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by Free Market Duck

2008 Legislative Report Card for Idaho: F-minus
(Apr 22, 2008)

Boise, ID – OK, girl friends, sit down, shut up, and pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java.  Time to issue a Report Card for the 2008 Idaho Legies.  Hint:  They sucked… badly.

   Summary:  From a free market and individual rights point of view, the 2008 Idaho Legislative session was a crash and burn disaster.  While much of the standard Welfare State proposals went nowhere (thank God) and simply bounced back and forth like a rubber ball between Governor Butch Otter (who pretends to be a Libertarian) and the Demopublican Legislators (who pretend to protect individual rights and free market capitalism), the main piece of legislation that dragged this year’s Legislative Report Card into the F-minus range was their passage of the Areva U-235 Enrichment Bill: namely, The Perfect Storm of building a U-235 enrichment plant on top of Idaho’s Snake Plain Aquifer adjacent to the Yellowstone volcanic system.

Areva Bill – Passed, signed off by the Gov:  F-minus, criminal negligence

   The Areva Bill is comprised of two tax cutting measures to encourage French Nuclear Energy Company, Areva Inc., to build a $2 billion U-235 enrichment plant on top of Idaho’s Snake Plain Aquifer – the size of Lake Erie – which sits adjacent to one of the largest volcanic systems in the world:  Yellowstone Park.  This action alone by Governor Butch Otter and those legislators who voted “yes” for these bills borders on criminal negligence in that they have all been warned and cautioned by both FM Duck and others of the potential catastrophic results that could occur if a terrorist group decided to use ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) or EM (Electromagnetic) Pulsing devices to stimulate an earthquake within the Yellowstone caldera, flood the equivalent of Lake Erie into Yellowstone’s volcanic system (which is a “hot-spot” connecting molten lava all the way to the center of the Earth) and thus cause a radioactive super volcanic eruption that would take out not only Idaho, but the entire southeast section of the North American continent, and spread radiation around the globe via jet winds in our upper atmosphere, thus affecting all of Planet Earth’s flora and fauna.  Could Planet Earth survive such a catastrophe?  The real question is:  Why should we take the chance to find out?  What’s the ROI (Return on Investment):  let’s see now, Door # 1, Idaho gets to tax 250 new jobs vs. Door # 2, the possible annihilation of Planet Earth.  Hey, yeah, that sounds like a good business investment, right?  You stupid shits.

   This is not some daydream or far-out improbability but rather a very real possibility.  Witness the ease with which the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon, and almost the White House were blown up by 19 terrorists who hijacked 4 airliners on Sep 11, 2001.  Various nations – including the U.S. -- and terrorist organizations already possess, or have access to, advanced EM and ELF Pulsing warfare devices and are busy manipulating the weather and earthquakes.  Using EM Interferometers, they are testing their devices in a cat and mouse game that few Americans know or seem to care about, although the U.S. Congress has been briefed on this information by many sources.

   Once again, those Idaho legislators and Gov Butch Otter who naively signed off on the U-235 Enrichment Bill, AND French Company Areva, must bear the responsibility IF the U-235 enrichment plant is built at its intended location near Idaho Falls – all on the premise of creating a blockbuster, whoop-tee-doo, 250 taxpaying jobs for Idaho – and IF some wild-ass group of terrorists exercise their EM warfare option and decide to go for the 72 virgins, taking out Planet Earth in their lust for horny martyrdom.  Idaho voted yes and now the choice is up to Areva.  Will they build their U-235 enrichment plant in Idaho or one of the other four states they’re contemplating?

   Report Card Grade:  F-minus, plus mandatory enrollment in Bonehead Physics 1A for those Legies and Gov Otter who voted for this stupidity.

Grocery Tax Rebate Bill – Passed, signed off by the Gov:  D-minus

   FM Duck did extensive analysis and sent two report(s) on this obnoxious piece of legislation to all 105 legislators plus Gov Butch Otter.  The reason we issued two reports is because one legislator thought Idaho’s standard family consisted of 8 people, instead of 4.  OK, we’ll bite.  We know how to double the calculations for food consumption, grocery costs, taxation, and tax rebates.  You can read both reports here:

03-03-2008  Idaho Grocery Tax Rebate to equal 3/10 of 1% of your grocery bill?... Ooooh, Whoop-tee-doo, Governor  More...

03-13-2008 Revised  Idaho Grocery Tax Rebate to equal 9/10 of 1% of your grocery bill?... Ooooh, Whoop-tee-doo, Governor  More...

   Here’s the upshot:

   Instead of simply cutting the 6% sales tax on food at the cash register and saving everybody a lot of bureaucratic paperwork, the Idaho Legies passed a Food Tax Rebate for a whopping $35 to $50 per person in 2008, and then an additional $10 rebate per person each year thereafter until the total rebate equals $100 in year 2015.

   As the FM Duck analysis showed, this is equivalent to a rebate of 9/10 of 1% of your total grocery bill, which, at the current rate of food inflation (10% per year and climbing) will escalate from $15,600 per year for a family of four in 2008 to $30,400 in year 2015.  This doubling of compounded annual food price inflation (reaching an increase over $3,000 per year in 2015) is a direct result of the continual hyperinflation of the U.S. Dollar by the Fed Reserve for their banking buddies on Wall Street, and far, far outstrips Idaho’s annual $10 Food Tax Rebate.

   Once again, the Idaho Legislators continue to make two huge economic mistakes:  (1) the Legies think the people’s tax money automatically belongs to them and, once allocated, becomes their FIXED State income forever, and (2) the Legies think only in terms of the TOTAL loss or gain in THEIR state revenue for THEM to spend on THEIR favorite Welfare State projects, not in terms of what the INDIVIDUAL tax or tax rebate means per taxpayer.  In reality, the STATE does not lose $122 million when they give back $10 per individual in food tax rebates because the STATE is THE PEOPLE and the $122 million is still in THE PEOPLE’s, i.e., the STATE’s, pockets.  The correct interpretation is that a tax rebate means that the STATE doesn’t have $122 million to blow on its OTHER favorite Welfare State projects.  Instead, THE PEOPLE, as individuals, get to spend their $122 million freely on whatever they voluntarily choose.  It’s called free market capitalism and it works great as long as the STATE keeps its fly-paper-fingers out of the Public Till.

   As I sit here writing this Report Card, food riots are now occurring throughout various nations in the world from Haiti, to Senegal, to Darfur, to Dubai, to India, AND yesterday Costco is now rationing quantities of rice, oil, and wheat that its purchasers can buy in various store locations.  The Idaho Legies and Gov Butch Otter just don’t get it.  We are in a Recession and the Welfare State needs to stop spending and start rebating taxes back to the people.  A $10 annual food tax rebate isn’t even enough to buy a movie ticket and one bag of popcorn these days.  What an insult.

   Report Card Grade:  D-minus

Corporate Personal Property Tax Bill – Passed, signed off by Gov:  D-minus

   This piece of crap legislation is exactly that:  smoke and mirrors.

   Idaho is one of the few states that still impose a stupid inventory, or personal property, tax on corporations.  The reason it is stupid is because everybody who has ever run a business knows that companies do not pay corporate taxes.  Consumers pay corporate taxes in the form of higher product prices.  Corporate taxes are simply passed along to the consumer as one of the many business expenses incurred by companies.  Democratic Legies always lie about the tax and, in fact, juxtapose business taxes vs. residential property taxes.  The Demos claim that if the company doesn’t pay a tax, then it must be shifted onto home owners.  That’s not true.  What the Demos really mean is that they refuse to cut spending and, therefore, if a tax gets cut in one area, they want to raise taxes in other areas.  But no matter how you slice and dice it, the CONSUMER always pays ALL taxes.

   To make matters worse, the dummies in the Idaho Legislature proposed to cut corporate personal property taxes ONLY if the previous year’s tax revenues increased by 5%.  Two problems:  (1) since tax revenues are already falling in our current Recession, the corporate tax cut is highly unlikely, and (2) if the Legies didn’t index future tax revenues to price inflation, then it’s anybody’s guess whether the Fed Reserve’s continual monetary inflation of the unit Dollar will push tax revenues higher than 5%, or will commodity prices crash like the housing market, which means Idaho’s tax revenues will NEVER increase by 5% each year?  Who knows, but, once again, you can be sure it will be the CONSUMER of goods, not corporations, who will pay the corporate personal property taxes.  

   Report Card Grade:  D-Minus

Forensics Bill – Rejected by the Legies

   The only function of government is to prohibit infringements against inherent individual rights of the people.  Individual rights do not mean “rights to receive the fruits of everybody else’s labor” – as the Demos continually propose for their giant Welfare State -- but rather individual rights consist of rights to give or exchange freely in a free market.  Mutually-agreed upon exchanges, both social and economics, is the watchword.

   Now along comes the only Idaho Bill to help implement the sole function of government – protection of individual rights – and the Idaho Legislature, specifically the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee (JFAC), rejects Gov Butch Otter’s proposal to hire two more forensics specialists to staff Idaho’s crime labs in the Treasure Valley.  How much money are we talking about here?  $637,000.  Are you kidding me?  CSI, Crime Scene Investigation, is necessary for law and order and $637,000 is peanuts.  The dummies in the State Legislature dumped $3 million into Idaho’s 2009 Special Olympics, which has nothing to do with protecting individual rights and which we need like we need another hole in our heads -- especially during the current recession.

   When it’s time for the government to perform its only legitimate function, it fails.  When it’s time for the government to waste public money, it excels.

   Report Card Grade:  D-Minus

Summary Grade

   Since most of the rest of the Bills proffered by the 2008 Idaho Legislature had nothing to do with the government’s legitimate function of prohibiting infringements against individual rights as espoused by both the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions, there is nothing else to report that would not simply be redundant.  Overall, the 2008 Idaho Legies put in a very poor performance this year because they have moved way way past their legitimate function as protectors of individual rights.  Instead, most of today’s legislators are simply economic fascists trying to manage what's left of the free market – both socially and economics-wise – and redistribute the fruits of everybody’s labors.

   Overall Report Card Grade:  F-Minus

FM Duck

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