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by Free Market Duck

  Idaho Supreme Court enforces socialist health care law…
Taxpayers must cough up $187,000 for illegal immigrant’s heart attack
(June 23, 2008)

 Unintended Socialist Consequence # 1001:  Yippee, free medical care for indigent citizens.  Well, sort of free.  Paid for by the taxpayer.  Well, not just for citizens.  All you gotta be is a resident, not a bona fide U.S. citizen.  Well, sort of a resident.  All you gotta do is “intend” to stick around for awhile, even if you are here illegally.  Therefore, say the brilliant scholars on the Idaho Supreme Court whose function is to interpret, not rewrite, Idaho law, all live bodies that show up to the Emergency Room at any Idaho county hospital are entitled to the same “free” socialist health care as all of us regular Idaho citizens.

 Case in point:  Javier Ortega Sandoval snuck into the United States from Mexico in 2005, got a job as a landscaper in the Boise area, suffered a stroke at his illegal job during his illegal status on March 22, 2006, and was rushed to St. Alphonsus hospital where they saved his life and he hung out for a two-month R & R.  Total cost:  $187,000, which he couldn’t pay, so Idaho taxpayers picked up the bill.  Ada County officials protested, saying whoa Broncos, he’s an illegal immigrant and, therefore, by definition he doesn’t count as a resident.  But the Idaho Supreme Court said, not so fast, Tonto.  Javier’s been in the country for more than 30 days and – although we can’t read his mind – his “intent” might have been to remain here illegally and continue to work here illegally and, therefore, since his real or pretended “intent” of residency trumps his illegal immigration status, he meets Idaho residency requirements and dum-da-dum, ipso facto, his illegal existence morphs into a legal existence which means Javier is a legal socialist health care recipient just like the rest of us chickens, case closed.

Boise, ID – Ya-yess, girl friends.  Shut up and pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java.  As the Idaho Statesman editors noted last week in the 4-1 Supreme Court ruling for guaranteed health care for illegal immigrant indigents, “Don’t blame [the] court – indigent issue is a mess.”  You got that right.  It’s an expensive mess and it’s about to become a multi-million dollar bigger mess.

   Welcome to Idaho’s socialist health care system based upon the alleged compassion of robbing Peter to pay for indigent Paul.  But is this really compassion?  And is this the proper function of government:  to forcibly extract one individual’s private property and wealth to pay for another individual’s problems?  Have we morphed from an individual private property rights economy to a “needs-based” Robin Hood economy?

   Just like Britain, Germany, France, and a host of other European nations found out after they enacted their currently bankrupt socialist health care systems – if you have to ration health care, you’re bankrupt – Idaho, too, is on the hook for not only every legal citizen’s health care costs but also for every illegal non-citizen’s health care costs if neither can afford their medical bill.  Guess what?  It’s the same financial mess for public education costs.  Taxpayers must pay for public education for the children of illegal immigrants.  Same for social security.  Taxpayers must pay for social security benefits for illegal immigrants who have never paid a dime into the U.S. social security system.

   No wonder we’re going broke.  According to the GAO (Government Accounting Office), by the year 2040, if not sooner, America’s Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security systems – never mind our bankrupt public education system, it won’t exist -- will eat up the entire U.S. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Umpteen trillion hyper-inflated worthless dollars.  Hi, kids.  How’re you feeling about that:  your entire paycheck ripped-off to pay for Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa and indigent illegal immigrants?  Happy birthday and you can thank either President Barack Obama (Democratic socialists) or John McCain (Republican socialists), whoever wins the next Welfare State election.  Either way, you’re gonna pay… and pay… and pay… .  Welcome to America’s Second Big Depression.

   The problem with government health care is that we thought we were being “compassionate” when we enacted socialist health care laws that mandated county hospitals must take in indigent sickies.  There are two points to make here:  (1) it is not an act of “compassion” when legislators forcibly take other people’s money, taxpayer money, to pay for a third party’s health care costs – or any other personal costs.  Need, real or imagined, is not a justification to violate another person’s private property rights.  That’s robbery, not compassion.  It is only “compassionate” when a legislator voluntarily uses his or her own money to pay for somebody else’s medical costs.  And (2) hospitals and doctors – because they are individuals with private property rights -- should be allowed to choose whether to help pay for somebody else’s medical costs.  Choosing to use your own personal finances is “compassionate.”  Being forced by the state to pay for somebody else is not “compassionate,” it is a violation of everybody’s private property rights by legislators who took an oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The U.S. and Idaho Constitutions are “prohibiting” documents, not “granting” documents.  Which means our founding documents are prohibitions against interventionism, prohibitions against violations of individual private property rights.  A contradiction of the U.S. Constitution is the socialist or fascist idea of the granting of special welfare legislation, individual or corporate welfare, for every real or imagined catastrophe – and non-catastrophe -- that comes along.  Welcome to the U.S. Congress and President Bush’s extensive – overly extensive – use of illegal Executive Orders.

   The problem is that most Americans have now accepted the moral – or rather immoral -- philosophy of a socialist or fascist health care system in which we have redefined the state’s Robin Hood redistribution of everybody’s private property as being “compassionate.”  But one cannot be “compassionate” with other people’s money.  One can only be compassionate with one’s own money.  By stupidly accepting the immoral premise of altruistic state collectivism for U.S. citizens, we inadvertently boxed ourselves into altruistic state collectivism for illegal immigrants.  The solution is not to write more legislation to exclude illegal immigrants.  The solution is to repeal the root problem of an oxymoronic socialist health care system.  Oxymoronic because it is impossible to implement any “needs-based” system of reciprocal rip-off rights for any service or commodity, health care or otherwise.  Reciprocal rights to receive is a non sequitur, a logical contradiction of nobody having any rights at all.  Destroy private property rights and you will have destroyed ALL other individual rights, including social rights AND economic rights.  To not understand this is the root cause of why left Liberal Democrats continually gravitate toward the economic fairytales of socialism or fascism with the Republicans philosophically not far behind while pretending they are free market, limited government constitutionalists.  Ha ha.  What a joke.  There is no philosophical difference between GOP President George Bush and Democratic candidates Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and pseudo-GOP candidate John McCain.

   So now that Idahoans have erroneously accepted the oxymoronic philosophy of fake “compassion” in the field of socialized health care, we now have Idaho Supreme Court Justices interpreting stupid law and coming to even more stupid and disastrous decisions since they can only interpret, not rewrite, the stupid laws that the stupid legislators have passed.  Idaho taxpayers will soon be paying millions of dollars for the medical costs of indigent illegal immigrants.

   The solution to this self-imposed idiocy is to go back to the root of the problem:  socialist health care predicated upon the immoral philosophy of altruistic state collectivism.  All we have to do is repeal the fake “compassionate” law that forces taxpayers to pay county hospital bills for indigent ANYBODIES, citizens and non-citizens.  Let’s get back to a free market and private property rights – in all economic areas, not just health care -- and a good portion of our illegal immigration problems will automatically solve themselves.  The rest will require pro-active monitoring of our borders and reciprocal free trade agreements (not special government tariffs, but true laissez-faire, laissez passer freedom of trade).

   One last note for the whining Liberals (and any GOP members who took a wrong left turn off the political highway):  dumping state health care for indigent citizens as well as for non-citizens is not throwing out the baby with the bath water, i.e., it is not the dumping of an allegedly wonderful socialist health care system for Idaho citizens in order to solve the indigent illegal immigrant health care problem.  Socialism or Liberal fascism, for citizens and non-citizens, still represents a violation of individual private property rights and forced redistribution of wealth.  The ends (a Sugar Plum Fairy socialist health care system) do not justify the means (state robbery and redistribution of legitimately earned private property).

   If these conceptual ideas about the free market are still not penetrating your state collectivist brain, then try to grasp this empirical fact:  Americans have recently donated, voluntarily, over $300 billion annually for the last three years to help other individuals throughout the world in need.  So don’t give me this crap about how Americans are not generous or would not voluntarily support their fellow man in need.  Now that’s true compassion:  voluntary contributions to those in need.  Those who would use the government to do what people will do voluntarily usually have an ulterior political motive in mind.  And it rhymes with either the word “power” or “stupidity.” – FM Duck

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