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by Free Market Duck

Energy - Part 3 of 3

Why Are We Still Drilling for Oil When We Have Tesla’s Free Radiant Energy?

(Sep 18, 2010)

In 1943, JP Morgan Jr. et al. murdered Nikola Tesla.  The feds tried to cover it up as “natural causes” but the New York coroner’s report lists Tesla’s cause of death as “poison.”

In the 1890’s, JP Morgan Sr. et al. murdered Maxwell’s Equations and Electrical Engineering, killing off Tesla’s discoveries of free wireless energy from “the vacuum of space-time.”  The result is that today, and for the last 100 years, the world has been using dirty fossil fuel or dirty nuclear fission instead of a clean, renewable, almost infinite source of free energy from the “vacuum.”

In 1913, JP Morgan Sr. was one of the central bankers who pushed the U.S. Congress into creating the Federal Reserve so they, the bankers, could control the U.S. money supply and thus all market sectors, especially energy.

Today, in 2010, JP Morgan Co. is one of the four major bullion banks that the President’s Economic Advisors -- aka The Plunge Protection Team -- conspire with to manipulate the buying and selling of precious metals, gold and silver futures in the commodities market, trying to prop up the hyper-inflated Federal Reserve Note.

So, if we connect the dots between all of these manipulations in the energy and monetary sectors by JP Morgan Co. and other special interest groups in Washington DC, we discover that most everything we learned about money, financing, and energy is a series of big fat lies.  And those lies continue to this day in 2010.

“There is enough EFTV energy in one thimbleful of the space time continuum to power every electrical device currently in existence on planet Earth.” -- Tom Bearden.

   One of the men who brought you pulp fiction dollars via a central banking cartel called the Federal Reserve is the same man who bankrupted Nikola Tesla.  The banker’s son then allegedly had Tesla murdered (poisoned) in order to prevent Tesla from (1) disseminating information about his free radiant energy machines, and (2) going to Washington to show President FDR how he could construct a series of energy shields to protect the U.S. from foreign attacks.  That man and his son were JP Morgan Sr. and JP Morgan Jr., respectively, the same Morgans who co-founded General Electric Co. with Thomas Edison.  Their purpose?  To prevent Tesla from competing against Morgan’s new oil business.

   JP Morgan elicited the services of physicist H.A. Lorentz to re-gauge (alter) Maxwell’s Equations at the turn of the 20th century regarding the source of Electro Magnetic energy available in electrical circuits.  This was done in order to hide the fact that Maxwell showed how one could pull a trillion times more energy from the active space-time medium (the vacuum) in a standard electrical circuit than the puny amount of electron energy we currently use today.

   Lorentz's “symmetricized” Maxwell’s Equations were changed to convince the 30 or so electro-dynamicists (electrical engineers) of the day that no excess energy was being pulled from the seething EM “vacuum.”  This charade was continued by shoving the changed equations into university text books after the early 1900s, which is where they sit today, rotting the brains of current EE students who, of course, just memorize crap for their tests and ask no further questions.  Nothing has changed over the last 100 years and what today’s Electrical Engineers (EE’s) learn at all major universities are the erroneously “symmetrical” Maxwell Equations created (re-gauged) precisely to hide the huge amount of free energy available from space because JP Morgan’s Big Oil cartel would have been bankrupted by this information about free energy from the vacuum.

   The upshot is that anybody who goes back and questions the original equations – not likely, and not many -- and discovers the discrepancies is either ridiculed or run out of EE grad school.  Meanwhile, down the hall in the Physics Dept, physicists are busy winning Nobel Prizes for showing the “extra” Maxwell Equation Poynting and Heaviside radiant energy streaming into standard EE circuits that EE majors are taught to purposely ignore and route back to the source antenna (e.g. a dipole battery) to kill the source so power companies can continue to charge customers for fossil fuel to re-charge or replace the dipole source which, if engineered correctly according to what Tesla discovered, would otherwise freely allow a virtually unlimited amount of EM energy to power their circuits.  This is what Tesla had discovered, why he was bankrupted by JP Morgan et al., and finally murdered -- after which the feds waltzed in, took over the NY murder case, proclaimed Tesla’s death was due to “natural causes,” and then confiscated all of Tesla’s papers, writings, and impounded all of his inventions.

   Further, if today one discovers this information and develops a Tesla free radiant energy machine – and especially if one tries to market such a machine -- they will receive a visit from the “Men in Black,” from the government or those special interest cartels (e.g. banking and oil) who run the government, and who will calmly suggest, as they did to one inventor in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, as they shoved him up against the wall, that “it would be more healthy for your family if you continue using gasoline and oil.”

   So while the government (both Congress and the Dept of Energy) in 2010 not only know about Tesla’s free energy from the vacuum, and have even surreptitiously developed over-unity machines whose output is far greater than what the changed Maxwell Equations classically define as input – technically they aren’t because space is not a “closed loop” system – the central bankers and Big Oil who run the government do not want you to have access to free radiant energy since free energy from space means you can drop off the U.S. Energy Grid and become totally independent from the Power Elite in Washington DC.  Their response to those in the “underground” who are building and distributing Tesla EFTV machines is, “Hey, for national security reasons we can’t allow our enemies to have this type of energy information.  So we can’t allow you to build or market EFTV machines.”  But, guess what?  Our so-called “enemies” already have Tesla’s information and the real reason is that our own government doesn’t want you to be energy independent from them.

   Think about what would happen if you could produce your own cheap energy instead of having to rely on the power companies and Big Oil.

   Imagine a world of cheap, abundant renewable energy.  Pollution free.  Almost infinite and available from the space all around us no matter where you are.  This is as important, if not more important, than the discovery of the wheel or fire or our six basic machines from the lever to the inclined plane to pulleys, etc.  Energy, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and self defense on land, sea, air, or in space.  If every residence and business had its own dirt cheap energy supply, we would not need a U.S. Energy Grid.  Terrorists could not interrupt the nation’s energy supply.  Survival in the desert, mountains, woods, underground, and at sea and in outer space would be no problem since fuel (EM energy) would be available from all around us.  That is precisely why the JP Morgans knocked off Tesla and that is precisely why the U.S. Government has kept Tesla’s information as secret as they can.  It’s a power play, pure and simple.

   However, because of the Internet, “the times they are a-changing.”  Today you can log onto the Net, Google “John Bedini” and “energy from the vacuum” (EFTV) and pull up tons of info on (1) how to build your own Tesla free radiant energy machine or (2) buy one from John Bedini or another inventor who will prudently claim that his machines are simply “battery chargers” – many of which most definitely are -- or only “radiant energy collectors” wink, wink.

   But we all know what’s really going on.  And John Bedini is not the only one holding 4 or 5 patents on these new types of energy machines.  Dr. Tom Bearden has even developed a solid state radiant energy machine about the size of a small shoe box.  Several Australians (Lutec Co.) and the Swiss have developed COP > 1.0 energy machines, too.  COP > 1.0 means the ratio of output energy to input energy is greater than 1.0.  Which means you get more EM energy out than you put in, just like free energy obtained from a waterfall since you didn’t have to input the energy into the waterfall.  It does not mean perpetual motion.  For example, heat exchange (refrigeration) machines are another example of COP > 1.0 machines and your fridge is not a perpetual motion machine.

   In short, Tesla energy comes from space.  And space is an “open” system that provides free energy from the vacuum to all electrical circuits, until one purposely kills it, which is exactly how circuits have been built for the last 100 years, thanks to JP Morgan. 

   There are many types of COP > 1.0 EM energy machines.  There is a big difference between the concept of perpetual motion and COP > 1.0.

   By the way, as an aside, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – the conservation of matter and energy, or in street talk, “you can’t get more energy out than you put in" -- is violated every day because the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics isn’t exactly true.  It is simply a statistical notion, not an identifiable scientific fact of Nature.  Sir Isaac Newton’s 1st Law of Motion violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics at face value.  An object which is in motion or at rest tends to stay in motion or at rest indefinitely, perpetually, until it bonks into something else.  Forever.  So from where is it obtaining its infinite energy to keep on trucking?  Further, the concept of motion or non-motion is relative.  Ask Albert Einstein.  Consequently, time itself is not a dimension per se nor a physical thing; it is simply a description of relative motion.  That’s it.  And that’s also why you can travel back and forth, so to speak, “in time.”  Time is not an objective place; it is simply relative motion.  That’s why it’s called a “space-time” continuum.  Continuous relative motion.

   I digress.  Back to the scene of the energy suppression crime.

   The only question left is:  how long will it be before some rich industrialist breaks into the Tesla EM energy game, defies the U.S. Government, and builds and disseminates Tesla free EFTV (Energy From The Vacuum) machines for the masses?

   Meanwhile, President Obama and former VP Al Gore and other special interest groups pretend we need more expensive Big Coal, Big Oil, Big Gas, or dirty nuclear energy.  The politicians and Power Elite are busy creating phony schemes such as Energy Derivative Credits traded on a Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange – Obama’s Cap ‘N Tax Bill -- to keep the world using non-renewable fossil fuels, and enriching themselves while pretending to “save” the planet in a Green Political movement via governmental intervention into the free market.  Obama and our corrupt Congress – who have already been briefed about Tesla free EFTV -- continue to provide corporate welfare to the Big Oil companies and the central bankers such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and others to continue with the same old energy schemes designed to keep us paying for outdated EM energy grids and old fashioned transmission distribution lines.

   That’s also why the international central bankers created the Petro Dollar at their Bretton Woods monetary meeting several decades ago.  It was supposed to force the world to use ONLY the U.S. Dollar to buy and sell oil from OPEC.  Why do you think the U.S. is in the Middle East pretending to fight a terrorist war?  It’s for the oil, stupid, it’s for the oil.  And also for the Federal Reserve to shove the U.S. dollar down the international economy’s throat.  Not to mention the billions and billions in war bonds that the international bankers get to issue to finance our National Debt to fight a manufactured war.  Fiat money, controlled energy, and manufactured international wars are what it’s all about.

   In short, there is no real energy crisis.  There is only a government-manufactured energy crisis, created by the Power Elite and special interest groups to make sure you stay on the Energy Grid so they can meter your ridiculous Edison electrons and charge you up the yin-yang for power created by the major power companies distributing either dirty fossil fuel or dirty nuclear energy.  Telsa free EFTV requires no transmission or distribution lines.  It is wireless and does not require a grid that terrorists can blow up.

   There is no real energy crisis and we should not be drilling for oil in our oceans or on land or anywhere else and we should not create another nuclear power plant with its dirty waste products and radioactive emissions.  (I am talking about radioactive emissions from nuke plants that Earth scientists, according to what Billy Meier’s ET human contacts claim, do not yet know about or understand.)  Nuclear energy is just a simple-ass way to boil water to produce steam to turn turbines to generate electricity across transmission lines.  No thanks.  It sucks, just like fossil fuels, and sets America up for a huge future energy blackout.

Connecting the historical dots – analysis and details

   What is the correlation between America’s central banking cartel, the Federal Reserve, and the current Big Oil energy cartels?  How did we get here?

   First, control of the monetary system.

   If you want to control a nation, you must first gain control of its money supply.  One of the best ways is to trick the people into thinking you are saving them from something, such as banking failures, market crashes, or falling down and stubbing their toes.  Thus, in walks JP Morgan and a cartel of other international bankers from Europe and after many attempts and failures, they finally convince, pay off, and trick the U.S. Congress into passing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  Immediately after that, the central bankers convince Congress to pass the Internal Revenue Act of 1914.  Why?  To enforce the repayment of what will soon become huge national debts created by the central bankers as they loan paper created out of thin air to Congress and call it the National Debt.  At interest, of course.  Which is how the Federal Reserve makes its profits.  The Federal Reserve is simply a gang of legal crooks, counterfeiting fractional reserve paper debt, loaning it to the government at interest, and enforcing “repayment” by the taxpayers through the IRS.  In short, you take over the nation’s monetary system and game it for your own aggrandizement.  That’s exactly what JP Morgan Sr. did in the early 1900’s and his son and associates continue this manipulation to this date.

   After you gain control of the nation’s money supply, it’s just a hop, skip, and jump to control other sectors of the economy.  And that’s exactly what JP Morgan did in the energy sector.  Oil was discovered at the turn of the century and JP Morgan was heavily invested in this black gold.  At the same time, physics and electrical engineering discoveries were in their heyday.  Maxwell, Lorentz, Edison, and Tesla, among just a few scientists, were inventing light bulbs, dc energy, ac energy, wireless energy, and all sorts of generators, motors, and other electrical devices.  They were cracking the secrets of physics and electrical engineering.

   Tesla was a former student of Thomas Edison and a genius who emigrated to the U.S. from Yugoslavia.  He invented ac electricity and kicked Edison’s and JP Morgan’s butts in a competition to set up an electrical power system from Niagara Falls.  Tesla’s ac methodology was far more easy and cheaper to implement over long distance transmission lines than Edison’s and JP Morgan’s dc power stations, which required a station located every two miles.  Costs for JP Morgan’s dc system were prohibitive and thus failed.  Soon all electrical devices were switching to Tesla’s ac electricity and JP Morgan was losing his financial shirt backing Edison.  Morgan had to do something and things were about to get nasty.  Very nasty.

   Tesla hooked up with Westinghouse and his corporation while JP Morgan and Thomas Edison formed General Electric.  From then on, it was war between Tesla and JP Morgan.  At the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, JP Morgan and Edison lost the bid to provide lighting for the Fair to Westinghouse and Tesla.  Westinghouse developed a better and cheaper light bulb than Edison and Tesla wowed the fair goers with grandiose demonstrations such as lighting up 200 50 watt light bulbs wirelessly from over 25 miles away.  Tesla invented and patented the wireless radio.  Marconi in Europe tried to grab off the patent with skullduggery in the patent office with help from JP Morgan and Rockefeller but eventually Tesla gained the patent back after the U.S. Army – being sued by JP Morgan for using the radio without paying royalties to Morgan – sidestepped the entire court issue by reaffirming Tesla’s original earlier patent rights and thus blowing JP Morgan’s law suit into the ditch.

   JP Morgan, becoming desperate to destroy Tesla and his electrical inventions that were threatening Morgan’s future Big Oil business, decided to rearrange the laws of physics – on paper.  He hired a well-known physicist, H.A. Lorentz  to “re-gauge” – that is, alter -- Maxwell’s Equations which showed how much Electro Magnetic energy was coming from the “active medium” into all electrical circuits.  In short, Maxwell showed that a huge amount of energy was flowing in from the “active vacuum” of space and that engineers were only using a faction of it to power their machines.  Except Tesla.  Tesla knew how to pull tons of free energy from the active “vacuum” and was busy creating many different inventions to do exactly that.

   Maxwell’s Equations showed asymmetrical (excess) energy from the vacuum and empirically Tesla was already demonstrating that one could freely extract virtually unlimited amounts of real Electro Magnetic energy from the seething space time medium all around us.  And, more importantly, this new “radiant” energy could be transmitted WIRELESSLY over long distances with very little effort.

   JP Morgan saw that his Big Oil investment was about to be stomped out of existence by Nikola Tesla’s new energy inventions and so he hired Lorentz to “symmetrize” Maxwell’s Equations and get rid of that portion that showed where Tesla was obtaining his radiant energy.  Also, when another physicist named Heaviside discovered a second huge flow of EM energy that accompanied what is called the Poynting component of energy in a circuit – which is a trillion times larger than the Poynting energy flow itself – JP Morgan had that “fixed” too, so that it did not appear in Maxwell’s Re-Gauged (a polite scientific term for “altered”) Electrical Engineering Equations.  This “fix,” as Dr. Tom Bearden has stated, covered up the revelation that, “every generator already pours out more than a trillion times as much EM energy from its terminals as is in the mechanical energy input to the generator’s shaft.”

   The upshot of JP Morgan’s “fixed” Maxwellian Equations was to “symmetrize” them to pretend that the tiny amount of Poynting flow being diverged into every circuit represents the entire energy flow.  In this clever manner, Lorentz cleverly and arbitrarily discarded all the extra Heaviside EM flow and thus hid the source in Electrical Engineering of Tesla’s radiant energy obtained from the vacuum.  This set the stage for JP Morgan’s and other cartels’ continuing ruthless suppression of Tesla and other over-unity energy inventors from the 1890’s to the present day.

   In short, the asymmetry of Maxwell’s original Equations show that over-unity devices, are not only possible but had already been invented by Tesla and are even in existence today, implemented by new discoverers of free radiant energy from the vacuum.  The reason that over-unity EM machines are not really perpetual motion machines is because they are pulling energy from an “open” system, the entire universe, not a closed looped electrical circuit.

   The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and perpetual motion machines are not even defined properly within EE Departments at the major universities today.  Hydropower from waterfalls are examples of energy machines whose output is greater than input – COP > 1.0 -- because nobody has to input energy to this type of system.  Is hydropower a perpetual motion machine?  Only as long as it rains and said waterfall continues on planet Earth.  The entire universe is larger.  If you’re pulling EM energy from the “vacuum,” is it perpetual energy?  Who knows?  One would have to know whether the universe is finite or infinite; if finite, it is a huge “closed loop” system, if infinite, it is a huge “open loop” system.

  The real concern for us vis a vis obtaining energy from space is:  who cares if the universe is finite or infinite since it is so large, relatively speaking, we may as well think of it as containing infinite energy for the inhabitants of planet Earth.

   New inventors today are pulling COP > 1.0 and, in fact, they are pulling COP > 18 or 25 or more but nobody claims the over-unity machines are over unity because today’s patent office is too ill-informed to digest this knowledge.  But one thing we do know for sure:  the ridiculous electrical circuits that have been foisted upon Electrical Engineering for the last 100 years because EE graduates from all major universities learned a bowdlerized version of Maxwell’s Equations are not over-unity COP > 1.0 machines.  Today’s circuits are, in fact, stupidly built to self destruct, i.e., to destroy their own dipole source of free energy coming in from the “vacuum” by directing said energy back through the source (e.g., a battery).  We will explain the how and why of this later.

   Strictly speaking, it is not correct to say that JP Morgan’s crooked scientist, H.A. Lorentz, altered Maxwell’s Equations and shoved them into all the universities at the turn of the last century.  It happened gradually over time.  Remember that in 1890 there were no formal EE departments at what few private universities existed in the world.  There were only about 30 “electro-dynamicists” in the world at that time and it is those individuals and their future students that JP Morgan and Lorentz set about to deceive.  Why?  JP Morgan wanted to bankrupt Tesla and his wireless free energy inventions so Morgan could force the nation onto Big Oil instead of Tesla’s free energy.

   And he succeeded.

   The coup de grace by JP Morgan against Nikola Tesla was executed by JP Morgan’s son, JP Jr. in 1943.  Morgan et al. had already tricked Tesla into bankruptcy by offering to finance Tesla’s big energy project at Wydencliff if Tesla would sign over a 51% interest in all of his current and future inventions and patents.  Tesla, more focused on the outcome of his future implementations of wireless inventions and energy contributions to the nation, fell for Morgan’s proposition and signed away everything.  Then, not surprisingly, JP Morgan halted all financing of Tesla’s projects and bankrupted him.  Tesla languished in a small apartment in New York until his death in 1943, where he was poisoned just before he was to take a trip to visit President FDR to show him how he could implement a series of EM shields to protect America from the upcoming nukes that Einstein had already discussed in various papers.

   In Tesla’s apartment where he died, investigators discovered a note written in his own handwriting, a Serbian dialect, in which Tesla had scribbled, “I have been poisoned.”

“The Final Secret of Free Energy”

   So, what is the secret to building a free energy from the vacuum (EFTV) machine?  What was it that Tesla discovered that was so important that JP Morgan et al. murdered him and Maxwell’s Equations?

   Allow me to very briefly describe in “street talk” what is really going on in the physical world of Electro Magnetic energy and how to tap into it.

   Forget everything you learned about EM and electrical circuits in college.  Here’s the real scoop, taken from Dr. Tom Bearden’s series of books and DVDs:  “The Final Secret of Free Energy.”

   We live in a universe of EM vibrations, a virtual photon flux, oscillating back and forth longitudinally and connected throughout all of space.  Take a car battery, charged up, and hook up wires to each dipole, with an on/off switch and light bulb in this simple circuit.  When one closes the on/off switch to “on,” classical EE says the source of the energy is from inside the battery and that electrons flow from either the positive or negative dipole, through the switch, and through the light bulb (the resistance, or “load”), and back through the battery.  Thus the light bulb lights up to provide light until the battery runs out of “juice” or is chemically “dead.”  That’s what is taught at university.

   Well, that’s not exactly what’s going on.  What’s really happening -- and what Tesla and others have discovered -- is that when one first closes the switch to “on” in the above circuit, two things happen:  (1) a mass-less wave or current of virtual photons from the virtual flux in the space-time continuum immediately flow through the circuit and then, a fraction of a second later, (2) a mass of electrons (called the current) then flows through the circuit to light up the light bulb.  So, two different types of current flow.  In this single circuit, the light bulb will continue to light up until the battery becomes dead.

   Now, let’s add a capacitor -- two chunks of metal separated by some non-conductor like paper -- to the above circuit.  All Electrical Engineering and physics students know that if one hooks up the above circuit and adds a capacitor, and then we close the switch to “on,” the mass-less flow of virtual photons run down the circuit, like before, and will charge up the capacitor immediately.  In fact, if we quickly open the switch to “off,” no second flow of electron current will flow to light up the light bulb but the capacitor will still be charged up by the photons in the first EM energy flow.

   In other words, there are two distinct flows of energy in a circuit:  (1) the photon flow, and (2) the electron flow.

   So let’s get clever and put on our Tesla brainy hat.  Let’s set up the above circuit with the capacitor, minus the light bulb, and connect the first circuit to a second circuit that contains the light bulb.  We “connect” these two circuits with, say, a transformer, which is a simple device that is one coil of wire separated near another coil of wire, that will transfer the energy stored in the capacitor in the first circuit to the second circuit.

   Then, we close the switch in the first circuit to “on,” and immediately shut the switch to “off” after the photons flow but before the electron energy can flow.  The capacitor in the first circuit is charged up.  We then close the switch in the second circuit to “on” and allow the stored energy in the capacitor of the first circuit to jump into the second circuit (as photon and electron current) and thus light up the light bulb while discharging the capacitor.  Note that we did not allow electrons to flow back into the battery in the first circuit.

   Repeat this step over and over and what do you get?

   You get real photon EM energy flowing into the first circuit, charging up the capacitor without allowing any electron current to flow back through the battery in the first circuit because you cut the switch off before it could flow.  You also allow the capacitor to discharge its stored electron energy to the second circuit to light up the light bulb.

   What’s going on here?  It has always been a big mystery to physics and EE students regarding how did the capacitor get charged up if no electrons were allowed to flow?  Everybody knows that some type of EM energy must have flowed into the circuit to charge up the capacitor but what is that energy?  It’s the energy that Maxwell’s Equations showed – and Tesla also deduced from experimentation – and that JP Morgan had Lorentz “alter” or “re-gauge” to hide that fact.

   What’s really going on is the battery per se in the first circuit is NOT the real source of the EM photon flow of energy running down the wire in the first circuit.  The dipoles of the battery are the real source as they are merely acting as EM energy antennae which are gathering photon EM energy from the virtual photon flux – free energy from the vacuum of space-time all around us – and as long as you don’t allow EM electron energy (the 2nd type of energy) to flow back into the battery, it will not go dead.  In short, this is what Tesla and others have discovered, including Maxwell and JP Morgan and which is why Morgan had to kill off – “symmetricize” -- this part of Maxwell’s Equations.  Maxwell showed the imbalance, the asymmetry, of all the various types of energy available from the space-time continuum, the seething photon flux, and this radiant energy is what charges up the capacitor without any secondary electron flow.  In fact, engineers have purposely grounded out this photon flow at big hydro plants when they discovered that the poor slob who first pulled the switch at the generators got electrocuted by a huge flow of blue EM energy even before the electrons began to flow through the circuit.  So they grounded Tesla’s energy instead of harnessing it because they thought it was just extra unknown energy they had to get rid of to make the secondary energy, the electrons, to flow.

   So, all of the energy that is running the circuits today stupidly allow the electron EM energy to cycle back around into the source dipole, the battery, which eventually kills off the chemical imbalance of the battery’s dipoles and thus shuts down the circuit until you put in a new battery.  Today’s electrical circuits are purposely designed – but through ignorance of Maxwell’s true Equations – to destroy themselves, i.e. to destroy the continual influx of the first type of EM energy, photon energy, that would otherwise continually pour in from the essentially infinite source of free energy from the vacuum.  As Tom Bearden states, it’s like building a water wheel from a waterfall and routing half the water falling onto the water wheel back to stop the water wheel from turning until it stops.  Then, after it stops, you let it start up again and do the same stupid stunt, over and over.  That’s how EE designs circuits today.  Why?  So Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big whatever other fossil fuel or nuclear energy must be continually used, metered and charged to your energy bill, and JP Morgan and the OPEC monopolists can get rich by selling fuel.  Same for batteries.  Let’s kill off batteries by routing the electrons back through the battery, thus knocking off the source of our dipole antennae to the virtual photon flux.  Wow, ain’t that smart?

   The example I gave you was simple, on purpose.  The above free EFTV circuit setup can be greatly improved upon.  Tom Bearden and others know that capacitors are not perfect and leak energy.  So what they use are charge blocking semi-conductors that do the same trick without using capacitors.  And they can do it with solid state electronics, switching the circuits off and on very rapidly so that one obtains a continual photon EM energy flow while never allowing the second type of EM energy – electron flow – to flow back to the source dipole antennae of the source, e.g. the battery.  That way, one can continually obtain free energy from space with “collector” circuits, and then run loads in secondary circuits to light up light bulbs or run water pumps or generators or whatever until their bearings fall off.  Why should a battery go dead?  Why should we be worried about a source of limitless energy when we are busy swimming around in it all day every day?

   Wow, you will exclaim!  So where can I get my own EFTV machine to run my house or business?  And, wow, says JP Morgan and the central bankers at the Federal Reserve, Big Oil, and the U.S. Government who will say, “No chance in hell, Dinkleberry.  For national security reasons, we can’t allow you to build, buy, implement, advertise or run one of these EFTV machines because we want to control your ass and our excuse is that we don’t want the terrorists to have one either.”

  To which you can exclaim again, “Up yours, Uncle Sam.  The terrorists, the Russians, and the Chinese already know about and have these types of EFTV machines, so who do you think you’re kidding, bite it.”

  Now that you know that Tesla EFTV machines exist and you can build or get one for yourself by Googling this info on the Internet, what are you going to do when the hyper-inflated U.S. Dollar – therefore, the Petro Dollar which is why we’re pretending to fight a war in the Middle East – crashes and burns, the Fed Reserve prints up trillions and trillions of more dollars, the price of a gallon of gas is driven up to $10 then $20 then $50 or more per gallon at the gas station and heating fuel is not available at any price or the U.S. energy grid is blown up by terrorists or all of the above to ad infinitum?

   Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a simple EFTV machine sitting in your garage pulling free energy from the vacuum, connected to the existing main circuit box of your house, charging up your electric car for freebies and keeping your diabetes medicine cold in your refrigerator?  You could build your house on top of a mountain or in the middle of the desert with no transmission lines and no power company.  You could pump sea water to purify it at very cheap energy costs.  Fossil fuel pollution?  A thing of the past.  Energy to produce food for starving people?  Not a problem.

   The Big Question remains:  Why are we still drilling for oil when we have Tesla radiant energy machines that can pull free, clean, unlimited energy from the vacuum, the space-time continuum all around us?  (Sources:  Tom Bearden at , Google "John Bedini," he's all over the Internet, and , Google "EFTV" or "free energy from the vacuum" on the Net, check out YouTube videos showing Bedini machines working.  These sources will lead you to scientific papers supporting the information in Energy Part 3 of 3.) – FM Duck

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