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by Free Market Duck

Who shot Pakistani ex Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto?
(Dec 28, 2007)

The U.S. has dumped over $10 billion in unaccountable funding to prop up Pakistan Puppet President Musharraf who diverts U.S. money to build future weapons against India while pretending to look for Osama bin Laden.

Islamabad, Pakistan OK, girl friends, where is your foreign aid tax money to Pakistan going?  $10 billion down the drain.  Who the hell knows?  The U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) doesn't know.  The U.S. Military accounting office doesn't know.  President Bush and Pakistan's President Musharraf and his bureaucratic cronies know.

   One thing we also know.  Prez Bush, the CIA, the U.S. Military, and Musharraf aren't looking too hard for terrorist Osama bin Laden even though he has a $50 million or thereabouts bounty on his head.  While Bush and his Shadow Government publicly pretend to mourn the loss of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, behind the scenes they are now assured -- unless too many Pakistanis riot in the streets -- that Musharraf will continue to be the U.S. Shadow Government's little puppet doing what he's supposed to be doing, namely:  not searching for Osama bin Laden.


   The U.S. Shadow Government needs Osama bin Laden running around free as an excuse to continue mis-using our U.S. Military personnel in the Middle East to protect the Saudi-U.S. OPEC Petro Dollar deal, which is:  the Saudis promise to sell oil only in U.S. Dollars -- which allows the Fed Reserve to pump billions of inflated U.S. Dollars into the central banks of other nations so they can buy Saudi oil -- and we promise to protect the Saudis from rivals such as Iran.

   What a deal.  Hmm, I don't remember voting on this, do you?

   Question:  Who had the most to gain by eliminating Ms. Bhutto and keeping Musharraf in power, even though they openly deny it?  Answer:  The U.S. Shadow Government which embodies the now out-of-control CIA and the international monetary cabal.  Oil and money, folks.  That's what it's all about.  Oil, money, and power.

   Who really shot former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto:  (1) fanatic Islamo terrorists, (2) a CIA throw-away assassin paid by the U.S. Shadow Government, (3) a Musharraf political supporter, or (4) Extra-terrestrials from the Andromeda Galaxy?

   Our guess?  Door # 2.  Why?  Follow the money to Pakistan, $10 billion big ones to date. -- FM Duck

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