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by Free Market Duck

Kempthorne Hugs Polar Bears, Bankrupts America
(May 21, 2008)

Washington, DC – In his typical Alice in Wonderland political style of claiming a Tea Pot is a Choo-Choo Train while simultaneously claiming it is not, Secretary of Interior Dirk Kempthorne dragged 25,000 polar bears onto the Endangered Species List last week while proclaiming they are neither endangered nor disappearing.  The basis for the ex Idaho Governor’s contradictory decision:  Arctic ice may, on net, be melting and the possible net melting of Arctic ice may be caused by global warming which may be caused by humans producing too much CO2 while possibly manufacturing or utilizing everything under the Sun.

   Unfortunately, we have several problems with Kempthorne’s slop dash proclamation, both scientific and socio-political-economic.

   First, the polar bear population has not decreased over the last several decades.  It has actually increased from historical lows of 5,000 to today’s 25,000.  So right off the bat, Secretary Dirk is treading on very thin ice.  Scientific data contradicts any reason for listing polar bears on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) list in the first place.  In addition, Arctic ice has recently melted in one area but increased in other areas.  On net, the volume of Arctic ice has increased, not decreased.

   Second, once a species is listed on the ESA list, U.S. law mandates two things must happen:

1.    Anything that anybody suspects may be a possible cause for the decline of the listed species must be curtailed, and

2.    A federal program to ameliorate the suspected cause of the “problem” must be implemented.

   Whoa.  Tort lawyers of America, rejoice.  Fascist politicians, socialist dictators, Big Government interventionists, rejoice.  Secretary of the Interior Kempthorne, by ridiculously placing the non-disappearing polar bear on the ESA list, has just created a Full Employment Act for all the Lawyers of America and Perpetual Economic Interventionism by all state collectivist governments.  Yahoo.

   National and international lawsuits will now consume billions of dollars in litigation by both sides as everybody tries to implement, or prevent implementation of, the mandated provisions of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to save a species, the polar bear, that is not becoming extinct.

   So why did Sec of Interior Kempthorne place the polar bear on the ESA list?  The excuse he gave on the Glenn Beck national TV talk show was that the Environmental-Fascists were going to sue the government anyway to try to “save” the polar bear with other statutes.  Kempthorne’s logic becomes a bit hazy at this point as he concludes, hey, let’s shoot ourselves in the foot before somebody else shoots us in the butt.

   Whatever was going through Interior Secretary Kempthorne’s foggy brain, he naively walked right into the Environmental-Fascists’ trap, which is, they don’t care about the polar bear, pollution, or the environment.  Their goal is purely socio-political-economic.  They want to replace individual freedom, private property rights, and free market capitalism with state collectivism whether it’s socialism, fascism, communism, or an outright dictatorship.  In their Brave New Fascist World, everybody becomes a ward of the state from cradle to grave while Big Brother controls everything and everybody all the time and everywhere.

   The polar bear is not going extinct but individual freedom, private property rights, and the entire free market may soon become extinct as the provisions of the ESA for non-disappearing polar bears are implemented.

   But let’s get one thing straight:  It’s not individual freedom and free market capitalism that are the causes of our economic and environmental problems on planet Earth.  It’s the lack of true freedom and true free markets – the lack of mutual non-infringements and objective law – that is the problem.  Governmental intervention – from issuing tons of non-backed, inflationary money, to the passage of tons of special interest legislation, to not invoking current laws against pollution abusers -- is the major cause of our pollution and economic problems.  Environmental-Fascists pretend that free market capitalism is the problem, anoint themselves as the saviors, and then appoint themselves as Big Brother to save the people from themselves.

   This state collectivist game of governmental interventionism is getting very old.  It’s becoming very obvious that Big Government is the problem, not the solution.  Government central banks hyper-inflating non-backed paper currency for their buddies on Wall Street is the problem, not the solution.  Government intrusion into health care is the problem, not the solution.  Government farm subsidies are the problem, not the solution.  Government energy monopolies are the problem, not the solution.

   In short, it is the philosophy of individual freedom and free markets that should be the basis for solving our environmental problems on planet Earth, not more governmental controls.  We need free minds and free markets, not more rules and litigation.  We need public officials who are statesmen for Limited Government, not Big Government.

   Unfortunately, Sec of Interior Kempthorne is a politician, not a statesman.

   This is why it was extremely important that the Senate Panel that confirmed Idaho Governor Kempthorne into the Office of Secretary of the Interior should have done its job and reviewed the information sent to them from FM Duck regarding how Kempthorne participated in, and mishandled, the failed $136 million Boise Watergate fiasco and other boondoggles.  Had the 20-odd Senators asked any important questions of candidate Kempthorne or reviewed his record while Governor of Idaho, they would have discovered a political pattern of illogical and special interest decisions that now characterize his current Polar Bear Politics.

   By listing the polar bear on America’s Endangered Species List and thus invoking its mandated provisions to save a species that is not endangered, Kempthorne’s Polar Bear Politics may well cause the future economic bankruptcy of America. – FM Duck

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