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by Free Market Duck

Look out!
Pistol Packing Mama, Gov Sarah Palin, blasts her way into the Republican National Convention…
accepts VP slot with John McCain
(Sep 6, 2008)

Response by Barack Obama to McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for GOP vice president, "Damn, she's good!"

St. Paul, MN – Pull up the floor and pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java, girl friends.  Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin took over the GOP’s Big Show, the Republican National Convention, Wednesday night, accepting her party’s nomination to become the first GOP woman candidate for Vice President of the United States.  Any doubts about whether the Pistol Packing Mama from the Land of the Midnight Sun could hold her own against the Democratic ticket of Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden were quickly dispelled as the 44-year old moose-hunting babe from Alaska verbally kicked the butts of her Left Liberal opponents -- and indicted GOP cronies -- from one coast of America to the other in a speech that made Barack Obama’s closing night oration at the Hollywood-staged Democratic Roman Convention sound like a children’s story from Karl Marx’s Collection of Socialist Fairytales.

   In short, not only did Gov Palin refute the Demo’s and Left Liberal News Media’s absurd allegations that she did not have enough Executive experience to be the VP or President of the United States, Gov Palin reminded the Good Ol Boys of the Washington Beltway that she had more Executive experience on Day One of her term as Mayor of the small Alaskan town of Wasilla than both Democratic candidates have for their entire combined 40 years of state and U.S. legislative political careers.

   Neither Obama or Biden have held ANY type of management or Executive position in business OR politics.  Gov Palin has Executive experience running several small businesses with her husband, fishing and multi-media communications businesses.  In addition, she has experience as both a Mayor and Governor of the state of Alaska, during which she (1) vetoed over 300 tax bills by the Alaska Legislature, (2) returned millions of tax dollars and surplus oil money back to the people, (3) booted Big Oil lobbyists out of Alaska’s state legislature, (4) cleaned out the Good Ol Boy crooks in her own GOP party in Alaska (5) sold previous Gov Murkowski’s private government jet on eBay, and (6) raised five children, one of them with Down Syndrome, with her husband Todd, an oil field worker and four-time champion of Alaska’s thousand-mile snow mobile race.

   Palin, born in Idaho, is also the Chief Executive of Alaska’s National Guard and in charge of the largest project ever developed on the North American continent:  a $40 billion oil and natural gas pipeline being built to deliver energy to the lower 48 states of America.  Gov Palin -- by virtue of the fact that she is the Governor of oil-rich Alaska -- is an Energy Executive guru who understands the ins and outs of international foreign energy policies and, more importantly, she is a champion of the free market and private enterprise.

   One need only contrast Gov Palin’s Executive experience versus the absurd socialist ideas of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama whose Executive experience ranges from shooting basketballs to organizing neighborhood protest groups in Chicago.  Obama proposes more Big Government, more federal subsidies, and a big tax on the oil companies on top of redistributing everybody’s wealth from “each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.”

   Gov Palin pooh-poohed both Obama and the Left Liberal News Media by stating that she is not going to Washington for their cocktail circuit approval but rather to clean out America’s Parliament of Whores, career politicians and lobbyists feeding at the Pig Trough of Congress.  She also slapped Obama and his Hollywood-staged Greco-Roman DNC setting for Obama’s final acceptance speech by asking what’s left after the Demo’s get through dragging their Styrofoam fake pillars back to whatever movie lot they got them from?  Good question since the only thing missing at the DNC finale was a chariot race and a flooded arena with crocs gobbling up the taxpayers’ wallets.

  That was Wednesday night.

   On Thursday night -- after the dust had settled around the Coup de Grace given by Gov Sarah to the Socialist Democratic Ticket and Left Liberal News Media trying to harpoon Palin and her entire family with drive-by news barbs – GOP presidential candidate John McCain took the stage at the RNC in St. Paul and emptied both barrels of free market verbiage against the Left Liberal socialist candidates Obama and Biden, blowing their big government sophisms into the garbage can of ridiculous ideas where they properly belong.

   After revealing his past military and leadership qualities, including his five-year ordeal at the Hanoi Hilton prison during the Vietnam War, GOP candidate John McCain reviewed his past 30 years in the U.S. Congress during which his state, Arizona, has never accepted one thin dime of Pork Barrel earmarks from Congress.

   In summary, the John McCain-Sarah Palin GOP ticket for individual rights and free market solutions to America’s economic and social problems promises to give the Left Liberal socialists of the Democratic Party, Obama and Biden, a run for their money in the last 60 days of the 2008 presidential contest.

   Looking forward, if McCain and Palin win in 2008, one can only surmise the chances of a 2012 or 2016 President Sarah Palin with lots of Libertarian, free market Cabinet members in the Oval Office.  Hillary Clinton, eat your heart out, girl friend.  Thanks to the marketing stupidity of Barack Obama, you're finished.

   Big Question:  should Independents and Libertarians plan for the future by voting in 2008 for John McCain, now that he has chosen Pistol Packing Sarah for VP?  I don’t know, yet.  The political night is still young and all I can say right now to energy-experienced Sarah Palin is:  ironically, the energy solution for America (and the world) lives in the city of your birthplace:  Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  It’s called Energenx Inc.  They know how to pull Tesla’s free radiant energy from the photon flux.  More than you could ever imagine… and wireless.  So the only moose you really need to worry about saving, girl friend, is the Chocolate Mousse. – FM Duck

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