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by Free Market Duck

Idaho Congressmen introduce Federal Streetcar Revitalization Act of 2009…ask for $300 Million to build streetcars across America…$65 Million for Boise
Jun 17, 2009

Boise, ID – Whoa, girl friends, pull up a barrel of rum, pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java, and listen to what your pirate legislators are up to.

   Idaho’s entire delegation of U.S. Congress-economic-village-idiots signed up as Pirates of the Caribbean last week, co-authoring the Federal Streetcar Revitalization Act of 2009.  All four Congress-swash-bucklers asked Dept of Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, for $300 Million and five kegs of rum to build streetcars all across jolly old America.  Well, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, mateys.  Reps Walt Minnick (D) and Mike Simpson (R), and Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch (both R) all claimed they are simply pursuing a course of fiscal responsibility by pulling out their trusty swords and sticking it to American citizens for $1.6 Billion -- Idaho’s presumed share of President Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Booty.

   “Avast, you landlubbers,” cried all four of Idaho’s Congress-pirates, “if we don’t take this booty, California’s Head Pirate, Arnold Schwarzenbeard, will take it.”

   But, listen up, saucy wenches.  Idaho’s swashbuckling Congressional pirates of The Good Ship Lollipop berthed at the Potomac Harbor in Washington, DC, are not just out to grab what they consider is Idaho’s fair share of Head Pirate Obama’s $787 Billion Bailout Booty.  They are taking Obama’s Great Inflation Robbery one step further by initiating more pirate legislation to pilfer even more tax money from America’s citizens all across the country.  The four Ida-Pirates have co-authored a $300 Million Federal Streetcar Revitalization Act of 2009 in order to rip off $65 Million to implement a Socialist Sugar Plum Fairytale, a 2.6 mile downtown streetcar system for Boise, which was dreamed up by Junior Idaho Pirate, Boise Mayor Dave “The Swashbuckler” Bieter (D-Boise).

   “Yo ho ho,” chuckled Boise Mayor Dave.  “It’s been my dream since I was a young boy growing up in Boise, kicking bent-up old beer cans down Main Street on the weekends, to ride all over downtown Boise on trolley cars, wafting in all the horse poop odor from Boise’s horse and buggies, watching the blacksmiths hammering out horse shoes, and then stopping off at the Old Cathouse Saloon over on 8th and Main, drinking an old fashioned root beer and watching the cowboys go upstairs for a ride with Miss Kitty and Good Golly Miss Molly, gonna have me some fun tonight with Long Tall Sally.  Yahoo.”

   Here’s the problem.  Not only have all of Idaho’s U.S. Congress-pirates bought into President Obama’s Socialist Economic Fairytales of “Targeted Inflation,” “Multiplier Effects,” and hyper-inflated “Stimulus Packages,” they are busy creating NEW Porky Pig earmarks, more deficit financing, for building Streetcars all across America for the sole purpose of providing the Mayor of Boise with $65 Million so the Mayor can blow taxpayer money on one of his favorite boyhood daydreams.

   All of this is based upon the ridiculous premise that one can enrich an economy and provide millions of new productive jobs by printing up trillions and trillions of non-backed, inflationary paper money out of thin air.  No country in the world has ever – EVER – printed its way out of a recession or a depression.  Au contraire, mes amies, going off the gold standard and then hyper-inflating a nation’s paper money has led to loss of individual rights and freedoms, recessions, depressions, economic dislocations and unintended consequences, political favoritism, trade wars, civil wars, and international military wars.

   Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package is just another federal socialist scam to grab off more power for the Executive Branch of government.  Nobody can enrich an economy, local or otherwise, by printing up non-collateralized pulp fiction dollars out of thin air.  And nobody can create jobs with ridiculous “Stimulus Packages” of trillions and quadrillions of paper dollars dumped all over America’s 50 states.

   The real problem is that Idaho’s Congress-pirates have now become part of the U.S.’s financial meltdown problem instead of its solution.

   Our legislators apparently do not understand that this is not an economics issue regarding how much to spend or where to spend it or how many jobs it may or may not create.  This is an individual rights and free market issue.  By what authority does President Obama – and by joining in, Idaho’s Legislators AND Governor -- stomp on the U.S. Constitution and pretend that they have the right to inflate our paper dollars and tell everybody in the U.S. where to work, how much to be paid, with whom to trade, what to eat for breakfast, if you can pee, when you can pee, who’s your doctor, how much of the fruits of your labor the government can take for whatever reason they think is best, or rob the people of America of $300 Million, $65 Million of which is slated to build a 2.6 mile Streetcar system for downtown Boise, Idaho?

   Meanwhile, the Idaho Statesman newspaper, socialist rag that it is, supports our four Idaho Congress-pirates in their co-authoring of the Federal Streetcar Revitalization Act of 2009.  The editors at the Statesman lead off in a Streetcar article with the headline, “Boise leaders raise streetcar concerns,” in which 7 downtown business leaders voice their concern over building a streetcar system in downtown Boise, which the Statesman quickly dismisses.  The Statesman then mentions -- almost as an aside -- that Idaho’s entire U.S. Congressional delegation has not only accepted Mayor Bieter’s absurd notion to build a 2.6 mile Streetcar system in downtown Boise, but that they actually are taking it one step further by introducing legislation to achieve that socialist goal with a Federal Streetcar Revitalization Act of 2009 to either add another $300 Million debt or pull it from Obama’s existingTrillion Dollar Bailout Booty so Boise can grab off $65 Million for itself.

   The big problem is:  all of Idaho’s U.S. legislators have now jumped on the Obama Bandwagon to bankrupt America!

   Wake up, girl friends.  It’s time for Idahoans to dump all four of its current Reps and Senators, both GOP and Democrat, and in 2010 elect real Congressmen and women who are true fiscal Conservatives or Libertarians or whatever political party will put a stop to President Obama’s March Toward National Socialism.  It is now clear that our current U.S. Congress-pirates have lied to us once more and no matter what they say, they always end up voting for more and more deficit spending, more and more taxes, and more of the same old financial crap that got us into the current Depression.

   Time to vote out Rep. Walt Minnick (D), Rep. Mike Simpson (R), Sen. Mike Crapo (R), and Sen. Jim Risch (R).  And while you’re at it, Boiseans should also dump local Mayor Dave Bieter (D) and his socialist Fairytale Visions of a Streetcar named “Desire” – or is that a Streetcar named “Deficit?” – FM Duck

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