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by Free Market Duck


The Education Games

(Mar 12, 2012)

Washington, DC -- Welcome to The Education Games.  Like Susanne Collins' new book The Hunger Games, America is now hosting The Education Games.  How does that work?

   The setting is today, the Greatest Recession in North America since 1933.  Nobody is employed.  Nobody is allowed to trade, except with The District, and everybody is busy blaming everybody else for their government-created predicament.

   Those in charge live in The District of Columbia, i.e. Washington DC.  The District controls everything and everybody.  The District has inflated the paper currency, the dollar, into oblivion.  It's not worth shit.  The District has caused a third of Americans to lose the value of their homes, crashed all aspects of the economy, and created massive unemployment all across what was once a prosperous nation called the United States of America.

   America is now called The Circus, short for the old Roman term: Bread and Circuses, which refers to exactly what The District is now doing to Americans:  feeding them a lot of Government Cookies (the Bread) to keep them fat, dumb, happy and continually slurping down government-mandated, nationalized, unhealthy health pills.

   The purpose of The Education Games is not to educate but to keep all the unemployed busy running around in the District's Education Folly Maze, a giant Circus of pretended education.

   Since a third of Americans have no job, and are not likely to get one since all jobs and the Free Market have been outlawed by The District, they are paid by The District to Race To The Top.  Race To The Top is President Barack Obama's version of former President George Bush's Leave No Child Behind.  Both federal programs have one objective:  to keep the masses in a perpetual state of re-educating themselves to earn a different State Work Permit so they can pretend to look for the same type of job that someone else is busy re-educating themselves out of -- so that they, too, can pretend to be looking for a different job that has also been prohibited by The District.

   Meanwhile, everybody collects government unemployment Cookies.


   Forever because there is no end to The Education Games.  It's a big government con.  It's a big Circus so The District can keep everybody under control, working only for The District.  It's a clever way to get rid of the Free Market.

   Only two types of Americans are wandering around in The Education Games:  (1) kids required to attend The District's Race To The Top from kindergarten through high school, and (2) jobless adults with no college degree, or yes their college degree is a Bachelor's, a Master's, or a Phd in Profession ABC who are now working toward a pretended education in Profession DEF.  Those who already possess a State Work Permit for Profession DEF or GHI or XYZ or Whatever are busy re-educating themselves for a State Work Permit for Profession ABC, for which we already know that no jobs exist.

   So why bother?

   Because you have to stay in The Education Games to stay alive.

   How do you stay alive with no money?  Easy.  The District's central bankers, The Federal Circus Reserve makes a lot of money printing up District Funny Money to loan to all of the "students" in The Education Games, because it costs $200,000 to re-educate yourself for the four years it takes to get another ridiculous State Work Permit, for which there are no jobs because The District has outlawed all jobs -- except special District jobs for their friends and relatives living in Washington DC, The District of Columbia.

   If you leave The Education Games, you face unemployment and starvation.  So students stay in The Games, running up a huge debt to the Federal Circus Reserve that they hope to never have to repay... somehow.

   It's dog eat dog.  Students are now slitting each other's throats to get the limited number of State Work Permits, even though there are no jobs for those Work Permits, except limited District jobs.  That's just part of The Education Games, too.  Fighting for nothing.  The goal for many is to not leave The Education Games.  The goal is just to stay alive with government education loans since nobody has to pay their loan back until they "graduate" and leave The Games for what few District jobs exist.

   So everybody, young and old, just stays in The Education Games for the free food, free drinks, free gladiator football games every Saturday, borrowing money from The District until they get old and die or else graduate into The District's next game:  Social Security and Medicare Games.  The official paperwork for Social Security and Medicare alone is enough to kill off anybody left over from The Education Games.

   What a freaking Circus America has turned into.

   Today, there are no individuals; only gangs fighting it out in The District's official Games.

   No freedoms, no private property, no love, no hate, no feelings, no thinking, no fresh air, no anything.  There are only The Games.  The Inflated Dollar Games, The Jobless Games, The Education Games, The Hunger Games, The Social Security Games, The Medicare Games.  There are probably Death Panel Funeral Games that we don't know about yet.

   It's all Bread and Circuses.  And you are the dead meat thrown by The District into a series of nothing but suicidal government Games.  Good freaking luck! FM Duck

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