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by Free Market Duck

“Obama’s speech to schools:  what civics lesson will parents teach their kids?”
Sep 8, 2009

Boise, ID – The Idaho Statesman’s Op Ed last Sunday asked an important question regarding President Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday to the public school children of America.  The Statesman asked, “What civics lesson will parents teach their kids?”

   According to the Statesman, anybody who opposes Obama’s speech is a “closed minded” Bozo who doesn’t want to hear anything outside their ideological views.  Or that respect for the Oval Office depends on who holds that office.  Meaning, a Democrat, or a black man, or at least someone with different political persuasions than the kids’ parents who might be a Republican.  Tuesday’s speech is simply a benign “teachable moment” by our beloved president, claim the editors at the Statesman.  Just a rah-rah speech about succeeding in school, hard work, and goal-setting.  That’s it.  Nothing partisan or controversial, ho ho ho and a fun-filled video contest with a thousand dollar prize for ages 13 and up.

   But wait a minute.

   What if it was a Republican President who just appointed a self-avowed fascist of the Ku Klux Klan to become his “Green Czar” who was going to address your children?  What if it was a President -- GOP, Democratic, or any other Party -- who has, within the last 200 days, appointed 33 non-elected socialist, Communist, and Marxist professors, ex-convicts, and other anti-free market, anti-capitalist Czars to advise him?  What if it was a President who has vowed to fundamentally change America into a Marxist economy by taking over GM, Chrysler, AIG, and providing trillions of inflated dollars to the investment banks on Wall Street by colluding with the Federal Reserve to pursue a continual policy of hyper-inflation of our U.S. Dollar?  What if it was a President who sat for 20 years in the church pews of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and listened to the Reverend rail against America with words like, “Goddamn America?”  What if it was a President who has appointed an FCC Czar who wants to force opposition news media to pay taxes equal to their entire operating budget and give it to their competition or government news media?  What if it was a President who wants to ram a thousand-page, unintelligible, bureaucratic, national health care program down the throats of Americans who overwhelmingly do not want the government involved in their doctor patient relationships?  What if it was a President whose advisors include Commie ex-cons claiming that whites are intentionally poisoning people of color, that Rupublicans are “assholes,”… well, it just goes on and on and on ad socialist infinitum… ?

   So, guess what?  It really does matter who is currently holding the Oval Office and what their political agenda is when they want a “teachable moment” with my children.  Especially when their political agenda is the complete overhaul and transformation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights from free market capitalism to Marxist socialism.  We’re not just talking about different qualitative tastes such as Obama likes Pinot Noir and I like Cabernet Sauvignon.  We’re talking about Obama’s administration controlling the Internet, taking over the entire news media with a chilling FCC Diversity Doctrine that would force FOX News, for example, to pay a tax equal to their entire operating budget to their socialist competitors, throwing future political dissenters into prison, dumping the Bill of Rights, and completely wrecking the entire U.S. economy by destroying our U.S. dollar through hyper-inflation by the Federal Reserve.  Think it can’t happen here?  It’s already happening.  The Fed is well on its way and so is the FCC.  Obama said he would “fundamentally transform America,” and he is, right down the tubes toward federal socialism.  Just ask Van Jones, Obama’s former Energy Czar, now undercover consultant.

   Given the above truths, we have to ask ourselves at least two important questions:  (1) why is President Obama trying to “connect” with our children, especially now during a huge heated debate about his obviously socialist financial policies that are trending toward bankrupting our nation, and (2) given the type of state collectivists Obama has surrounded himself with and who seem to be on a blitzkrieg to “change” America into a socialist nation, and who have outraged Americans with all of their socialist actions to the point that Americans have blasted Congressmen in many town hall meetings, tea parties, and are staging a future march on Washington on Sep 12 to air their grievances against Obama and the government, why wouldn’t parents of any party, Democratic, Republican, or Independent, be worried about what message he was trying to deliver to their children?  Especially since he has turned his speech into a teacher’s lesson plan – before and after his speech -- and is asking for feedback so he can deliver more messages?

   Obama has so outraged the average American that it is not unreasonable for them to not want him to spend a “teachable moment” with their children – or even their dogs or the left front hubcap on their Government Motors car.  Parents are just plain tired of listening to Obama preach and preach and preach his national socialism on TV every other day, too.  After 200 days in office, Obama has delivered over 250 speeches to the nation.  The last thing parents want is for him to slither into their children’s lives while they’re trying to get him out of theirs, for Christ’s sake.

   First, please notice that if there was no public education system we would not be having this discussion.  In a free market school system, Obama couldn’t brainwash America’s kids – it’s easier than doing the parents – because all the private schools could just say, “No.”  The real problem is that we have a Pub Ed system and that system is a complete failure.  Otherwise, Obama wouldn’t be using his rah-rah Stay In School Speech as an excuse to brainwash the kids in the first place.  The fact that Obama feels the need to give a Stay In School Speech is an indictment of America’s screwed up Public Education system and proves that we should dump federal involvement in the Pub Ed system.

   But, once again, the real reason for Obama’s speech is that he wants to set America’s children up for his upcoming authoritarian regime by slowly implementing a future National Youth Group.  This Youth Group will be his future cadre of militia in his New Socialized America.  Note that he is not just giving a speech.  He wants the teachers to prepare lesson plans to prepare the little tykes ahead of time, with questions, and answers, and coloring, and throwing spit wads because they’re bored to tears, and writing stories about how they can “help the President” oops, that was just changed to “help themselves,” whew, he changed his speech just in time.

   After the speech, the teachers are supposed to quiz the crap out of the kids, not for grades, but just for fun fun fun till daddy takes their T-Bird away, with the main point being, “I pledge to be a servant to my President, Barack Obama,” as detailed in a trailer movie showing Red Hot Chili Peppers band member Joe Idiot smooching each tattooed bicep as he affectionately says our Great Leader’s name, “Barack” smooch “Obama” smooch.  Whoa, kids, gimme a ‘B,’ gimme a ‘A,’ gimme a ‘R,’ gimme a ‘F,’ what does that spell? B-a-r-f, Barf!  This is worse than the fake adoration of socialist workers for their leader in nations where the workers are forced to goose-step it down the main cobblestones on Equal People Day, displaying their latest barrage of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, waving little flags, and smiling for the foreign press.  Additional actors, actresses and other Bozos in Barack’s movie trailer to his speech – I bet they leave it out -- chime in with their pledges to “become servants to their President.”  It’s so Adolph Hitler-ish it makes you want to throw up.  Actress Demi Moore “pledges to her president” to help un-enslave a million people held in involuntary servitude…somewhere… where, she doesn’t say and offers no tactical plan to save them.  Nor does she logically connect her slavery assertion to Obama’s Stay In School Speech.  No wonder Bruce Willis dumped her silly political ass.

   Obama’s movie trailer offers up a half a dozen other “somebodies” – actors, actresses, singers, winos off the street – to utter, “I pledge to be a servant to Big Brother,” barf barf.  And the Idaho Statesman doesn’t understand why this is so Last World War II Third Reich crap.  Duh.  Figure it out, mein little Achtung goose-steppers down at the Idaho Statesman, drooling all over Barack Obama and his Van Jones Revolutionary Commies.  (Oops, latest news flash:  Van Jones was just “fired” by The Messiah last Sunday at midnight.  Now he will have to work underground and out-of-sight with Obama.  Tisk, tisk.)

   In answer to question number two, of course parents are concerned that a self-styled Mussolini, or a 1920’s up-and-coming Third Reich great orator who was all mushy-mushy about free public education and national health care in the Weimar Republic before he institutionalized ghettos and death camps for the Jews and other “undesirables” in the Third Reich, wants to “talk” to their kids.  Yeah, just a little “teachable moment,” mein Furher.  I mean, c’mon, what are we supposed to think after listening to the rantings and ravings of Obama’s Green Czar Van Jones, who Obama knew was a self-proclaimed Commie when he appointed him and who just resigned two days ago after the crap hit the fan when he called Republicans, at least two times on national news, “assholes?”  Van Jones IS the embodiment of Barack Obama’s social-political and economic views and always has been all the way through his presidential campaign.  He did not hide that fact from the voters, who apparently didn’t believe their eyes and ears, and instead just sucked it right up and voted his Marxist ass right into the White House.  Now that Obama’s true colors are showing, what are parents supposed to think when they now re-hear his campaign speeches in which he said he always tried to surround himself with Marxist professors, and Black Panther revolutionaries, and other socialist radicals who want to tear down America and replace the Constitution with Karl Marx’s socialist bullshit?

    And the Idaho Statesman claims that it doesn’t understand why parents are outraged at Obama’s attempt to address their children?

   I wouldn’t want the Ku Klu Klan or Lenin or Mao or Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro or any other state collectivist to address my children in public school either.  If that makes me irrational then bring on my beanie with a propeller, dudes.

   The Statesman is worried that parents who refuse to allow their children to listen to Obama’s speech and dink around in his pretended lesson plan will be missing out on “a vibrant education that prepares children for life, by exposing them to all possible points of view.”  Really?  Give me a break.  The kids have heard enough from Barack Obama for the last 2 years during his election campaign, and for the last 200 days since he holds a freaking news conference every other day on national TV.  Over 250 speeches during 200 days in office.  Holy Mackerel, this guy’s worse than a used-car salesman in charge of His Own Marxist Fairytale Visions for A Fourth Reich.

   But not to worry, Idaho Statesman editors, the kids will soon be learning first-hand about other ideological “points of view” as they grow up and -- if Obama gets his way -- learn that they will NEVER EVER be able to pay off Obama’s multi-trillion dollar deficits that he plans to saddle them with.  And their loss of freedoms under Obama’s Marxism: priceless.

   So yes, indeed, girl friends, we agree that the Idaho Statesman asks a very important question to parents regarding whether they should allow their kids to suck up President Obama’s speech on Tuesday?  But the answer is not, “yes.”  The answer is, for all the above cited reasons and circumstances, a resounding, “Hell, No!”  Obama’s speech is not a true civics lesson or “teachable moment” for students who want to live in a limited Republic with individual rights and freedoms; it is pure state collectivist propaganda and as stated elsewhere on this Web site can be summarized as:  the underlying moral philosophy in Obama's speech to America's school children is that it is their moral duty to work hard to sacrifice themselves for the public good of the collectivist state.

   We have a short speech to the President.  It goes like this, “Hey, lighten up Obama; and go get a life... preferably a free market life.” – FM Duck

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