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by Free Market Duck

Idaho Congress-crooks Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig and Rep Mike Simpson rob all Americans for Idaho earmarks
(Dec 19, 2007)

U.S. Rep Bill Sali votes no, stands on free market principles.

Imagine if every state in the union did what Idaho does, i.e. rob all the other 49 states for billions of dollars in porky pig earmarks?  Oops, they already do.

Boise, ID OK, girl friends, let's add up the booty stolen by Idaho's Pirates of the Caribbean -- Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig and Rep Mike Simpson -- as they sail their pirate ship, The Black Pearl, across the waters of The Potomac in Washington, DC.

   After President Bush vetoed a Health & Human Services Robbery Bill which contained an $8 million Special Olympics earmark snuck into the Bill by Idaho's Pimps in Congress, our Yo-ho-ho pirates then cleverly slipped a $7.8 million Special Olympics earmark into another $485 billion spending bill that the House approved 253-154 last Monday.  Yahoo, how much money did Idaho's Porky Pig Pirate Pimps pull down to contribute to America's Giant Welfare State?

   Let's take a peeky-boo:

(in thousands)

1. College of Idaho  $292
2. College of S. Idaho  $243
3. Literacy Matters  $292
4. Boise Detox Ctr  $390
5. St. Al's Med Ctr  $243
6. Children's Home  $219
7. NW Naz U. Nursing  $438
8. St. Luke's  $487
9. Idaho Prisons  $1,220
10. Idaho State Police  $1,130
11. Idaho Crim Info  $470
12. Idaho Prison proj  $47
13. Boise geothermal  $175
14. Noxious Weeds  $1,000
15. BSU hydro model  $94
16. Gowen Field  $7,600
17. Military training  $1,700
18. Mt. Home Base  $288
19. Boise Airport Tower  $8,900
20. Boise Airport runway  $750
21. I-84 Curtis Rd  $1,500
22. I-84 Franklin Exit  $480
23. Treasure Valley Transit  $288
24. 2009 Special Olympics  $7,800

Grand Total  $ 35,786

   And from where does this $35 million in Idaho welfare come?  The federal deficit.  And from where does the federal deficit come?  The National Debt.  And from where does the National Debt come?  The Federal Reserve.  And from where does the money from the Federal Reserve come?  You guessed it:  thin air, nowhere, no collateral, no gold, no silver, no nothing nohow.  Virtual money.

   And what does this additional increase in the non-backed money supply FOR EVERY STATE IN THE UNION AND THE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY do to the value of our unit dollar?  Debases the value.  Put another way, it causes a general rise in commodity prices, i.e. price inflation for food, energy, and all consumer goods.  And what does price inflation do to the poor, seniors on fixed incomes, and all businessmen and women trying to run their business: it destroys the life savings of everybody and completely wrecks all viable market calculation, which then destroys the entire free market.

   Welcome to the recession.

   Hey, thanks for all your Congressional earmarks, Senator Larry Craig and Rep Mike Simpson.  Thanks for helping to destroy the economy of United States of America through simplistic currency debasement and hyperinflation of the money supply, you absolute fools. -- FM Duck

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