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by Free Market Duck

Why should Boise's "Special Olympics" be funded by taxpayer earmarks and what is the true concept behind the "Special Olympics?"
(Dec 10, 2007)

At the moral conceptual level, the ideas behind Don't Keep Score in youth sports, No Celebration Penalties in college and NFL football, and a "Special Olympics" are ideological attempts to destroy the concept of individual achievement, or specifically, the human individual's main method of survival: his cognitive reasoning abilities.

Individual human achievement in every area of our culture and economy is being redefined as bad, and if you oppose the altruistic collectivists, whether church or state, you are labeled "politically incorrect," uncompassionate, a "secular progressive," or simply mean and cruel.

How do you create a subservient, guilt-ridden society willing to give up its individual rights and freedoms?  First you must destroy the concept of individual achievement as "good qua the individual" and replace that concept with the collectivist Borg.  Second, you must then convince individuals comprising the Borg that altruistic self-sacrifice of the individual to the collective -- whether it's the collective church or the collective state -- is the highest level of morality they should strive for and if they don't, they are guilty of the unspeakable crime of individualism and freedom.  Welcome to America, the new collectivist Borg.

Boise, ID In athletics, it started with youth sports.  Don't keep score.  Somebody might get their feelings hurt.  Destroy the concept of a measuring stick of individual physical and mental abilities:  the score.  (Yes, Martha, sports are physical and "mental.")  Everybody gets the same gold star.  Everybody receives a trophy.  Everybody is equal, even though all the kids are keeping score -- some not so surreptitiously as others -- because they inherently know better and the adults haven't beaten it out of them yet, philosophically speaking.

   Next, college football and the NFL enact "No Celebration" penalties.  Do something good, such as score a touch down in football and you had better not cheer for yourself, jump up and down, do a cart wheel, or look happy with your now-morally-outlawed individual achievement.  Otherwise, it's a five yard penalty.  Why?  to destroy the concept of individual achievement, of course, and to prepare you, the athlete -- and the spectators -- for everybody's future, the collective Borg.  (This is not accidental and it's not new.  You have been prepped for the collective Borg in all areas of America's public education system since pre-school, not just in athletics.)

   Next, in walks the concept of the "Special Olympics," a corollary to the "Don't Keep Score" in youth sports and "No Celebration Rule" in college and NFL football.  You think it's innocuous?  You think the concept of a "Special Olympics" shows compassion for the mentally and physically challenged?  Think again, sports fans.  It's a lot more insidious than you may realize.

   In a college-level economics textbook in Colorado, the book essentially says, "Joe Doe in the Olympics has already won three gold medals in swimming.  Is it fair for Joe Doe to continue winning more gold medals at the expense of those athletes who are less physically gifted?  What economic interventions would you suggest to prevent this type of unfair activity in the U.S. economy?"

   The student is thus encouraged in a very clever manner by the professor to proffer socialist, or collectivist, solutions to a presumed inherently unfair free market instead of looking at individualist, free market capitalist solutions.

   This same insidious methodology is now being presented at all levels of sports, as described above.  Don't keep score and "no celebration" rules.  But the most insidious and rather "sick" methodology to destroy the concept of individual achievement is to mock the achievement of individuals in the real Olympics by staging a parallel Special Olympics to elicit supposed compassion -- not celebration -- for  those who were born with, or obtained accidentally, physical and mental deficiencies.

   Lock them up and throw away the key?  Of course not.  But placing mentally and athletically challenged individuals up on a pedestal is a big lie -- to both the spectators and the Special Olympics "athlete."

   The real unstated purpose of the Special Olympics is not to celebrate -- or we will soon need to implement "no celebration" rules for the Special Olympians, too -- but rather to (1) destroy the concept of individual achievements of true athletes and other successful individuals in all areas of society and, (2) to make you feel guilty if you don't go along with the collectivist program.

   And how do the promoters of the Special Olympics intend to finance this spectacle in Boise, Idaho, in 2009?  Tax money from Congressional earmarks, another crafty collectivist idea that has taken over our U.S. Congress.  Tax money from our giant welfare state, the very same collectivist Borg that is pushing the immoral concept of collectivism in the first place.

   So, what is the ultimate to destroy the concept of individual achievement, to punish the individual for being good, for being successful, for superior achievement?  Kurt Vonnegut expressed it best in his satire and TV movie called Slaughterhouse Five, in which the prima ballerina was forced to wear a ball and chain during the performance of Swan Lake in order to lower her down to the level of the "other faux ballerinas" who were obese or clumsy or, in today's terms, athletically challenged.

   When the spectacle of Slaughterhouse Five finally arrives in dance and sports, as it already has in the business world (progressive income taxes, fake anti-trust legislation, tax the rich, redistribute the wealth, the Death Tax, etc.), you will know that you have finally been assimilated into America's New Collectivist Borg. -- FM Duck

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