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by Free Market Duck

Energy - Part 2 of 3

The Asteroid Belt and How It Got There after the Planet Phaeton Blew Up...Will History Repeat Itself?

(July 9th, 2010)

The Asteroid Belt is what remained of planet Phaeton (aka Malona or Malon) after it exploded during a great civil war in which the Malonans induced tremendous quantities of seawater into the crater of a volcano which triggered the cosmic catastrophe, approximately 75,000 years ago. as explained by ET human Semjase in Guido Moosbrugger’s book And Still They Fly

Washington, DC – What does the current BP oil spill have in common with today’s Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter?  Read on.

   75,000 years ago, the planets of our solar system were arranged in the following order outward from the Sun:  Mercury, Earth with its Moon, Phaeton (Malona), Mars, no Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus with its moons (one of which, 10,000 years ago, was ripped out of orbit by the gravity of a passing Destroyer Comet and then moved into orbit around the Sun as Venus), Neptune, Pluto, Transpluto, and Uni.  Transpluto has already been discovered by Earth scientists, Uni has not but it will be.

   Take the following as a given, I will quote sources later:  we are not alone in our universe and there exist many universes in many dimensions at various levels of evolution.  “Not alone” means the existence of both ET humans and ET non-humans, all at various stages of evolution.  Relevant to our discussion about energy, suffice it to say that the planet Phaeton (or Malona) and Mars were both populated by ET humans many thousands of years ago, the inhabitants of which had immigrated from other galaxies and solar systems to our solar system for various reasons, some of which were political.  This is not science fiction; this is for real.  The inhabitants of Malona were not without their own internal social and political intrigues, just like humans on planet Earth today.

  Sources claim the Malonans duked it out over who knows what trivial piece of political crap – just like Earth humans today -- but the major point for our energy discussion is how they blew themselves up.

   It seems like the dummies on Malona got carried away in their civil war and directed huge quantities of seawater into the crater of a volcano, causing a super volcanic explosion that eventually blew their planet into many chunks that now populate our solar system as what we call The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Only a few individuals escaped from Malona.  They made their way to Earth, mingling with the indigenous humans.  That was 75,000 years ago.

   When Melona blew the first chunk of its planet into space, the larger portion of the planet moved into Mars’ orbit where, in subsequent explosions, Malona finally blew itself to nothing except solar rubble orbiting the Sun, the majority of which is now known on Earth as The Asteroid Belt, orbiting around our Sun between Mars and Jupiter.  After the last explosions, Mars moved into Malona’s previous orbit leaving an orbital gap between Mercury and Earth, perhaps due to the gravitational force of Mars and The Asteroid Belt pulling toward Jupiter and opening that slot.  In fact, 65,000 years later (10,000 years ago), Venus (originally a moon of Uranus) moved into this gap, its present orbit, as the 2nd rock from the Sun.  Interestingly, the Earth exhibited such a strong gravitational force on Uranus’ displaced moon, soon-to-be Venus, as it moved from Uranus past Earth and eventually captured between Mercury and Earth, that it slowed Venus’ rotation and orbit around the Sun into retrograde – which means opposite the rotation and orbit of all the other planets in our solar system.

   In short, The Asteroid Belt is what remained of planet Phaeton (aka Malona or Malon) after it exploded during their great civil war, in which the Malonans [stupidly] induced tremendous quantities of seawater into the crater of a volcano which triggered the cosmic catastrophe, approximately 75,000 years ago.  (Source:  ET human Semjase in Guido Moosbrugger’s book And Still They Fly

   And what is the significance of the inhabitants of Phaeton blowing themselves to oblivion and our Earth’s current BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?


   We, the morally stupid inhabitants of planet Earth may be on the same ridiculous track to oblivion as the Malonans.  And, in about the same way, directing vast amounts of seawater into an underwater oil and gas volcano, a hotspot which, by definition, goes all the way to the center of the Earth.

   And for the same absurd reasons:  political power.

   Look at what is happening in our current “civil war” of the special interest energy groups and government administration vs. the people and the free market.  Companies in a true free market would not be drilling in our oceans and seas on planet Earth because if we lived in a true free market we would not be using dirty fossil fuel for energy at this stage of our evolution.  We would be using “free radiant energy from the vacuum,” the radiant energy from space all around us, which was discovered by Nikolai Tesla at the turn of the 20th century.  (More about this, how it got covered up, and how it has been rediscovered today in Energy - Part 3 of 3.)

   Back to the scene of the BP oil spill crime on planet Earth.

   Today, BP Oil Company -- obtaining drilling exemptions and special interest incentives from the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) -- is drilling more than 35,000 feet down into the ocean floor of the Gulf of Mexico with the well head starting at 5,000 feet under the sea.  The pressure at this depth is great and nobody has equipment that can handle it.

   As we already reported in Energy – Part 1 of 3:

“Seismic data showed huge pools of methane gas -- the very gas that blew the top off Deepwater Horizon and killed 11 people.

   More than a year ago, geologists criticized Transocean for putting their exploratory rig directly over a massive underground reservoir of methane.  According to the New York Times, BP's internal ‘documents show that in March, after several weeks of problems on the rig, BP was struggling with a loss of 'well control.'  And as far back as 11 months ago, it was concerned about the well casing and the blowout preventer.’

   The problem is that this methane, located deep in the bowels of the earth, is under tremendous pressure.  Some speculate as much as 100,000 psi -- far too much for current technology to contain. The shutoff valves and safety measures were built for only 1,000 psi.  It was an accident waiting to happen.  And there are many that say it could get worse -- much worse.”

   So why did the Obama Administration direct the Dept of the Interior and the EPA to allow BP – with over 700 maintenance citations -- to drill at these depths?  Follow the money.  Worse yet, follow Obama’s purposely-manufactured oil crisis which appears to have been pre-planned in order to (1) create an excuse to grab more political power including shutting down the oil industry to drive prices sky high, and (2) make good on his routing of U.S. taxpayer money, $2 billion, to his buddies such as George Soros, Al Gore, and Goldman Sachs who are heavily invested in the state owned oil company of Brazil, Petrobras, so Petrobras can drill for oil off the coast of Brazil.

   Has Obama’s arrogance and quest for political power put the Earth at the same risk as the Malonans put their planet Malona some 75,000 years ago?  As stated in Energy – Part 1 of 3:

“Some geologists say that BP's arrogance has set off a series of events that may be irreversible. There are some that think that BP has drilled into a deep-core oil volcano that cannot be stopped, regardless of the horizontal drills the company claims will stop the oil plume in August.

   The problem is that BP may not only have hit the mother of high-pressure wells, but there is also a vast amount of methane down there that could come exploding out like an underwater volcano.”

   Exploding like an underwater volcano.

   Does this sound like the inhabitants of Melona, directing seawater into a volcano under huge pressure and creating an uncontrollable explosion?  All because Political Group A wanted more power over Political Group B?  So they accidentally blew up their own planet out of sheer greed.

   So here’s the Big Question for the inhabitants of planet Earth:  will history repeat itself?  Will Earth humans pull the same political stunt and blow our planet into a second Asteroid Belt orbiting between Venus and Mars?  Won’t that look cutesy-cutesy in our solar system:  two human-produced Asteroid Belts for future scientists from other planets to try and figure out, “Yo, Leonard Lightyear, I wonder how this solar system got two asteroid belts?”

   But here’s the real “I gotcha” to all of this:  For what real reasons are we stupidly drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico in the first place -- or in any of our other oceans for that matter?

   It’s not because we don’t have other sources of cheap, clean, renewable energy.  We already know about and can produce “free radiant energy” that exists all around us as Nikola Tesla already proved in the early 1900’s.  That’s FEFTV, RIGHT NOW, TODAY.  And the technology already exists.  But special interest groups – and I mean from Day One back to JP Morgan who bankrupted Tesla and supported Thomas Edison -- have squashed this information, changed the mathematical asymmetry of Maxwell’s Equations on purpose to cover it up at all the major universities in the early 1900’s and have even threatened or knocked off some of those who have tried to implement Tesla’s discoveries.  More about this in Energy – Part 3 of 3.

   So there is no excuse.  We already know how to access clean, free energy, in our universe.

   The Big Question stands:  Will history repeat itself?  Will Earth humans blow themselves up and become a second Asteroid Belt in the solar system?  At the current rate that the socialist Progressives in the Obama Administration are playing with the environment to grab off more political power and make a quick buck while pretending to save the planet, this may be exactly where we end up:  as a bunch of rocks orbiting our Sun.

   The only problem is, according to ET human Semjase from her Pleiadian Constellation that is a fraction of a second out of synch (advanced in time) with our own Pleiadian Constellation in our DERN universe, the blowing up of our planet Earth has dire consequences for that section of the space-time continuum because it’s near the edge of an outer arm of our Milky Way Galaxy and the explosion would affect many other life forms and systems within this portion of our Milky Way.  Will Semjase and her people from planet Erra in the DERN universe allow the idiots on Earth to blow themselves up and cause galactic problems for others?  Who knows?  They are some 8,000 years ahead of us technologically and about a million years ahead of us morally and spiritually.

   How arrogant and short-sighted President Obama and his state collectivist cronies are, not paying attention to the real global (and universal) problem they are on the verge of causing.  It’s like Obama saying, “Hey, I know, let’s create an environmental crisis using a BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico so we can implement socialism, make a coupla billion bucks, and, uh, let’s not worry about blowing up planet Earth, OK?”

   One last note:

   Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is not the only environmental catastrophe waiting to happen on planet Earth.  A Perfect Storm is currently brewing in Idaho.  The Perfect Storm of (1) building a nuclear rod manufacturing facility (2) on top of Idaho’s Snake Plain Aquifer, which holds as much water as Lake Erie (3) adjacent to the Yellowstone volcanic caldera -- one of the largest in the world and a hotspot all the way to the center of the Earth -- is currently being undertaken by the stupid politicians in the state legislature and Governor’s Office of Idaho who have hired French company Areva to build a nuclear facility at this location.  Once again, follow the money.  Areva is asking for free taxpayer money to create what could amount to a future Perfect Storm: a radioactive super volcanic explosion if a rogue nation who hates us decides to focus their pulsed energy machines at Yellowstone Park to trigger an earthquake.  How stupid for Idaho politicians – who have already been cautioned about this scenario – to set up the nation, and the world, for a possible environmental catastrophe of this magnitude.  (For more info about Idaho’s Perfect Storm, see 02-22-2008 Idaho Legies create Perfect Storm:  yellowcake plus Yellowstone plus Snake Plain Aquifer equals radioactive Super Volcanic blast  More... and 03-25-2008 Gov Butch Otter signs corporate welfare Bill for $2 billion Uranium-235 enrichment plant to set Idaho up for Perfect Nuclear Storm:  a radioactive, volcanic firestorm on top of Snake Plain Aquifer's Lake Erie  More... )

   Will history repeat itself? 

   Tune in for our last installment of Earth’s energy crisis, which is not a true energy crisis but only a politically-manufactured crisis created by the current Power Elites.  Next issue, Energy - Part 3 of 3... Why Are We Still Drilling for Oil When We Have Tesla's Free Radiant Energy?  Learn about what “free energy from the vacuum,” really means, and how this information has been covered up by JP Morgan et al. over the last one hundred years at all the major engineering departments of most universities.  Learn how you can buy or produce a “free energy” machine today from inventor and Tesla energy re-discoverer John Bedini and his company, Energenx, inc. – FM Duck

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