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by Free Market Duck

McCain chooses Idahoan Sarah Palin, a moose-hunting, fisher-babe, free market Governor of Alaska, as Vice Prez running mate on GOP ticket
(Aug 29, 2008)

Response by Barack Obama to McCain's choice of a woman for vice president, "Damn!"

Dayton, OH GOP presidential candidate John McCain has pulled off the political marketing move of the century by choosing a free market, moose hunting, salmon fishing, fiscal Conservative woman, the current Governor of Alaska, as his VP running mate for the 2008 presidential elections.

   Note that John McCain -- unlike boo-boo brain Barack Obama -- did not fail to implement Cardinal Rule # 1 in Basic Marketing 101A:  "Sell the sizzle, not the steak."  Make no mistake about it, Sarah Palin, as the first GOP woman who may become the Vice President of the United States, is the sizzle.

   But we get a bonus in the steak department, too.  Sarah Palin, a native of Idaho, is a mother of five children, caretaker of her youngest child born with Down Syndrome, an outdoors lady who hunts moose, fishes for salmon, ran a successful fishing business with her husband, plays sports, ran a video communications business, and single-handedly kicked the corrupt butts of the GOP Good Ol Boys out of Alaskan politics in 2006, 07, and 08.

   Most importantly, Sarah Palin was the Head of an Oil Commission, is gung-ho to allow drilling in Anwar in Alaska, and leans heavily toward free market, Libertarian, fiscal Conservative views.

   Unlike Barack Obama -- who fell asleep at Harvard during Basic Marketing 101A and blew his big chance to take the 2008 presidency if only he had chosen a woman, Hillary Clinton, as his running mate -- John McCain will no doubt benefit greatly by winning over at least 20% of the Democratic women who said they would not vote for Obama without Hillary.  Hey, Obama, you snooze, you lose.

   At this point, Bill and Hillary Clinton -- recently dumped by Barack Obama because BO's wife Michelle Obama didn't like the color of Hillary's traveling pants suits in the Primary Debates -- are probably cheering in their hotel rooms, shouting at the ceiling, "Yo, Obama, we told you so, you marketing dolt."

   Look for the pistol-packing mama from Alaska, Gov Palin, to win over a lot more voters including previously undecided Independent women voters and many of the 18 million voters who voted for Hillary Clinton, 47% of whom said they, too, were undecided about Obama.

   Since the immediate objective of the two presidential candidates is to win the election -- not worry about what to do with, for example, a VP such as loose cannon Hillary Clinton IF Obama wins -- then John McCain is correctly "Selling the sizzle," Sarah Palin, while Barack Obama is busy losing the battle by trying to "Sell the steak," the same-old, same-old, tired, left Liberal bullshit of Joe Biden, a 35-year veteran of our corrupt U.S. Congress.  Once again, in Basic Marketing 101A, you snooze, you lose.

   Marketing-wise, choosing Joe Biden does not differentiate the Obama left Liberal ticket from the standard socialist diatribes we've heard from the Democrats over the last 35 years.  With McCain's latest choice of a 44-year old pistol-packing mama from Alaska who recently cleaned out the corrupt GOP cronies in her own party, it is the Republicans who should be chanting, "Time for a Change," instead of Obama and Biden who are offering nothing but their ho-hum Fascist Business Model which has been operating in Washington by both parties over the last 50 years. 

   Last night, Obama criticized John McCain's platform by saying McCain was not a bad guy, MCCain just doesn't "get it."  Now it appears that it's Barack Obama who didn't "get it" by not choosing a woman, Hillary Clinton, as his running mate.  The real marketing question is:  Does Barack Obama "get it" today?  Probably, but it looks like Obama has discovered his mistake too late as he responded to John McCain's choice of a woman for vice president with only one word, "Damn!" -- FM Duck

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