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by Free Market Duck

Obama Offers Israeli PM Pork Chops Laced with Cyanide

(May 20, 2011)

Washington, DC -- Whoa, girl friends, pull up the barn floor, shut up, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.

   President Barack Obama yesterday invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to dinner at the White House and served him a hot dish of cyanide.  "Yo, dude, welcome to America.  Here, drink this glass of spiked Kool-Aid," slap, slap, right across the face.

   What did Obama do?

   He jumped onto national TV yesterday while PM Netanyahu boarded his plane from Israel for the US and announced that HE, Obama, thinks Israel should recapitulate all the Israeli real estate from the 1967 10-day War against the Arabs -- who tried to annihilate the Jews -- and bulldoze all the Israeli houses back to pre-1967 boundaries.

   Meanwhile, Obama's modest school board acquaintances, Mr. & Mrs. Ayers from the terrorist Weather Underground fame who blew up police stations and the Pentagon in the 1970s, are piloting a flotilla of pro-Palestinian fanatics toward Israel to protest the existence of the Israeli nation.

   Also meanwhile, President Obama is shoveling billions of dollars of US taxpayer money as "foreign aid" -- yeah, "foreign aid," ha-ha -- to various Middle Eastern nations that are gunning down their own citizens, money that will surely go to the Muslim Brotherhood Islamo-fanatics for military arms and supplies so they can take over their respective nations -- which are coincidentally all rioting in unison -- so the Islamo-fanatics can create a Caliphate.  No, Martha, that's not a new decaf drink from body builders in California.  A Caliphate is the Islamo-fanatics' vision of their Fairytale religion's idea of Paradise on Planet Earth, where the men get to beat women into submission.

   Unfortunately, all of the Earth's major religions are simply moral philosophical fairytales with similar beliefs that some anthropomorphic omniscient rules, judges, and interferes with all the actions of humans on planet Earth.

   The Big Disagreement between the several major fairytale religions revolve around things such as:  (1) Group A's fairytale says it's OK for them to knock off all of the people in Group B, (2) Group B says they own the property rights to a piece of barren desert in the Middle East they call The Holy Land while Groups A and C claim those same real estate rights for themselves, (3) all three major groups continually educate their children to hate or distrust the other fairytale religions and all three groups are busy worshipping physical idols including land, buildings, temples, walls, and rocks.  How brilliant!

   If you were an extra-terrestrial human from the Milky Way Galaxy -- in which the Billy Meier's ET contacts claim there exist some 7.5 million different races of ET humans -- and you were flying over and monitoring the actions of humans on planet Earth, you would probably just shake your head in disbelief and say, "Been there, done that, when will they ever learn?"  And your only concern, as an ET human, would probably be if Earth humans blow up enough nukes to destroy the entire planet, how would that rip the space-time continuum for our home planet in this, or other dimensions, of all galaxies?  And you would be correct.

   That is why, according to ET humans from both our DERN Universe and a parallel DAL Universe, they are here monitoring the actions of humans on Earth:  because it could affect other human life species connected to us in the spiral arm of the Milky Way, other distant solar systems that the major fairytale religions on Earth have no clue exist throughout our Universe.

   Therefore, President Barack Obama, yesterday, has just moved planet Earth closer to another World War, and this is a grave concern by others in our Galaxy, a concern that Earth humans could stupidly affect -- through nuclear explosions -- many other billions of ET humans in many other solar systems.  We are more connected through the space-time continuum than you might think.

   If you think this is just science fiction, and that we are the only ones in the Universe -- or that this scenario hasn't ever happened elsewhere in the Universe -- you are extremely naive and should go bury yourself in one of the major fairytale religions that are causing havoc on planet Earth.  72 virgins, my ass. FM Duck

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