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by Free Market Duck

Ada County to operate Detox Center for drunks & dopers?
Cost to taxpayers: $1.8 million per year
(Dec 17, 2007)

Why encourage irresponsible use of recreational drugs by building a Boise Cocaine Hilton Hotel?

$1.8 million per year for 12 drunk and doper beds and 8 mental health beds?

  Compassionate my ass.  If you're freaking drunk, pay a taxi, go home, and sleep it off.  If you're stoned off your butt, fall down in the snow and freeze your butt off.  But don't ask me to pay for you to toke Mary Jane and snort crack every weekend.

Boise, ID Ya-yesss, girl friends, build a multi-million dollar Detox Center for drunks and dopers in downtown Boise and guess what will happen?  That's right.  Build a Detox Center and they will come.  By the thousands.

   But why should Idaho taxpayers blow $2 million in operating costs per year to encourage the irresponsible use of recreational drugs and alcohol by building a Boise Cocaine Hilton Hotel?  Oh, we're already doing it at Franklin House?  You just need $1 million more per year?  Then stop it.  As in immediately, you dummies.

  And guess who is offering to manage this Drunk Tank fiasco and wants about $1 million more per year from the state legislature?  You guessed it: the Ada County Commissioners.  Right.  The Ada County Commissioners.

   The same Pirates of the Caribbean -- different pirates this time around -- who mismanaged the $100 million Ada County Courthouse Scam that led to the failed $136 million University Place fiasco.  And they want to manage the budget for a Boise Hilton Detox Center?  It's enough to drive you to drink.

   These are the same County Commissioner Bozos who are busy using fake Eminent Domain to take back the property they already own, rental space in the Ada County Courthouse, and overpaying market value to one of their sub-renters, Cryptic Partners of California, for God only knows what reason.  How does a govt agency take back it's own property and pay a renter for the privilege?  Go figure.  Only in Idaho.  (By the way, for those of you keeping score, Cryptic recently lost a similar Boise's Watergate case from Stockton at the California Supreme Court.)

   You remember Ada County working with Cryptic Partners.  This is the same development company that is still embroiled in a $17 million lawsuit vs. the U of Idaho Foundation (and, therefore, the U of Idaho) after having issued $28 million in questionable invoices for Boise's bankrupt Watergate joke, University Place.

   Will we never learn?

   The source of the recent monetary shortage problem is that President Georgie Porgie Bush vetoed the federal appropriations bill that contained our U.S. Congresscrooks' sneaky earmark to finance Boise's local Detox Hilton (as well as Boise's 2009 Special Olympics Robbery).  Hence, everybody and their brother is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, looking for a source of money to pour down the Detox Hilton Rat Hole.

   And the cheerleaders at the left liberal Idaho Statesman, along with Boise Democratic Rep. Margaret Henbest, a nurse practitioner and member of the Idaho Legislature's mental health interim committee, are all crying in their beers about lack of enough taxpayer booty for Boise's misunderstood, impoverished, irresponsible drunks and nose candy addicts.

   However, it is not the function of a limited government -- which means you and me, the taxpayers -- to pay for R & R & mental health care for local drunks and druggies.  We taxpayers are having a difficult enough time as It is paying for our own health care much less paying for the crack heads down the street.  Our suggestion:  if you can't do the time, don't snort the line.  If you can afford to toke it, you can pay for your own goddamn detox.

   Ooooh, I can hear the left liberal welfare statists already, "You're not very compassionate, Mr. Duckster."


   Sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do for your children and welfare state politicians is to just say, "NO."  It's called "tough love."  Whatever happened to individual responsibility for one's own actions?

   Once again, this is an individual rights issue.  Voluntary donors can choose to donate and build privately-financed institutions; welfare recipients have no rights to tax others.  Ada County Commissioners and their left liberal cheerleaders down at the Idaho Statist newspaper, all I got to say to you is, hey, don't Bogart that joint, my friends. -- FM Duck

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