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by Free Market Duck

Obama parties down at most expensive Inauguration in history -- over $170 million -- as U.S. falls further into huge Recession
(Jan 20, 2009)

44th President Barack Hussein Obama was elected on his philosophy of altruistic state collectivism, his philosophy of socialism, redistribution of everybody's wealth, by reverse racist voters seeking to either assuage their presumed guilt, if white, or gain a collectivist advantage, or retributive revenge, if black.  Obama was not elected on individual rights or free market principles or a philosophy of limited government by a logically-thinking electorate.  He was elected because he was black and because socialism is all the rage.  As Ayn Rand pointed out in her novel Atlas Shrugged (52 years of fiction now becoming fact), Americans have now succumbed to Obamarama economic socialism (an oxymoron, to be sure), after the so-called Intellectuals at all the leading universities first "obtained the sanction of their victims" by inculcating the masses with the immoral philosophy of altruistic state collectivism.  See the victims voluntarily stick their wrists out to receive their economic chains, cheering all the way.  And so history repeats itself over and over and over...

Washington, DC What we are witnessing in our nation's capital today smacks of a Reverse Racist Inauguration with false socialist hopes.  Barack Hussein Obama will be inaugurated today as America's 44th President and as America's first black President.

   Don't look for an Emancipation Proclamation for the free market, limited government, and individual rights, however, as soon-to-be President Barack Obama plans to inject over $1.1 trillion Pulp Fiction Dollars into the economy -- $350 billion from the 2nd half of the lame duck Bush administration's $700 billion bail out booty plus $825 billion from the current Parliament of Whores -- in order to allegedly  "stimulate" more spending, more individual and national debt, and more special interest group bail outs for everybody and their dog.

   And for starters, Obama is blowing over $170 million on his Inauguration Ceremony today, the largest Inauguration cost in U.S. History.

   Whoa, aren't we just so full of ourselves and our Napoleon Hollywood complex?  What audacity, what change, what hope?

   The new President should be ashamed of himself for spending $170 million on his pomp and circumstance while 10 blocks away in Washington, DC, poor people, 99% of whom are black, live in abject poverty.  We don't advocate dropping $170 million worth of Benjamin Franklin 100-Dollar notes on Washington's ghetto as a solution to their poverty -- the free market and less governmental intervention would solve their state-created plight -- but the stark dichotomy of government ostentatiousness right next door to government-created poverty makes the point.

   And the point is, it looks like President Obama is no different than the rest of the Pirate Politicians in Washington.  Maybe worse.  Time will tell.

   The nation's honeymoon with silver-tongued socialist Obama -- who has a University Professor's knack for saying a lot of nothing with the most eloquent of words -- will soon wear off as the people eventually discover that black pigmentation per se and state collectivism are not the solution to our current Recession, a Recession brought about by our central bank's, the Federal Reserve's, absurd monetary manipulations.

   Voting for ethnicity or socialism were stupid reasons to elect an individual to the position of President of the United States.  The Executive Branch has assumed lately, stolen really, far far too much power from the people -- especially power over their medium of economic exchange:  money.  Since Obama has no clue what real money is, i.e., commodity money, he will pursue former President Bush's bankrupt philosophy of a Fascist Business Model using Pulp Fiction Dollars.  In fact, he will expand on it, quantitatively and qualitatively, for the worse.

   President Obama recently stated that our current economic meltdown is too big for the free market and private enterprise and can only be solved by "more big government."  He is not shy about openly proclaiming his socialism, his state collectivist philosophy of everybody performing "government service" to the collectivist state.  Stalin would be proud of Obama but may have characterized him simply as "a useful idiot" since Stalin knew full well that socialism was just a useful method on the path to his own State Dictatorship.

   The question is:  does Obama understand this or is he simply a naive "useful idiot" for other powers behind his Hollywood throne, powers such as the international monetary managers, the central bankers and CIA Special Ops groups who you can bet your Pulp Fiction Dollars are not going to provide any intelligence information to Obama that would compromise their own power?

   So, Team Obama was a marketing success, at least in the short term, pushing a no-brains, no economic clues, African American individual into the White House by playing to the Caucasion masses' alleged guilt over the alleged sins of their fathers' alleged participation in slavery, or simply ethnic self-identification on the part of many African American voters.  95% of black Americans in many regions voted for Obama based solely on ethnicity.  67% of college-educated youth voted for Obama based upon their state collectivist, socialist, brainwashing from a university environment.  Ironically, the most intelligent voters were apparently non college educated individuals and college educated Libertarians who voted for candidate Ron Paul.  Just goes to show how impressionable young minds are, when up against left Liberal Professors who overwhelmingly dominate all of our colleges and universities. 

   Once again, voting for the Presidency of the United States based upon ethnicity or socialism were stupid reasons.  The former constitutes reverse racism and the latter is sheer idiocy and lack of knowledge about the historical results of socialist regimes.

   Wouldn't it have been more intelligent to have voted for a President based upon their intellect and knowledge regarding individual rights, a limited republic, and especially free market capitalism and why we must return to a 100% gold monetary standard just as our forefathers established in Article 1, Sections 8 and 10 of the U.S. Constitution?  Instead, we get a boob head President, Mr. Obama, who can only parrot the same old Keynesian Econometrics that have gotten us into the current mess we're in.

   But, unfortunately, from a strict marketing perspective, reverse racism worked and Obama is the 44th President of the United States.  Now the real powers that be, can push more state interventionism and trillions of more Pulp Fiction Dollars via George Bush's already established Fascist Business Model, using their next "useful idiot," President Barack Hussein Obama, to redistribute your wealth -- and in very very clever ways, as you will soon discover.  Hold onto your jockstraps, sports fans.  It's going to be a wild ride over the next four years. -- FM Duck

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