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by Free Market Duck

Senator Larry Craig's abuse of power & lame excuses are symptomatic of long list of GOP political abuses in Idaho - Part 1
(Aug 31, 2007)

Senator Larry Craig participated in more than just social rights abuses. Read the book, Boise's Watergate: University Place & All The Governor's Men by Deep Throat II, available at all major online bookstores and on this Web Site.

How?  Craig participated in the failed $136 million University Place fiasco with ex Gov Dirk Kempthorne (now Bush's Sec of Interior) when Craig pushed a Rider through the U.S. Congress in one month to house the U.S. Forest Service in the U of I's Water Center in order to qualify the building as a tax-exempt entity so the Univ Place Scam could continue.

Ex Gov Dirk Kempthorne, when asked to explain his alleged rigging of the Idaho Water Center's bidding process with a secret 27% "co-location" factor, described it as, "Weighted. W-E-I-G-H-T-E-D."

Ada County Commissioners in Boise are continuing their unconstitutional $100 million Courthouse crime spree against the taxpayers by -- get this, girl friends -- illegally using Eminent Domain to condemn and take back their own brand new courthouse property while paying over $3.4 million to California development firm Civic Partners for their subleasee valuation of retail space that they haven't been able to lease to virtually anybody for over 5 years.  Meanwhile, across the hall from the Eminent Domain lawsuits (4 to date), the U of I Foundation is busy suing Civic Partners for $7 million in the ongoing Boise Watergate fiasco and claiming there are no valid subleasee contracts between Civic and anybody else.  Court room A is paying millions to Civic in flaky Eminent Domain lawsuits RE alleged contracts while Court room B is claiming no legal contracts exist.  Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

Boise, ID While the national news media is appalled and can't understand why Idaho Senator Larry Craig would stand up on national TV and offer obviously ridiculous excuses for his guilty actions of lewd conduct toward an undercover vice cop in a Minneapolis Airport men's room after he has already pled guilty, the people in Idaho have been putting up with exactly this type of arrogant political power abuse for decades.

   One need only read the commentaries on this Free Market Duck Web Site and the book Boise's Watergate: University Place & All The Governor's Men by Deep Throat II to get a real flavor of all the shenanigans that the Boys of Boise get away with every day in Idaho politics.  The reason that Senator Larry Craig so boldly announced his innocence even though he pled guilty is because that's exactly how powerful politicians in Idaho are, especially the GOP majority, and that's exactly what they are used to doing.

   Not only do the GOP majority politicians trample over the individual social rights of gays and women and heterosexual civil unions, they continually trample all over the taxpayers' economic individual rights, too.  Read Boise's Watergate and the commentaries on this Web Site for more juicy tidbits that will shock outside national news media.

   The biggest surprise to Conservatives moving to Idaho from California and other states is that the Idaho GOP is not only corrupt, they are OPENLY corrupt since they seem to own the entire judicial system, too, and they boldly challenge anybody to question them on any of their obvious end runs around the Idaho Constitution or local statutes.  Try to sue them and see what happens.  The entire Idaho judicial system will recuse themselves and Oregon will have to provide a U.S. Attorney, as happened in the ongoing federal criminal portion of Boise's Watergate fiasco.

   A few recent examples that include Senator Larry Craig, ex Gov Dirk Kempthorne, and various other Boise Power Elite such as leading law firms and U of Idaho officials (some of whom have been recently convicted in Boise's Watergate) will suffice to prove the point.  To be cont'd -- FM Duck

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