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by Free Market Duck

Failed $250 Million University Place fiasco participant, Bob Hoover, named as president of the Idaho Community Foundation
Apr 8, 2009

Boise, ID Whoa, are you kidding, girl friends?  Pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java cause you're gonna spill your coffee down your hot short shorts when you hear this one.

   The Idaho Community Foundation, which -- according to the Idaho Statesman left Liberal newsrag -- raises funds around the state and distributes them to nonprofits and other groups, just hired former disgraced U of Idaho President Robert Hoover as -- yipes!! -- their president.  To collect funds!

   So what, you say, who the hell is Robert Hoover?  Hoover, along with ex Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, Givens-Pursley lawyer Roy Eiguren, Kempthorne's Chief of Staff Phil Reberger, and former Idaho House Speaker Bruce Newcomb, were the major "influential U of I backers [who] greased the skids for [the failed $250 Million] University Place" fiasco from about 1998 to 2005.  And the lawsuits are still ongoing.

   Hoover resigned his U of I presidential position when financing for the $250 Million University Place project ($250 Million includes $100 Million for the illegally built Ada County Courthouse and its related-but-cut-short $150 Million University Place development) imploded like Enron, revealing all sorts of financial and political skullduggery by the major players, including then Ada County Commissioners, U of I personnel, California questionable-builders Civic Partners, and U of I Foundation execs -- one of which, Jerry Wallace, was eventually convicted -- because Wallace was the "Treasurer" and under Idaho law only the official "Treasurer," not those who also mishandled the money, can be convicted.  (How convenient for the politicians, lawyers, and their buddies that Idaho has a built-in fall guy -- The Official Treasurer -- for all their shenanigans.)

   Several prominent lawyers received minor fines and a symbolic slap on their wrists.  Civic Partners, an outside California firm hired to build and supposedly manage the University Place project, is still tied up in court today -- the very Ada County Courthouse they unconstitutionally built with illegally-obtained taxpayer money that started off the entire Boise Watergate's University Place fiasco.

   After his resignation as U of I President, Hoover was quickly ushered across town by the major political players in Boise to become President of what used to be called private Albertson's College, now renamed the College of Idaho.

   Asked why he accepted this new position in light of the fact that the last time he presided over a similar project, he was forced to resign over questionable financial discrepancies, Hoover said he intended to retire this summer but "the national financial crisis has taken a toll on my portfolio and it became apparent that I needed to work for a while longer."

   Yeah, too bad, and Hoover should know all about how financial crises are created since he helped create one himself in Idaho from 1998's still going on today, folks, downtown at the Ada County Courthouse.

   Hiring former U of Idaho President Robert Hoover, who was a major participant in Boise Watergate's $250 Million University Place fiasco, is a lot like re-hiring an admitted pedophile to manage the local Boy Scouts of Boise.  Do you trust him?  I don't.  -- (You can read all about the Boise Watergate fiasco by clicking on the following link to Random House:  U of Idaho Wallace pleads GUILTY in $136 mil University Place fiasco...  25% Off Boise's Watergate book available @ Random House Xlibris Bookstore
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) --
Deep Throat II

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