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by Free Market Duck


2012: The Obama-Romney Presidential Debates

(Feb 06, 2012)

Washington, DC -- Fast forward to Nov 2012:  The Obama-Romney Presidential Debates.

How can GOP candidate Mitt Romney debate Barack Obama on the issue of universal health care?  Obama will point out that Gov. Romney implemented the presidentís same socialized health care plan, ObamaCare, as Romney Care in Massachusetts.

Gov. Romney will then try to counter by saying that Romney Care is OK at the state level but not OK at the national level.  Itís OK, says Romney, for the state of Massachusetts and each of the other 49 states to strip the individual of their rights to choose any commodity or service pushed by the government but itís not OK for the federal government to do the same thing to all 50 states.

Obama will counter, why not?  Allowing each state to mandate government health care is extremely inefficient and people moving from one state to another will have to keep changing to the different health care rules of each state.  Itís more efficient for all 50 states to have one nationalized health care program instead of having to obtain a new plan every time they move from one state to another.

Legally, points out Obama, if itís constitutional to mandate government health care per state, itís OK to mandate it for all 50 states and call it ObamaCare.  Whatís the big diff, asks President Barack Obama?  Romney Care is simply ObamaCare on the installment plan, with no national coherence.  Why is it better for the states to rob people state by state instead of the federal government robbing them all at once?  By the way, Gov. Romney, thanks for using my ObamaCare as the blueprint for your Massachusetts government health care plan.

At this point, Gov. Romney is out of debating ammunition since Obama has just proven that if itís legally OK to strip the individual of his rights and freedoms at the state level, then itís logically OK to strip the individual of his rights and freedoms in all fifty states at the federal level and call it ObamaCare.

So when the GOP thinks Gov. Mitt Romney is the ideal candidate to go up against President Barack Obama in the 2012 elections, think again.  Romney is simply Obama-Lite on the major issue of the day:  socialist health care.  There is no difference between Romney Care and ObamaCare.

Wow.  Big debate.  Obama and Romney holding a philosophical circle jerk in which they both hold the same moral philosophical premises -- and the GOP doesnít understand why both candidates end up with the same political results. Ė FM Duck

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