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by Free Market Duck

Senator Larry Craig did not resign and hired two lawyers, 1 for the Ethics Committee and 1 for the Minneapolis men's room debacle
(Sep 2, 2007)

Boise, ID Wake up girl friends.  It is important to notice exactly what Senator Larry Craig said -- and didn't say -- at his Sep 1, 2007, news conference at 10:30 a.m. yesterday at the Boise Train Depot.

   In typical Boys of Boise political New Speak, Senator Craig said, "it is my INTENT to resign from the Senate, effective Sept 30."  Craig did not say I am resigning, or I will resign in 30 days.  He said, "it is my intent to resign..."  And then it was revealed in a list of tasks on national TV that Craig has hired two lawyers:  one to represent him at the U.S. Congressional Ethics Committee hearings, and another lawyer to represent him in the Minneapolis men's room debacle in which he pled guilty to disorderly conduct after pleading down from charges of soliciting an undercover vice cop for sex.

   Craig's careful choice of words and 30 days until "intent" of resignation are not casual wordsmithing mistakes.  Nor was Craig's choice of words, "I apologize for what I have CAUSED," instead of I apologize for what I have done.  Craig carefully chooses his words to continue his denial of guilt and hypocrisy.  What are Craig and his political handlers doing?  They are (1) not admitting guilt to anything and (2) cleverly buying time for their attorneys to find a legal way out of Craig's mess.

   Additional denial is embedded in Craig's statement, "I have little control over what people choose to believe," continuing to deny (1) the facts in the Minneapolis Airport arrest report, (2) his choice to plead guilty, and (3) his arrogant abuse of power by attempting to influence the arresting vice cop by flashing his U.S. Senate business card and saying, "What do you think about that?"

   Will Senator Larry Craig's clever non-resignation speech and 30 days extension provide his two lawyers with enough time to find a loophole for Hypocritical Larry to get out of his Big Mess?  This is reminiscent of the clever wordsmithing and twisting of the law used by ex Gov Dirk Kempthorne and all the perps -- including leading lawyers and judges in Idaho -- who pulled off their half a billion dollar Boise Watergate fiasco against the Idaho taxpayers.  (Read the book, Boise's Watergate.)

   But the real crime that Senator Larry Craig should be ousted for -- as well as most other Congressmen and women -- is not his alleged gay or AC/DC sexual lifestyle (which in and of itself is none of our business), or even his hypocritical legislation against gays and heterosexual civil unions (which is our business).

   Senator Craig's real crime is exactly what the economic stupids -- both Liberal and GOP pundits -- are claiming is his greatest contribution to Idaho: namely, Craig's seniority on Congressional Committees to use the federal printing presses to bring back millions of dollars of earmarked federal money to Idaho ($745 million slated for 2008) in the greatest Welfare State redistribution of wealth and devaluation of the dollar through hyper-inflation by the Federal Reserve that has ever occurred in American politics.

   Economic stupidity is Senator Larry Craig's real crime against all Americans.  The fact that he and most other politicians (and the news media) do not know how to connect the dots between our impending economic recession, deficit financing through earmarks, and global hyper-inflation caused by the Fed Reserve and other central banks shows how far left the GOP has gone down the road to implementing socialism on the installment plan, thinking that everybody can live at the expense of everybody else through that great fictitious entity called The State.

   Senator Larry Craig's crimes are against the concept, the moral philosophy, of individual rights, both at a social level and an economic level, the latter being derived from the former.  Whatever happened to the concepts of individual rights, the free market, and the limited role of government to simply provide an objective judicial system to protect a priori rights obtained from Nature?

   As a footnote, thank God that other states may take away Craig's earmarks to expand the development of a nuclear facility at Idaho's National Laboratory (INL), which sits on top of the Snake Plains Aquifer, which is as big as Lake Erie, and which is located not far from Yellowstone Park's volcanic caldera -- one of the largest in the world -- and is connected to the San Andreas Fault.  Guess what would happen if an earthquake hit Yellowstone Park and the Snake Plains Aquifer flowed into the volcanic caldera?  A gigantic explosion would ensue and blow Idaho's nuclear facility across the entire Pacific Northwest.  The result: a huge radioactive firestorm.

   By the way, while Senator Craig was busy announcing his "intent" to resign in 30 days, an earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter Scale hit northern Utah yesterday, with its epicenter above the Great Salt Lake near the Idaho border, which is not far from the INL at Idaho Falls.  Yellowstone Park is located at the three corners of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana just above Utah.  Nobody in their right mind would build a nuclear power plant on top of an underground Lake Erie near Yellowstone's volcanic caldera -- except a U.S. Senator in complete denial.

   Thanks a lot Senator Craig, and enjoy your Congressional pension of $98,000 per year unless your two lawyers find a loophole so you can continue the waste, fraud, and abuse. -- FM Duck

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