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by Free Market Duck

How many different U.S. Governments are busy running America?

Nov 25, 2010

Boise, ID That's a good question.  Just how many different U.S. Governments are busy running America?

   The U.S. is currently being ruled by at least two different governments.  A third government, the U.S. Congress, has become "irrelevant."

   The first government consists of the left Liberal Progressives, the socialists, comprising the Executive Department of Barack Obama.  Contributing to this first government entity are financial manipulators such as George Soros and others.  President Obama runs his government via excessive and, therefore, highly illegal Executive Orders and the creation of back room Czardoms for new bureaus, which he simply proclaims over the weekend in defiance of the U.S. Congress and the authority of all 50 states in our fractured Union.

   Through this back-door methodology, Obama and his state collectivist goons have run roughshod over what our Founding Fathers originally created as a limited Republic, a Republic that respected our inherent rights and freedoms as expressed in the U.S. Constitution, especially in the Bill of Rights.

   But there is also a second U.S. government that is running America -- often in direct competition with Barack Obama's U.S. Government but sometimes in cahoots with him, much like Mafia Families dividing up their territory for crime.

   That second government is the central banking community powered by the independent central bank, the Federal Reserve.  With total disregard and contempt for which political party is in power, or what the U.S. Congress thinks, or whatever the President or the people of the United States say, the central bank of the United States is busy running its own programs of monetary manipulation and economic management.  Often in direct contradiction to what the people want.

   For example, even though it was clear from the last national elections in November 2010 that the public did not want more inflation of the money supply, and that the previous trillions of dollars of monetary stimulus injections into the U.S. economy did not solve unemployment or anything else, and, in fact, worsened every aspect of the current Recession, the day after an overwhelming mandate by the American people to replace the current U.S. Congress with fiscal Conservatives, the Federal Reserve at its FOMC meeting dictated that it would be inflating the economy by $2 trillion more dollars and monetizing at least $600 billion of the $2 trillion as a so-called "stimulus."

   The Federal Reserve is acting as an autonomous U.S. Government.  It has never been fully audited, although one of the powers of the U.S. Congress is audit the Fed.  The Federal Reserve and their cronies, including -- and stupidly -- President Barack Obama, passed a Banking Reform Act this year in which the Fed was absolved of any type of future audits and, in addition, obtained complete and total control over every business and individual in the U.S. on the pretense of saving the economy from whatever they make think, in their infinite wisdom, may constitute a "problem" in the market.

   Think about what the private corporation called the Federal Reserve just obtained from President Obama and Congress:  total control of America's economy, with no oversight.

   As the American public and U.S. Congress will soon discover, the Banking Reform Act will be much more worse vis a vis losing individual rights and freedoms than ObamaCare or Cap N Trade.  The Banking Reform Act was a bloodless coup that has now created a second U.S. government:  the Federal Reserve.

   So now what?

   What happened to our original U.S. Government, mainly Congress, which can now be considered the third U.S. Government, that has essentially no teeth, no monetary authority, and no cajones to do anything about the existence of the first two U.S. Governments?

   In reality, the U.S. Congress is at fault for illegally granting its powers of monetary authority to the central bankers, our current 2nd U.S. Government.  And where has it gotten us?  The Federal Reserve is the root cause of our current Recession, from the housing mortgage debacle to the Wall Street derivative schemes.  This default by Congress is allowing the PhD Economic Idiots running the Fed Reserve and Wall Street to act out their idiotic quantitative economic theories in the market, which, of course, is failing miserably but taking the world down with their suicidal economic game theory.

   But here's the irony in all of this:  all three U.S. Governments vying for control of the American people, and the world, are not exhibiting an ideology of individual rights or free market capitalism.

   Barack Obama's U.S. Government is blatantly Socialist, Communist, Fascist, and all sorts of variations on the theme of altruistic state collectivism.

   The Federal Reserve's U.S. Government is also an expression of blatant state collectivism, by definition, since they hold a monetary monopoly on the creation of fake paper money and manipulation of all market parameters which are in direct contradiction to what a free market should be.  The Fed counterfeits paper receipts, the U.S. dollar, for the lack of real gold and silver, which today is not even "fractional reserve banking" and is not redeemable as stored collateral at the U.S. Treasury.  The Fed, instead of the free market, sets fake "interest" rates, which do not reflect the ratio of current to future value of capital savings or money.  The Fed intervenes and "games" all stock and commodity futures markets with its POMO interventions.  The Fed, supposedly managing the people's money -- a statist idea at best -- is not even subject to an audit by the people or their elected officials.  This is not free market capitalism; this is socialism, or crony fascism, or state collectivism.  The central bankers are now acting as an entity unto itself.  It has become, de facto, a second U.S. Government.

   And the third U.S. Government, the ball-less U.S. Congress, with all its earmarks and special legislation corruption with thousands of Washington lobbyists is also not exhibiting free market capitalism.  The best that can be said of our third U.S. Government is that they are a bunch of ideological and pragmatic wussies.

   All three U.S. Governments in existence today are ideological expressions of altruistic state collectivism, while all of them pretend to be defending the philosophy of free market capitalism.  But true capitalism is based upon the very same inherent individual rights and freedoms that all three U.S. Governments have almost totally destroyed.

   This is the Big Irony:  All three governments in the U.S. -- Obama's socialism, the Federal Reserve's monetary dictatorship, and the U.S. Congress with no balls -- are destroying our limited Republic because they do not understand (1) the difference between real money (gold or other commodity) and a paper receipt for money (a promissory note redeemable for the gold or other commodity), (2) why prices can only form in a free market vs. a government controlled market (and thus allow true market calculations for business), (3) the difference between inherent rights received from the universal consciousness or God vs. "welfare rights" redistributed at the point of a gun from a government, and (4) the virtue of voluntary free market selfishness in the exchange process as the basis for mutual cooperation (capitalism) vs. the suicidal philosophy of altruistic state collectivism (socialism).

   In short, what we desperately need now is a 4th form of U.S. Government to replace the other three:  it's called the return to a limited Republic whose only governmental function is to defend our inherent liberties, which is a philosophical and empirical precondition for voluntary free market capitalism, which, in turn, is a necessary precondition to pull our asses out of the second U.S. Government's, the Federal Reserve's, self-created global Recession. FM Duck

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