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by Free Market Duck


President Obama, "Tax the Rich!"

(Apr 18, 2012)

Washington, DC -- Yahoo, girl friends, let's tax the rich!

That's what our socialist President Barack Obama is now shouting from the roof tops all across America in his never-ending campaign speeches for the presidency for 2012.

Just what we need:  a good social-political-economic screwing over for another 4 years by somebody who defines himself and his fascist cronies as the free market.

There are two major problems with President Obama's Kantian and Marxist philosophies:

(1) In spite of what Obama is preaching, It is not wrong or immoral for individuals to accumulate riches, which in economic terms is called savings, or excess capital saved from production.  For all you farmers out there, it's called seed corn, and

(2) Marxist socialism does not work.

As to the first, it is a philosophical (I do not mean theoretical, I mean real for survival) question:  do individuals have the moral right to accumulate capital (riches) in a free market, yes or no?  And if they do, why is it morally OK?  Further, if it is not wrong, by what authority does the President of the United States claim to have a right to redistribute anybody's accumulated wealth, or seed corn?

In a limited Republic based upon inherent individual private property rights, it is not only moral to accumulate savings, it is immoral and stupid to NOT accumulate savings.  In fact, in modern society, if we don't accumulate true capital -- real commodities, not the fake paper of Federal Reserve Notes -- we will die as soon as the food, water, and medicine run out.  Humans have an inherent right to save seed corn and other commodities for their future survival.

Taxing the rich is a very stupid idea since they are the golden geese who have saved enough capital to produce more goods and services and hire individuals to work.  Corporate managers and their employees are both capitalists and their relationship is not a dichotomy working against each other as Karl Marx would have us believe.  Capitalists, hourly-wage employees, and consultants all work together voluntarily in a free market for a common purpose:  survival and expanded quality of life.

What Obama and his socialist cronies are trying to promulgate is nothing short of the Kantian, Hegelian, and Marxist philosophy that there is no objective reality, that man qua an individual cannot know anything about the real world around him, that man the non-individual only obtains his "rights" to survival from the biggest and baddest collective group (whoever happens to be in charge of the government at any given moment), and, therefore, there is no such thing as individual rights, all individuals must live and respond to the needs of a collective group, and the best social-political-economic method to accomplish this contradictory philosophy is Marx and Engels' Communist Manifesto.

Buzz, wrong again, President Obama.

On all accounts.  Kant and Hegel destroyed the concept of individualism while Marx and Engels destroyed the only moral result of individual rights: free market capitalism.

The adoption of our modern day philosophers' claptrap who have been drooling all over the writings of Emanuel Kant and Karl Marx is now coming full circle and driving Earth humans into moral and financial suicide.  President Obama has adopted a philosophy that is suicidal at all philosophical and empirical levels from the metaphysical, to epistemological, to moral, and finally political economy:  state collectivism.  All based upon the erroneous concept of fake altruism for the supposed collective good of the very humanity that he -- as a basic given -- dismisses as non-existent.

Welcome to the philosophies of Emanuel Kant and Karl Marx.  And, unless Obama and his socialist cronies are stopped, welcome to the total destruction of Western Civilization.

As for point number two above, it is a stupid derivation from point number one.  That is, once one accepts the premise that homo sapiens on Earth -- or anywhere else for that matter -- has no individual rights and exists for the sole purpose of being a self sacrificial animal to the biggest gang's collectivist NEEDS, i.e. usually the government, then all sorts of economic sophisms must follow.  Since the adoption of (1) above (Kantian philosophy) is the result of not thinking, why should we be surprised that the sequel to not thinking within the realm of (2) economics, would be any different?  Results always follow adopted premises.

Hence the Obama state collectivist mode of thinking presumes the following economic fallacies:  (a) there is a finite amount of wealth on Earth and the accumulation of riches and wealth is not a function of ideas and risks by producers, (b) all value is derived from physical labor (disproved centuries ago even by socialist "economists,") (c) resulting in the erroneous concept that one man's wealth is another man's poverty, and (d) therefore it is the President's responsibility -- as what?  God, the CEO, Big Brother? -- to make amends to (a), (b), and (c) by cleverly trying to micro-manage the quadrillions upon quadrillions of economic decisions and exchanges occurring daily in the free market by substituting the free market with panels of bureaucratic government officials.

First, there is not a finite amount of wealth in the world.  Wealth is infinite and is the result of transforming ideas into products and freely exchanging products in the market.  One man's wealth is not another man's poverty.  Strike one, Obama.

Second, value does not reside in labor per se.  Value resides in the anticipated service expected to be rendered by both parties in any exchange.  Each party can be right or wrong, i.e. earn a profit or take a loss.  And each party's subjective evaluation is different from the other.  Strike two, Obama.

Three strikes and you're outta there, Bud.

Third, prices can only be formed in a free market, not a government managed welfare state.  If one destroys market prices, businessmen cannot make calculations and perform forecasts, and thus must fail in their endeavors -- never mind the additional fact that government bureaucrats are already driving businesses bankrupt by issuing ridiculous caveats and taxing them to death.  Whoa, Strike Three, Obama, you're outta there!

We do not need to redistribute anybody's wealth to everybody else precisely because it is an individual's moral right to keep and dispose of his property the way he sees fit.  The ability to accumulate wealth, capital, or seed corn is infinite.

Those of you out there who are concerned with the moral philosophy of what you call "materialism" need to recheck your basic premises.  Accumulating seed corn is not "materialism."  It is sound economic advice.  Drinking your inherited riches into a drunken stupor every Friday night and buying 17 Bentley's may qualify as your idea of "materialism" but, again, the individual has the right to screw himself over and it is not your duty to "save" him from himself by enacting state collectivist laws and statutes to redistribute his physical possessions that were obtained within the bounds of individual private property rights just because you disagree with his "lifestyle."

Maybe other individuals wouldn't agree with your lifestyle of smoking dope on the weekends or praying to Volkswagens on Thursdays.  Whatever.

The point is, President Obama is wrong wrong wrong on all accounts -- philosophically at all levels of logic -- and especially on individual rights and basic free market economics.

Here's the step-by-step logic that has unfortunately occurred to bring about our current Recession and Obama's "tax the rich" mentality:

1. Deprive man of his individualism (philosopher Kant, who says we can't know the difference between an individual and other objects in reality),

2. Deprive man of his objective knowledge about how to survive in the world (philosopher Hegel, building upon Kant),

3. And thus, deprive man of his moral rights to the fruits of his mind and labor (Hegel building upon Hegel),

4.  And therefore take away all of man's economic rights to voluntarily exchange with others without governmental intervention (philosopher Karl Marx, building upon Kant and Hegel),

 and you will condemn the individual to physical and financial suicide.  Welcome to the current recession.

And that, mes amies, is exactly what is happening to Americans -- and citizens around the globe -- as President Obama and virtually all governments are now positioning us for what will soon become the Roman spectacle of Bread and Circuses, or tomorrow's Hunger Games.

Who says philosophy doesn't matter?  That it's just pie in the sky babblings of intellectual idiots in Ivory Towers of academia, unrelated to "reality?"  Wanna bet?  Philosophy IS reality.  The most important reality you will ever have to encounter.  To not understand the relationship between the absurd "thoughts" of yesterday's and today's bankrupt "intellectuals" in government and academia, and the empirical existence of our current bankrupt economy is to not understand how we got from A to B.

President Obama's shouting from the roof tops that we should tax the crap out of the "rich" and redistribute the wealth is not about philanthropy.  It is about how he intends to use Kantian philosophy (we don't exist, knowledge is unknowable) and Marxist philosophy (we don't exist but we're all equal) to squash your inherent individual rights to your own mind, body, and soul.

In essence, President Obama and his cronies are trying to overturn the entire knowledge base obtained during the Age of Reason and the Age of Enlightenment.

And he's trying to convince you that it's for your own good, of course.  Uh-huh.

Right, girl friends.  It's for your own good, which is spelled Obama's Collectivist Mob. FM Duck

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