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by Free Market Duck

Idaho to implement ButchCare?
(Oct 1, 2007)

Let's not confuse freedom with fascism.  Freedom to voluntarily choose and exchange is an inherent right and the basis for a free market.  A state mandate to force commodities or services down everybody's throat is fascist tyranny.

Boise, ID Whoa, shut up, gather around, and listen up, cow girls.  Our cowboy Gov Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter thinks he knows best when it comes to flossing your teeth and how much broccoli you should eat on Wednesdays.

   In a secret closed-door meeting held by Gov Otter last August, the Gov's "health experts" decided that "health care is a right, not a privilege."


   A brief analysis of this non sequitur proclamation of reciprocal rip-off rights... let's see now, computer manufacturers have the right to receive "free" health care from doctors and nurses AND, therefore, doctors and nurses have the right to receive "free" computers from computer manufacturers...  Oh, wait, I mean state-mandated prices for "free" medical care AND, therefore, state-mandated prices for "free" computers, right?  No free market prices in ButchCare since, remember, it's a state-mandated health care system, not a voluntary free market system.

   But, wait.  What about the farmers and plumbers and car dealers?  Do they get to receive state-mandated "free" health care from doctors and nurses, too?  Of course they do.  And, just to be fair in our New Deal Fascist State Health Care system, the doctors and nurses will receive state-mandated "free" potatoes, "free" toilet cleaning, and "free" Mercedes Benzs from our state's farmers, plumbers, and car dealers.

   After all, if health care is a right -- a right to receive a commodity or service from others, then everybody has the right to receive all commodities and services from everybody else, AND all market prices can be set by government committees -- or a 1975 Sears Mail Order Catalogue, right?  Quod erat demonstrandum, you nitwits.

  Our advice to Gov Butch Otter (a Libertarian-on-Monday, GOP-on-Tuesday, Liberal-on-Wednesday, Socialist-on-Thursday, Fascist-on-Friday, cowboy-on Saturday, and Catholic-on-Sunday):  stick to roping horsies, Governor.  You are way, way off your pony on socialist health care.  Let's just bring this rodeo back to the private free market and Laissesz-faire.  Why?  For the same reason that nobody has the right to ride your ponies, Butch. -- FM Duck

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