bergdahl appeared to indicate that he actually sided with, if not the enemy, then at least the Muslim Jihadists for whatever reasons.  He either felt sorry for their cause or else wanted to be more combatant like them.  After all, he had tried to join the French Foreign Legion but was turned down for reasons we don't know.

  Bottom line, it was concluded by Sgt Bergdahl's platoon that he was a deserter, not a captured POW.  In fact, after an investigation by the US Army, they too concluded that Sgt Bergdahl was a deserter.  In a recently released report this year, 2014, Sgt Bergdahl was seen on several occasions with the enemy at their encampment, playing soccer, freely shooting AK-47's and other weapons without restraint.  A private intelligence unit who worked for the US Army also captured pictures and videos of Bergdahl cavorting around Taliband camps.  The only reason the US recon teams did not try to rescue Sgt Bergdahl was (1) they already suspected from previous reports that he was a deserter, and (2) because their Commanding Officer thought it would be a waste to lose 20 US commandos against a hundred Taliban fighters -- especially just to rescue a deserter.

  Fast forward to June 2014.

  President Barack Obama -- all of a sudden -- held a news conference and announced that his administration was trading five Taliban murderers who masterminded the deaths of thousands of individuals and had been held in Gitmo for the last ten years for -- wait for it -- Sgt Bowe Bergdahl.  Bergdahl had been hanging around the Taliban for five years, officially classified as a deserter, and then boom out of the clear blue sky Obama makes his announcement.  The next day, President Obama's spokes puppet, Susan Rice -- just like for the Bengahzi lies and deceptions -- toured the major TV news networks and stated that Sgt Bergdahl was a brave soldier who had served his country with distinction.  President Obama said that the reason he did not contact the US Congress 30 days before making his secret exchange -- as required by law -- was because he was fearful for Sgt Bergdahl's health and life at the hands of the Taliban.  Five years after Bergdahl deserted and President Obama suddenly became fearful for Bergdahl's life?

  The Taliban and entire Middle East Jihadists were in seventh heaven, so to speak, at their "good luck."  Was it good luck or has President Obama now come out of his Muslim Brotherhood Closet?

  As a further slap in the face of every American soldier and US citizen, President Obama called another news conference and sauntered out to the Oval Office's Rose Garden with his hand firmly wrapped around Sgt Bergdahl's mother's waist -- and hers around his -- and allowed Bergdahl's father to address Americans in one of the native languages of Afghanistan in what could best be described as exhorting the Jihadists to a victory against the US.  Obama offered up a broad smile as Bergdahl's father spoke in Arabic.  Then, they all three hugged each other, Obama smooching Bergdahl's mother on the cheek, and they all walked off with arms around each other back into the White House.

  Now the crap has hit the proverbial fan.  Those who thought Bergdahl was a POW -- which Obama still insists, against all official reports and eye witness accounts by Bergdahl's platoon members -- discovered exactly the opposite:  namely, that Bergdahl was a deserter and may have even collaborated with the enemy to help kill US soldiers with IEDs, while providing other intelligence information to the Taliban.

  The Big Question:  President Obama must have had access to all of this information before he make the Big Trade.  So, why did Obama committed such an egregious act?  Is he so out of touch with reality that he did not realize that even the dumbest of his Democrat supporters would react with revulsion to this exchange?  Or is Obama feeling so secure that he thinks he can snow all the people all the time?  So far, Obama has gotten away with ransacking GM, dumping another $800 Billion into the economy just after George Bush pulled the same stunt, using the IRS to target and denying tax exempt status for only GOP political parties, using the NSA to spy on everybody's communications from cell phones to laptops, lying with Sec of State Hillary Clinton about the murders of our Ambassador and colleagues in Bengahzi with a fake story that it was the fault of some weird video against Allah when actually Obama and Clinton were covering up a failed gun running fiasco with the Taliban, doing nothing about the nation's VA medical scam program running two "waiting lists" in order to make the VA socialist medical system look good until he finally sacrificed VA Sec Eric Shenseki to get it out of the news, and NOW President Obama trades an American deserter for five of the most dangerous Taliban masterminds of the century -- without consulting the US Congress.

  Either Obama is totally off his gourd or he has now come out of his Muslim Brotherhood closet to declare war against all Americans and, mainly, the principles upon which this country was founded.  I would not be surprised if President Obama declared martial law soon.  Unless, of course, Congress finally grows a pair and impeaches his little socialist -- or is it Jihadist -- derriere. -- FM Duck


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