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by Free Market Duck

Is America on the verge of electing a socialist Islamic terrorist supporter as U.S. President?
(Oct 31, 2008)

How do you involve a President of the United States in your nation’s security briefings when the President’s historical background of association with anti-American and pro-terrorist supporters would eliminate anybody else who was being considered to receive that same type of national security information?

Washington, DC – Whoa, cinch up your turbans, girl friends, and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  Let's play a new game: it's called Connect The Terrorist Supporter Dots:

   Barack Obama shows up to Rev. Jeremiah Wright's anti-American church and soaks up Wright's "Goddamn America" rhetoric for over 20 years.

   Barack Obama associates with anti-American terrorist Bill Ayers, avowed bomber in the Weather Underground group with wifester Bernardine Dohrn who got off on a technicality and admitted to killing a San Fran police officer in one of their many bombings.  Just a coincidence, chance meetings at the local PTA?

   Barack Obama pals around with Weather Underground bombers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn whose 1974 book, Prairie Fire -- a treatise on how socialism will replace America's free market -- was dedicated to, among others, Sirhan Sirhan, the killer who assassinated 1968 Democratic Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy in LA.  If you're a Democrat (or a Republican) voting for Obama, you're voting for someone who parties around with those who celebrate the assassination of the 1968 Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy.  Senator Ted Kennedy, are you listening?

   Barack Obama celebrates at an anti-Jewish or anti-Israel party for Prof. Rashid Khalidi, pro-Palestinian terrorist supporter, at which Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers also celebrates.  Wow, a double coincidence.

   What are the chances that two different pro-terrorist supporters would be at the same dinner party as Barack Obama in 2003, slamming Israel?  Obama proclaims, "Oh, those guys?  Just a coincidence."

   And Michelle Obama attends Khalidi's daughter's wedding during that same time frame.  Gosh, I guess it's just another coincidence or else the future possible president's wife is a wedding crasher.

   Connect the dots and what you see is a fairly clear picture of Barack Obama trying to hide his anti-American and pro-terrorist moral philosophy -- not to mention his salvation every Sunday at Rev. Wright's "Hallelujah and Goddamn America" sermons on the mount.  Ya-yess, girl friends, can I get a witness?

   But there is something even more troubling about Barack Obama being Commander-in-Chief with all of his past associations with pro-terrorists, pro-terrorist supporters, and anti-American crusaders.  Namely, how do you involve a President of the United States in your nation’s security briefings when the President’s historical background of association with anti-American and pro-terrorist supporters would eliminate anybody else who was being considered to receive that same type of national security information?  Obama could not even pass a standard Secret security clearance investigation, much less obtain a security clearance that the author endured to work in Top Secret Crypto Eyes Only SSD, ACSI facilities in the 1960s in the Pentagon and MAVC HQ in Saigon.  As an aside, one of the individuals in our Special Security Detachment was a personal encrypter for the President in the basement of the White House, a position for which he had to attend etiquette classes to learn the formality of correct dining with high level heads of state.  Would he have to “sanitize” Obama’s messages because Obama can’t pass the basic “tests” required of the average Joe Doe working with a simple “Secret” security clearance, never mind a Top Secret Crypto Eyes Only xxxxxxx password security clearance whose xxxxxxx code word is classified Top Secret Crypto itself?

   In short, a future President Barack Obama would pose a national security problem -- at many different levels -- due to his past pro-terrorist, anti-American associations, pro-socialist philosophy, and foreign-living relatives for whom he could be compromised.

   The Big Question remains:  is America on the verge of electing a socialist, anti-American, Islamic terrorist supporter as U.S. President?

   I guarantee you that if I – or anybody else being considered for a security clearance -- had had the same past associations as Barack Obama, such as with the Rev. Wright, Weather Underground bombers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, or pro-Palestinian terrorist supporter Prof. Rashid Khalidi, we would never have received any type of security clearance.

   (Note:  Not obtaining a security clearance is not always related to your having questionable allegiance to America due to past associations but rather you may have relatives who are living in “enemy” or “hostile” countries for whom you could be blackmailed in order to prevent harm to those relatives.  Same for being a closet gay or any other involvement for which you could be blackmailed to reveal classified information.  The U.S. intelligence community does not want to place its holders of security clearances in that type of compromising position.)

  If Barack Obama is elected President, this will present a very serious dilemma for America’s various intelligence and counter-intelligence services, from the CIA to the FBI to the DIA to ASA to SSD, ACSI and other related agencies who, at the highest levels, military and civilian, talk to each other and to the various intelligence agencies of other nations such as Israel, Britain, and others.  Obama’s past associations place him in a very delicate, and perhaps difficult, position vis a vis dealing with the intelligence agencies of Israel.  Would you trust your most important intelligence information with a President of the United States whose past associations involved pro-Palestinian terrorist supporters?  I wouldn’t.  Your country’s life depends on it.

   These are important questions that the general public and news media have yet to consider.  Remember, in the intelligence community, all other nations are considered the “enemy.”  Some less so than others.  Again, your nation’s life depends on it. – FM Duck

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