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by Free Market Duck

Idaho:  nuclear waste dump of America
(May 11, 2008)

French company Areva chooses Idaho to build $2 billion U-235 enrichment plant on top of the Snake Plain Aquifer – the size of Lake Erie – right next door to Yellowstone National Park, one of the largest volcanic systems in the world.  If it erupts, we have the Perfect Storm:  a Radioactive Super Volcano.

Idaho has received over 1 million tons of radioactive and hazardous waste from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kuwait, and Lower Slobovia.

Boise, ID – OK, girl friends, hold on to your radioactive bras and pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java.  That glow on your rosy cheeks is not from your makeup but rather from all the radioactive garbage and enrichment processing going on -- or slated to happen soon -- at America’s nuclear waste dump site:  Idaho.

   It’s bad enough that the Idaho state legislature and Governor “Butch” Otter signed off on tax break legislation to encourage French company, Areva Inc., to choose Idaho to build its $2 billion U-235 enrichment plant near Idaho Falls, which is located on top of the Snake Plain Aquifer – the size of Lake Erie – right next door to Yellowstone National Park, one of the largest volcanic systems in the world, but now we discover that Idaho has been receiving over 1 million tons of radioactive AND hazardous waste – including lead – from the federal government and dumping it at a private site 40-80 miles south of Boise over the past five years.

   In short, our nitwit legislators and Governor have set us up for a Perfect Radioactive Volcanic Storm.  See previous articles 02-22-2008   Idaho Legies create Perfect Storm:  yellowcake plus Yellowstone plus Snake Plain Aquifer equals radioactive Super Volcanic blast  More...  and 03-25-2008   Gov Butch Otter signs corporate welfare Bill for $2 billion Uranium-235 enrichment plant to set Idaho up for Perfect Nuclear Storm:  a radioactive, volcanic firestorm on top of Snake Plain Aquifer's Lake Erie  More....

   Even the editors at the Idaho Statesman newspaper, the largest news rag in Idaho, missed the point in their Sunday Editorial “The nuclear past meets the nuclear future.”  The left Liberal editors try to claim that “past nuclear” dumping of radioactive waste from the end of WW II through today’s shipment of 80 rail cars loaded with 6,700 tons of sand contaminated with radioactive waste and lead, was – and still is -- environmentally unsafe while juxtaposing Areva’s building of a new U-235 enrichment plant as a clean and environmentally safe future implementation of nuclear energy.

   But the editors at the Statesman – and the state legies, and Governor -- have missed the point.

   The primary problem with building Areva’s U-235 enrichment plant at Idaho Falls is not radioactivity per se, although that’s bad enough, but rather the LOCATION of building a nuclear enrichment plant on top of the equivalent of Lake Erie – the Snake Plain Aquifer -- right next to the Yellowstone Volcanic system when terrorists are quite capable of using ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and EM (Electro-Magnetic) machines to trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions wherever they choose.  As the Defense Dept has publicly announced, the weather is already being manipulated with these EM Interferometer devices and a cat and mouse game of blowing each other’s planes out of the sky is already ongoing on a limited basis by various nations and rogue groups.

   So the initial problem that the Idaho legies, Gov Otter, and the Statesman still do not understand is that of the five possible states in which Areva could have built their U-235 enrichment plant, such as Texas or Ohio, Idaho was the worst possible choice because terrorists don’t have to attack the nuclear site directly, just indirectly by triggering an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption and let Mother Nature take care of the domino effect to create a Super Radioactive Volcanic Eruption.  It’s just plain stupid to build a nuclear enrichment plant on the edge of a cliff and hope nothing bad happens.

   Second, the Statesman editors appear to think that the Areva enrichment plant is safer because it is a newer construction and, thus, is somehow better than the dumping of radioactive sand into or onto the Idaho desert.  Not true.  They’re both horrible but the old nuclear method of just dumping radioactive sand onto the desert – compared to the possible worldwide destruction and havoc that would be caused by the Perfect Radioactive Storm if Areva’s U-235 enrichment plant is blown up via a terrorist-implemented earthquake/volcanic explosion – is far better, i.e. easier to clean up, than creating Areva’s Perfect Storm that would affect the entire globe, possibly wiping out all flora and fauna.  The editors’ comparison of nuclear danger in their two examples is exactly backwards.

   Third, physicists are just now beginning to understand that there exists another harmful aspect of nuclear power plants, enrichment plants, and the explosion of nuclear bombs (testing or warfare).  And that is, the implementation of nuclear fission releases a previously unknown higher frequency form of radiation, a new form of electrical energy, that reacts with oxygen to create huge quantities of ozone in the lower atmosphere, the exact wrong place.  This destroys microorganisms necessary for all life forms on Earth and, if not curtailed, could eventually destroy all flora and fauna.  Until we understand this more clearly, we should stop building and implementing all nuclear fission.

   In short, there is much that Earth humans do not understand about the use of nuclear energy and it is not safe since we do not know how to use it properly or clean it up back to its non-radioactive state.  The fact that we are storing millions of tons of radioactive waste in Idaho shows that we don’t know how to neutralize it back to U-238 or less.

   At a more global level, we should take the following steps:

1.  The immediate halt of all atom bomb tests.

2.  Prohibition of all atomic weapons whereby all existing material must gradually be destroyed or made harmless.

3.  The shutting down of all atomic power and enrichment plants and replacing that energy with sources not harmful to the environment (solar energy, free Tesla energy from space, etc.)  Note:  getting off all energy sources that require transmission across wires – the Energy Grid – protects America from terrorists and other energy “blackouts.”  Solar and Tesla free radiant energy from space meets this requirement and should be implemented asap.

      The real irony in Idaho’s acceptance of Areva to build a U-235 nuclear enrichment plant at the worst possible location in the world is that Idaho is home to one of the nation’s most brilliant, new, clean energy start-up companies, Energenx, Inc.  Energenx is run by inventor and CEO John Bedini, whose Post Falls company creates machines that extract Tesla’s free radiant energy from space to revive previously thought dead batteries and run generators, moving and solid state, that pull energy from the “vacuum” all around us.

   This information about free energy from space, Tesla’s discovery in the late 1890s, has long been known by physicists, the U.S. Congress, and Big Oil but has been conveniently kept under wraps for obvious special legislative reasons by the current Administration.  Can you imagine the response by Big Oil, OPEC, the Bush Administration, the War in Iraq, and the Petro Dollar arrangement with Saudi Arabia if some little inventor showed up with a machine that extracts free energy from space and costs about $250 to build with spare parts available from a trip down to Radio Shack?  Yeah, you guessed it.  Men in black T-shirts show up, slam you against the wall, and “suggest” that your family would be better off if they stuck to using gasoline for the near future.  Or, the inventor mysteriously has a “heart attack” on the way down to the grocery store to pick up a quart of milk.  This is not fantasy or science fiction.  It happens and is continuing to happen.  So those in the media who prattle on about nuclear energy being safe, or oil is OK, or gosh whizzers we just don’t have any other forms of clean energy, are just uninformed fools babbling about things they know nothing about.  It is more political than you can imagine.

   By the way, there are now 1,100 uranium mining claims staked within five miles of America’s Grand Canyon.  In 2003, there were only 10 uranium claims.  If we don’t wise up soon, the entire North American continent – not just Idaho – will become the nuclear waste dump of planet Earth. – FM Duck

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