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by Free Market Duck

Idaho Statesman editors publish whitewash of Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers to save Barack Obama…
then, up pops the FBI and Illinois Gov. Blagojevich…
(Dec 11, 2008)

How could Barack Obama possibly wind his way through Chicago's dirty political Machine -- working with all the same people as, and including, Gov. Blagojevich for five years -- and not know what was really going on?

Boise, ID – Boise's Left liberal rag, The Idaho Statesman -- a socialist-leaning anomaly in America's most Conservative/Libertarian state -- recently published a reprint of a NY Times commentary by Bill Ayers, for Bill Ayers, as a frail attempt to convince its readers that, gosh gee whizzers, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn who formed the Weather Underground back in the sixties and blew up buildings including the Pentagon and a San Francisco police station in which an officer was killed (which Bernardine admitted to but got off on a legal wire tapping technicality) were just simple peaceniks who participated in terrorist bombings to protest against the Vietnam war.

   Further along in his auto-biographical fairytale, Ayers tries to portray his bomb-killing organization as justified because nobody would listen to him and his previous SDS (Students For a Democratic Society) socialist rantings and ravings across America's university campuses.  That's why they went underground to do their dirty work; hence the name Weather Underground.

   This attempt at whitewashing Bill Ayers and his terrorist bombing spree against innocent Americans has three purposes:  the main thrust of Ayers' opinion column -- and this is what makes its publication by the NY Times and The Idaho Statesman editors so intellectually dishonest -- is to (1) pretend that Ayers’ actions were justifiable and not that big of a deal, (2) try to disentangle any current or historical personal association between President-elect Barack Obama and Bill Ayers in Chicago, and (3) blame Republicans or Mickey Mouse or somebody for falsely manufacturing Bill Ayers as a notorious, bomb-throwing terrorist.

   By trying to intellectualize his way out of his terrorist bombing spree against Americans in the sixties and attempting to disassociate his and Obama's working together in various political groups in Chicago, Ayers -- and therefore the NY Times and Idaho Statesman – are attempting to clean up President-elect Obama's not-so-squeaky-clean political image, including Obama’s highly socialist leanings.

   Ironically, three days after The NY Times published Bill Ayers' white-washed autobiographical fairytale about himself (Sat Dec 6) -- which The Idaho Statesman naively picked up and printed on Wed Dec 10, even though The Statesman knew the following was true -- Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Democrat-Chicago) was arrested by the FBI after five years of investigation and legal wire tapping that revealed Gov. Blagojevich was trying to sell Obama's U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder.  The FBI affidavits reveal that many of the associates of President-elect Obama and Gov. Blagojevich are the same individuals who Obama has either already appointed -- or is in the process of appointing -- to his 2009 Cabinet and other high level political positions.

   While the major left liberal news media is trying to whitewash Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers and his connection to President-elect Barack Obama -- after successfully ignoring Obama’s associations with Rev. “Goddamn America” Wright, convicted associate Rezko, and others in the Chicago Political Machine -- up pops an even bigger scandal for Barack Obama:  Gov. Blagojevich caught in a vast political crime spree of bribery, trying to sell Obama’s U.S. Senate seat, and other nefarious shenanigans involving all the usual Chicago Machine suspects, many of whom have been appointed by Obama to his Cabinet.  Is this just another “manufactured” attempt by the GOP – as bomber Bill Ayers said -- to “slander” President-elect Barack Obama?

   So the Big Question, once again, is:  how much did President-elect Barack Obama know about, or participate in, Gov. Blagojevich's Pay-to-Play for Obama's U.S. Senate seat and other political antics with The Chicago Machine?  It is simply mind-boggling to think Obama knows nothing, sees nothing, and hears nothing going on all around him.

   How could Barack Obama possibly wind his way through Chicago's dirty political Machine -- working with all the same people as, and including, Gov. Blagojevich for five years -- and not know what was really going on?

   This is reminiscent of Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne claiming he didn't know anything about the inner workings of the skullduggery going on while participating in Boise's University Place fiasco during 1998-2005.  The same applies to Obama as was stated about Kempthorne:  either way, if (1) he didn't know what his subordinates and colleagues were doing, then he is totally incompetent and should resign; if (2) he did know, then he is totally corrupt and should resign.

   It will be interesting to see how Barack Obama and the left liberal news media trip all over their socialist selves when Blagojevich starts singing to the Feds like a canary to avoid lengthy jail time.  Don't be surprised if some mysterious throw-away assassin like Jack Ruby shows up out of nowhere and caps Blagojevich to shut him up.  There is a lot at stake here.  We're talking money and power.  Mostly power.  Power, as in the Big Money Boys behind the scenes, such as a rogue CIA SOG (Special Ops Group) or Federal Reserve (which is more secretive than The CIA) that may well want someone like Barack Obama to remain in Office, someone they can easily manipulate. Had the FBI waited a little longer, they might have caught Blagojevich appointing Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat for $500,000 - $1,000,000 and Obama appointing Blagojevich as U.S. Ambassador to Lower Slobovia.  Obama, whew, saved by the clever FBI just in the nick of time, girl friends.

   So nice try, Idaho Statesman, but it looks like you're a day late and millions of dollars short.  While you were busy trying to whitewash Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers in an attempt to distance him and his socialist philosophy from President-elect Barack Obama, Ayers is still guilty and Obama now has a bigger association-with-crooks problem:  dirty Gov. Blagojevich and Chicago’s rotten political Machine.  Will Rod The Canary sing or will they shut him up? -- FM Duck

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