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by Free Market Duck

National Health Care is illogical
July 23, 2009

We do not have a financial meltdown in America today.  We have an intellectual meltdown.  Too many of our leaders do not know how to think, not about economics and, therefore, not about anything else of consequence since the core of economics is subjective human decision and action, not mathematics.

Boise, ID – It is absolutely astonishing that American citizens, in the year 2009, are actually sitting in their living rooms listening to the President of the United States discuss with a straight face that he knows best how to micro-manage an entire health care system for our country.  When the Congress finally gets it right – whatever that might be -- President Obama says he will sign off on their National Health Care Bill.  What arrogance!  And how would Obama know what’s right or wrong?  Is there a right or wrong?

   President Obama claims (through what, Omniscient Osmosis?) that he knows what the doctors should be doing, how the patients should be acting, how hospital information should be handled, how medical insurance should be taken care of, how much all procedures should cost, what age group should receive which care and under what conditions, and everything under the sun about the business of medicine.  All this, without ever having run even a lemonade stand on the corner.  All this, without any knowledge of medicine or managing a hospital.  All this, in a position of a government servant, the Presidency of the U.S., and not as a free market doctor, or hospital administrator, or even the level of a Candy Striper changing bed pans at a hospital.  And yet, he knows what will constitute a good health care system when he creates it.  What audacity!  Better yet, why is anybody even listening to Obama’s obvious baloney?

   How did America, a limited Republic with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that prohibit infringements upon private property rights and protect an individual’s right to voluntarily participate in the free market without governmental or other interference, transform itself into a dictatorial collectivist state in which it is now presumed that it is the function of the President, and 535 members of Congress, and the Secretary of the Treasury, and a private corporation of central bankers called The Federal Reserve, to trash the U.S. Constitution and attempt to micro-manage every sector of the economy?  And regulate every aspect of every individual’s life in America?

   Where did today’s transformation from free market capitalism to state fascism come from?

   It came from the lack of the average American to seriously question their government, their school system, and their monetary system.  It came from the lack of the average American to learn how to think logically and consistently on principles, instead of gut feelings and disconnected thought globs.  Not so much what to think, although that comes later, but rather how to think.

  The average individual does not know how to systematically receive and interpret, i.e., logically categorize, his or her concepts into logical groups so that whenever one hears or discovers something new, such as a new idea about how President Obama thinks he can successfully socialize medical care at the federal level in the United States, one then knows whether it is true or false, and how and where to catalogue it in one’s realm of thinking.  

   For example, if I told you that the major cause of our economic meltdown is due to (1) the lack of a gold standard and (2) inflation of our non-collateralized paper dollars by the Federal Reserve, most individuals would say, “I don’t get it, what’s the connection?”  They see no connection between inflated money (The Cause), and today’s economic Recession (The Effect).

   In fact, almost all of the intellectuals in the Econ Depts of the major universities, and Nobel Prize winners in Economics, and our Fed Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke, and our current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, among others would say, “Oh, FM Duck, you’re a real joker.  Everybody knows you can hyper-inflate non-backed paper dollars out of thin air, create a “Multiplier Effect,” which will “Stimulate” the economy, and enrich the national and global economies, ho-ho-ho, dontcha just know it, you betchum.”

   Where do the pundits go wrong?  They erroneously misunderstand The Law of Identity and The Law of Cause and Effect.  First, paper is not gold.  Second, due to not understanding the first, printing trillions or quadrillions or even quintillions of dollars – I give you the Weimar Republic in 1920’s Germany, The Cause – will only produce the destruction of the dollar and the entire economy, The Effect.  Possessing a ton of gold is not the same as possessing a ton of paper – especially fake paper receipts not redeemable for gold.

   Once again, the problem is a lack of how to think, how to logically categorize one’s concepts.

   Not being able to logically categorize reality, i.e., objectively determine true concepts, leads to further erroneous thinking.

   For example, going back to the above example, if one erroneously confuses basic monetary concepts, the properties of gold and paper dollars, thinking the use of each will produce the same results, one then dashes over the economic cliff and stupidly proclaims that upon enriching the nation with bogus paper dollars, one can then create millions of jobs and grow an economy.  All because one’s premises were wrong.  And that is where we are today.  Our major economists and political leaders have not learned how-to-think and thus their what-to-think baloneyism has taken us on an Alice in Wonderland economic journey over the cliff to Nowheresville, better known as a Heavy Depression.

   We do not have a financial meltdown in America today.  We have an intellectual meltdown.  Too many of our leaders do not know how to think, not about economics and, therefore, not about anything else of consequence since the core of economics is subjective human decision and action, not mathematics.

   Therefore, based upon faulty economic reasoning described above, President Obama then jumps to further erroneous concepts and conclusions such as:  “Hey, gang, we can print up a trillion godzillion tons of dollars, or tax our pulp fiction dollars from the rich, or move the fake Monopoly Money from Bucket A to Bucket B, and thus cleverly finance a National Health Care Program, yippee and yahoo.  One bad concept is built upon a shaky pyramid of previous bad concepts until all you have is a stack of tipsy cards ready to fall as soon as a 3-year-old enters the room and farts.  And that is exactly what is happening with President Barack Obama’s national socialist health care daydream:  illogical health care and business concepts built upon illogical monetary concepts built upon illogical economic premises.

   And so we come full circle:  we have an intellectual meltdown in the United States at virtually all levels of thinking, from monetary policy and economics, to the fundamentals of individual rights and the proper role of government in our social organization – i.e., individual rights and free market capitalism vs. dictatorial state collectivism.  All due to the lack of learning how to think, how to systematically collect and categorize one’s knowledge, how to differentiate what is objectively true in the universe vs. what is not true.

   One could almost claim that, in the political spectrum, those who gravitate toward Left Liberal state collectivism are those who think only in terms of disconnected thought globs.  Those who gravitate toward fiscal Conservatism are individuals who partly understand the concepts from the Age of Enlightenment underlying the U.S. Constitution.  Those who gravitate toward Libertarianism and Austrian free market economics AND – even more rare – understand the Objectivist Philosophy of Ayn Rand, tend to be the most logical and have a better grasp of categorizing their conceptual thinking that fits in with objective reality.  The latter group, the Libertarians, are better able to predict the consequences of the actions of the two former groups, the Liberals and the Republicans.

   Individual freedom and that which results from individual freedom, i.e., true free market capitalism, is universally correct.  Control of all individuals' lives, slavery or involuntary servitude, by a dictatorial government and that which results from it, National Socialism, Fascism, Communism, or any variation on the theme of state collectivism, is universally incorrect, anti-life, and thus abhorrent to all free thinking humans, whether on planet Earth or elsewhere.  Hey, I’m planning ahead.

   Finally, you cannot cheat The Law of Identity, A=A, by claiming that A can also equal a choo-choo train and a glass of wine.  And you cannot cheat The Law of Cause and Effect.  To not understand the repercussions of the Law of Cause and Effect is probably the most misunderstood of all concepts and history is replete with repetitious stupidities that later generations of humans usually ask 50 to 100 years later, “What in hell were those idiots thinking?  The Earth ain’t flat.  Little microbes can kill you.  You can’t enrich a nation by printing up tons of paper dollars and calling it money.  And how does one “manage” a “free” market economy anyway… contradiction, contradiction?”

   The upshot of President Barack Obama’s national socialist health care program?  Just from logical contradictions alone, in basic economics, business, and freedom, it must fail because, well, because a choo-choo train doesn’t equal an Aardvark and paper doesn’t equal gold.  Axiomatic primary:  health care is really an individual rights issue, not a monetary issue. – FM Duck

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