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by Free Market Duck


National Socialism Defeats Individual Rights in 2012 Presidential Elections

(Nov 07, 2012)

Free gifts from Santa Claus offered to the minds of little children will always trump having to clean up their room.

Washington, DC -- News Flash:  National Socialism defeats Individual Rights in 2012 Presidential Elections!

  President Barack Obama did not defeat GOP candidate Mitt Romney in the elections yesterday.  What the 2012 elections really show is that 50% of America has been completely sucked into the philosophy of altruistic state collectivism, mainly through their brain-washing in the left Liberal Public Education system from K-12, and then 4 more years at university.

  A majority of Americans have fallen for the basic tenet of Karl Marx:  from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.  Also called:  The Santa Claus Syndrome because the recipients think they are getting something for free from some mythical benevolent Being, in this case, the Government.  This is the philosophical foundation of socialism, fascism, communism and all variations on the theme of state collectivism.

  Marxism is diametrically opposite to the philosophy of individual rights and free market capitalism.  And the youth of America -- like the youth in Germany in the 1920's and 1930's who bought off on Adolph Hitler's philosophy of National Socialism -- bought off on President Barack Obama's same philosophy of national socialism in America.  The question is:  will Obama's altruistic state collectivism lead to an American Holocaust after destroying the entire US economy?

  Many years ago, an author wrote a book, the premise of which was: What if Germany had won WW II?  What would the world look like?  More specifically, what would America look like today?  The book went on to describe the Nazis continuing their atrocities in America -- loss of freedoms, a faltering economy, and finally an American Holocaust.

   Well, guess what, Americans?  As you wake up this morning on Nov 7, 2012, you will discover that Germany did not lose WW II.  We're talking philosophy here and its inevitable resulting socio-political-economic results.  You know, the inevitable End Game, often called Cause and Effect.  Namely, with Barack Obama's presidential win last night for four more years of his continuing federal nationalizations and governmental interventions into every sphere of what's left of the free market, Obama can now implement the same National Socialist programs that Nazi Germany would have implemented in the U.S. had they actually won WW II.

  All this, without firing any physical bullets, only philosophical bullets.

  Where did these philosophical bullets come from?  You guessed it:  from America's Public Education system, which  ultimately, come from the bankrupt philosophy of intellectuals at American universities who have defaulted on logic, reason, and basic socio-political-economic concepts of freedom.  America's intellectuals are state collectivists who are hell bent on implementing forced robbery and redistribution of property which they define as everybody's "right to receive based upon need," instead of the freedom to voluntarily exchange.  The former is robbery; the latter is liberty.  Intellectuals in America have given up on concepts that previously were well known and established as far back as 1787, and expressed in such documents as the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, and the US Constitution.  In short, America's intellectuals are philosophically bankrupt.

  In fact, the only shot fired by Obama in winning the presidential election last night was to simply show up on campuses all over America for the last year or so and trip the little ticking time bombs, the socialist philosophy that has already been inculcated into the brains of our youth -- ages 18 to 30 -- by America's public education system from Grades K through 12, plus 4+ years of college.  America's youth were Obama's Manchurian Candidates, as it were.  And it worked.  Like a charm.  Well, more like a philosophical hand grenade as President Obama "hung out" with his "useful little idiots" on campuses, preaching to the choir in giant philosophical circle jerks with Hollywood-scripted Marxist bullshit.

  The only other shot fired by Obama -- if you can call it that -- was to continually enable a perpetual welfare class of unemployed union workers, welfare families, 46 million Food Stamp recipients, and newly-arrived immigrants who are bankrupting county welfare budgets without having paid into them.

  Why should the GOP be surprised at this left Liberal tactic.  Libertarians and Tea Party activists have been warning us about this for years: it's the education system, dummy, it's the education system.  A government education system will produce good little authoritarians, beholden to the government's altruistic state collectivist philosophy.  You are now witnessing the results of federally-controlled public education:  the youth of America dancing to the tune of President Obama, The Pied Piper.  And dance in the streets they did.  Last night and on into the wee morning hours like cannibals around a bon fire celebrating their own future destruction after gulping down a bunch of poison.

  No, we should not be surprised.  And, according to our re-elected President, Barack Obama, "The best is yet to come," if you like socialism.  And why wouldn't it?  Obama's entire life and family political history -- from card-carrying Communists Grandma and Grandpa, to socialists Mommy and Daddy -- has been mired in nothing but teachings in socio-political-economic fascism, socialism, and all variations on the theme of altruistic state collectivism.  What will Barack Obama's End Game look like?  Easy-peezy lemon-squeazy:  the only possible outcome that can occur when a culture implements anti-individual rights philosophy is:  financial and social suicide, a total wipe-out of individual rights and free market capitalism.

  Why?  Because, as in the novel 1984 in which values were redefined as their opposites, in the New Age of Pied Piper Obama, war will be peace, lies will be the truth, and slavery will be freedom.  And you will go bankrupt.  This is exactly what happened in the early phases of Nazi Germany.  First, the German youth bought off on Adolph's Santa Claus Syndrome:  free cookies for everybody.  Free education.  Free health care.  Free everything.  American youths have also bought off on the Santa Claus Syndrome:  Free education.  Free health care.  Free food stamps.  Free iPhones.  Free everything.  You will soon see Obama Unchained as he, like Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, and Chairman Mao, has now received what he thinks is a mandate to totally jump into the role of a Nazi Dictator and begin the implementation of TOTAL National Socialism.  Individual rights and free market capitalism will completely disappear since the US Congress has become irrelevant, the US Supreme Court has been emasculated (thank you Chief Justice John Roberts for re-writing ObamaCare to add the definition of "tax" so you could pass that onerous piece of legislation), and President Obama simply signs off on a zillion Executive Orders to pass whatever laws he wants.  If anybody disagrees, just watch how fast Obama shuffles us into his "re-education facilities" and "concentration camps."

  What the GOP still does not understand is that:  Philosophy matters.  As philosopher Ayn Rand tried to warn us, if your basic premise is self-sacrifice of the individual for the "collective good," then the End Result will be state collectivist suicide -- both at a financial and social level.

  As we have stated over and over in these columns, if you want to see the result of Obama's social, political, and economic policies, just go see the movie Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand or read the book.  All those who voted last night for Obama and four more years of his perpetual entitlement welfare programs, will all scream together in Obama's New Ghettos, just before they are shipped off to Obama's Re-education Camps in Arizona.  Upon arrival to the "Re-education Camps, the people will cry, "Wait, this is not what we asked for.  This is not what we meant when we said everybody has a right to receive from everybody else."  Really?  When one embarks upon a moral philosophy of self-sacrifice of the individual for the "good of the collective," what do you think the End Result must logically be?  Certainly not a free market; that concept was destroyed in the very premise of altruistic state collectivism.  Not a thriving productive economy; that was destroyed by implementing the collectivist state.  Not an enriched quality of life with new inventions, new discoveries, lower prices and a free market; that was destroyed by government rations, rules, and the fixed procedures and interventions of all the state bureaucracies.

  The end result of altruistic state collectivism -- Obama's National Socialism -- will be the death of an entire nation, the death of a culture, and the death of all individual rights and liberties.  Let's face it:  if your premise is "no individualism," then your end result must be "no individuals."  That's exactly where America in 2013 is headed.  No individual rights.  No free market.  No market prices.  No business calculations possible.  No production.  No employment except government jobs.  No increase in the quality of life.  Good luck America.

  Your children, taught by left Liberals in the Public Education system from K-12 through college, have now voted you, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa -- and not ironically, themselves as suicidal fodder -- into Barack Obama's future financial and social death camps.  Obama's federal socialist education war cry, "race to the top," is now a "race to the bottom."

  It was philosophy -- the philosophy of altruistic state collectivism -- that ambushed America last night in the presidential elections, not GOP candidate Mitt Romney's lack of straight-talking to the American people or President Obama's brilliant oratory.  I say "ambushed" because the GOP did not see it coming.  Judging from the GOP pundits blabbering around on the national TV networks this morning, they still don't get it.  They think Romney burped wrong or they should change the name of their party or eat more bananas, whatever.

  Wake up Americans!  Re-check your moral philosophical premises.  It's your choice:  either inherent individual rights or Barack Obama's altruistic state collectivism.  It's now Germany, the 1930's, all over again.  And while you may think you're living in Toledo, Ohio, in 2013, you're now living in Berlin in 1937.  Stalag 17 is right around the corner. FM Duck

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