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by Free Market Duck

European Central Bankers Poised to Take Over Europe
Feb 10, 2010

Herman Van Rompuy, the EU's new president, has submitted a text calling for the creation of an "economic government" that shifts responsibility for economic planning from national authorities to the "EU level."

EU Commission chief Jose Barroso said, "Brussels has treaty powers allowing it to take the reins of economic management."

Brussels, Belgium -- Whoa, girl friends, pull up the floor and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  You won't believe what the ruling elite of the European Union has in store for all of its member nations.  Would you believe:  a complete takeover of every European nation's sovereignty?  A total usurpation of the constitutions and national authority -- Parliaments and Congresses -- of member nations such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and others?  All on the premise of "solving" the current economic crisis.

   Wait a New York minute here, folks.  Who was it that created the current economic crisis in the first place?  Why, it was the European central bankers, just like in America it was the Federal Reserve central bankers.  Who has inflated the crap out of the Euro?  Who has intervened into the European Union countries' economies with tons and tons of state collectivist rules, regulations, and special interest legislation, rendering the member nations as economic serfs to the interests of the EU banking cartel?  The European Central Bank, that's who.

   Yo, Americans, sound familiar?

   And now, just like in America as the Fed Reserve in cahoots with the state collectivists in Congress and both the Bush and Obama administrations, the European Union central bankers pretend the global Depression is some mysterious virus from Mars or somewhere that they, qua central banking elastic currency gurus, must solve by taking over every nation on the planet, starting with the EU nations.

   So, the EU central bankers are meeting in Brussels to "solve" their Big Fat Greek Economic problem.

   Talk about globe trotters, 24 central bankers last Friday flew into Sydney, Australia for a secret Bank of Settlements central banking meeting at some undisclosed location in order to restructure a global financial system.  Not only are the economies collapsing in Europe, the central bankers' last Bretton Woods Piece of Crap Agreement has broken down under the hyper-inflation of hundreds of trillions of Euros and pulp fiction Dollars not backed by anything except hot air from the counterfeiting bankers.  But the European economy is so bad in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy that Jean-Claude Trichet, the head of the European Central Bank, had to cut short his trip to Australia to attend the Brussels EU summit.  Jean-Claude has to forgo another shrimp on the barbee to try and solve the impending implosion of the Greek economy.

   The EU Summit trumping the Australian secret meeting for Jean-Claude was precipitated by the Big Debate over whether Germany should change its economic position of not helping the Greeks with more EU subsidies since the Greeks don't seem to be able to pull their own asses out of their economic slump.  Over the weekend, the Germans were finally persuaded by their EU masters in Brussels that it would be in Germany's best interests to help bail out the Big Fat Greek Economy with billions more in inflated Euros, in the hopes that this additional inflation will somehow save Europe.  German lenders are exposed to the tune of 43 billion Euros in Greece, 47 billion Euros in Portugal, 193 billion Euros in Ireland, and 240 Euros in Spain.  If these nations default, Germany sinks faster than a hot knife through butter.

   More importantly, the EU leaders have turned the Brussels Summit into an open central banking power grab, using the current monetary crisis that they themselves created, to push for a radical extension of EU powers.  Herman Van Rompuy, the EU's new president, has submitted a text calling for the creation of an "economic government" that shifts responsibility for economic planning from national authorities to the "EU level."

   In a parallel move, EU Commission chief Jose Barroso said:

   "Brussels has treaty powers allowing it to take the reins of economic management.  This is a time for boldness.  I believe that our economic and social situation demands a radical shift from the status quo.  And the new Lisbon Treaty allows this.  Economic policy isn't a national, but a European matter.  No modern economy is an island.  When a member state doesn't make reforms, others suffer because of that."

   American citizens should pay very close attention to what the elite central bankers of the European Union are proclaiming.  Listen closely.  "Brussels has treaty powers allowing it to take the reins of economic management."  Correlate that with what American President Barack Obama has said, "We are going to make fundamental changes to the American economy."  In both instances, the power elite are claiming they have the right to do away with everybody else's rights.  They, in fact, are declaring that the central bankers who caused the current financial crisis now have the legal right to dump your fundamental God-given, or Natural-given, inalienable rights to your own mind, body, and soul in order for the bankers to institutionalize global state collectivism -- all on the pretense of solving the mysterious Depression, which they themselves brought upon the world.

   What sheer arrogance!

   First, the politicians and central bankers bankrupt you, the producers, with their phony baloney monetary schemes, their hedge funds from nowhere with no collateral, their Structured Investment Vehicles, and then their bets against their Monetary Frankensteins with an even more insidious creation, Credit Default Swaps betting your SIV investments will fail, and then they proclaim how they need to save everybody by taking over the total management of every country in the world.

   What a power grab!

   Goldman Sachs, one of the central banking culprits sitting at a governance level of the U.S. Federal Reserve said, "Greece faces both a liquidity and, potentially, a solvency problem.  While we believe that, individually, Greek banks tend to be well-run, the problems they face are outside their operational control."  Well, no shit, Little Beaver.  Especially since Goldman Sachs IS the U.S. Federal Reserve, with all of its alumni firmly entrenched as U.S. Treasury Secretary (Timothy Geithner), Hank Paulson (former U.S. Treasury Secretary who shoved Bush's TARP absurdity down everybody's throats and set the scene for President Obama's $800 billion ARRA obscenity), and comprises the majority of Obama's Economic Advisors and Czars who continually manipulate the FOREX, the COMEX, the DOW, the S & P, fake sales of T-Bills to themselves and everything thing else in the global market.

   Americans, watch closely how the financial disaster unfolds in Europe.  As the European Union goes, so goes the U.S. economic and social systems.  All are connected.  Also note that in this analogy, California is Greece.   The central bankers -- both American and European -- are losing financial control of their hyper-inflationary policies and are now pushing for another Bretton Woods Agreement in order to gain or regain more power.  They may even revert to a temporary gold standard to retain power.  We do not know.  But what we do know is that these men and women who run the central banks of the world are not about to passively give up their monetary and power privileges.

   That's precisely why they do not want to be audited.  An audit would reveal all their debt money shennanigans.

   How do you thwart the policies of the central bankers?  Shine a flashlight on their nefarious and ridiculous monetary policies and vote their legislative cronies out, both in Europe and in America.

   We are at a crucial turning point in global economics.  The time is now for a return to sound money and true free market capitalism.  The time is now to dump the central banking cartels that have ruled the globe for the last umpteen hundred years with fictitious paper money, robbing the producers of wealth, all on the premise of altruistic state collectivism. FM Duck

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