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by Free Market Duck

Idaho Voters, Who Should You Vote For...
and Which Amendments?

Oct 30, 2010

Boise, ID -- Idaho voters!  Who should you vote for?  Which Constitutional Amendments should you vote for or against?  Why?  Following are recommendations and brief analyses by FM Duck:

Governor:  We support Butch Otter.  Not quite a free market Libertarian, GOP incumbent Butch Baby is about 55% free market and there's nobody else better qualified to run.  As Ralph Smeed told me, "Shit, I tried to pour free market philosophy into that boy's head, but most of it apparently leaked out and was replaced by the standard state collectivist crap already infecting both the GOP and Demos."  Ted Dunlap of Idaho's so-called Libertarian Party is not a serious Libertarian, doesn't even have a serious Libertarian web site, and probably hasn't heard that most Idaho Libertarians are busy taking over the GOP via the Tea Party movement.  Jana Kemp, running as an Independent, is a half-way house on limited govt and spending, and doesn't offer anything different than Butch.

Lt. Governor:  Write in Mickey Mouse.  Incumbent GOP Brad Little can't even spell "free market."  God help us if Gov Butch Otter falls off his horse and can't show up to work one day.  Brad Little is a big RINO.

U.S. Senator:  Write in Donald Duck.  Incumbent GOP Mike Crapo is a fiscal Conservative imposter.  Crapo and Demo Rep Walt Minnick are asking Congress to send $10 million to bail out Idaho's potato farmers and will ask Congress for $50 quadrillion to bail out Idaho's dairy cows, hogs, chickens, alfalfa farmers, corn growers, Barbie Doll collectors, and chewing gum manufacturers.

U.S. Rep Dist 1:  We support Raul Labrador who we have met personally and received high recommendations as a free market type of guy from other free market individuals.  Incumbent Democrat Walt Minnick poses as a fiscally Conservative, small government kind of guy and then runs out and votes for House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi and more state collectivism.  Walt Minnick is in the wrong Party and needs someone to unscrew his noggin and pour in some Austrian free market philosophy with a dash of Atlas Shrugged.

U.S. Rep Dist 2:  Write in Daffy Duck.  The good dentist, incumbent GOP Mike Simpson, is simply a carbon copy of U.S. Senator Mike Crapo.  The two Mikes need to retire their RINO cards and go check into Hotel California, where they can learn how to attach the Really Big Time Ear Marks to Corporate Welfare Bills and write philosophical dissertations to the Idaho Statesman News Rag about Why Ear Marks Are Really Great for Idaho & All the Other 49 States, Uh-huh, You Betchum.

Secretary of State:  Write in Duck Dodgers.  Incumbent GOP Ben Ysursa and his wifester Penny who is or was his administrative assistant here in Smallsville, like to "game" elections by sending out Absentee Ballots to selected GOP voters on off-day elections so they can sneakily pass things like multi-million dollar Community Colleges that we don't need and elect their buddies as Jr. College Directors.  Pass.  Ysursa is just one of the entrenched GOP Good 'Ol Boyz of Boizee.  He could wear a Dirk Kempthorne mask at tonight's Halloween Party and nobody would know the difference.

State Controller:  We support GOP incumbent Donna Jones based solely on the fact that she has been doing a good job and why jump horses in mid-stream?

State Treasurer:  We support GOP Ron Crane for the same reasons as Donna Jones.

Attorney General:  We support GOP incumbent Lawrence Wasden because he's honest and is suing with 20-30 other states-attorney-general to dump ObamaCare.

Legislative Dist 14, Senator:  Write in Daisy Duck.  Incumbent GOP Chuck Winder is running un-opposed and is a sometimes RINO.  He would do better to run for Mayor of Boise and kick left Liberal Mayor Dave "The Trolley" Bieter out of office.  FM Duck should run for Winder's State Senate seat in two years and bring some true free market sanity and fiscal responsibility to Idaho's Senate.

Legislative Dist 14, Rep A:  We support GOP incumbent Mike Moyle, current House Leader, because he is a fiscal Conservative and small government guy.

Legislative Dist 14, Rep B:  We support GOP candidate Reed DeMordaunt on the advice of other free market individuals who we trust.

Constitutional Amendments:

HJR4, 5, & 7:  Vote "Hell No" on all three of these nefarious pieces of state collectivist crap.  These three Amendments would allow PUBLIC ENTITIES -- public hospitals, public airports, and public utilities -- to go into multi-year indebtedness by borrowing money in the private capital markets without Idaho's current constitutional mandate to obtain permission from two-thirds of the voting voters.  While this is not tax money, it can and probably will turn into future tax payer bailouts when the PUBLIC ENTITIES borrow too much and/or at high interest rates or make other bad financial decisions and THEN -- and THEN -- the politicians will jump up and down and claim, "Oh my, we can't allow Public Hospital ABC to go bankrupt, let's increase property taxes," or "Holy dukes, we can't allow Public Airport DEF to default on its loan to Goldman Sachs, let's increase sales taxes," or "Help, we have to save our Public Utilities from the really really bad financial deal they made with Fill In The Blank financial institution" such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or some Wall Street Bank's clever idea of a sub-prime, non-collateralized debt obligation in the housing market or... whatever.  Proponents of HJR4, 5, & 7 are of the same mentality as those who claimed Fannie and Freddie -- two of our nation's largest GSEs (Government Sponsored Entities) -- could never go bankrupt and now Fan & Fred are hundreds of billions of dollars in debt (with no Congressional limit) and guess who gets to bail them out?  Bingo!  You guessed it!  The tax payers.  So, while the proponents of HJR4, 5, & 7 are busy running ads on TV to trick you into giving up your voting rights to vote on future spending limits by these public entities, by claiming in their ads that these public entities are not asking for tax money, you can bet your sweet little ass that the state legislature or the counties or the cities will be asking you for tax money when said public entities go into huge indebtedness that they cannot service with simple rate increases.  And who is going to let these public entities that get into future financial trouble go belly up?  Not the politicians, hence welcome to Tax Time for Public Entity Indebtedness Bailouts, just like at the national level for all our other GSEs like good ol' Fannie, Freddie, and even monopolized Sally Mae for Public -- notice that word again, PUBLIC -- Education.  Think Post Office, think Amtrak, and then vote "Hell No" on Idaho's HJR4, 5, & 7.  If these were private corporations, then we could care less how they conduct their finances but, in fact, they are PUBLIC ENTITIES and thus YOU the voter must be in charge of their spending because you will ultimately be responsible for their debts.  PUBLIC ENTITIES cannot act like private entities since they are not into the profit/loss accounting paradigm of the free market.  They are only into the spend, and spend-more paradigm of state collectivism.

HJR101:  Hey, who cares?  This is just a technical vote on whether to call "fees" a "tuition" at the University of Idaho so they can spend money for academics from a new sugar bowl.  This is just a "word game" vote so it doesn't matter how you vote.  If you don't approve, then "fees" will go up.  If you do approve, then "tuition" will go up.  Ho hum. FM Duck

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