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by Free Market Duck

WSJ, FOX News pretend Ron Paul votes for earmarks
(Aug 9, 2007)

Washington, DC Well, blow and saucer yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java, Margie.  The Wall Street Journal Op Eds must be scared $hitless to crank up such a disingenuous commentary last Monday in a frail attempt to to try and discredit GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul.

   What did they do?

   The Bozos at the WSJ reported that Dr. Paul has introduced 65 earmarks worth $400 million into Congress this year.  But what they forgot to tell their readers is that Dr. Paul (1) purposely introduces his earmarks into the fixed annual Appropriations Bill in order to recoup federal money that was either already taken from the members of his district through taxation or slated to go to foreign recipients, and then (2) votes NO on the entire Appropriations Bill while arguing that Congress should stop all the unconstitutional Porky Pig spending for special interests.

   He's trying to make a point while recouping taxes for his districts AND the WSJ and other news media already know this.  They did not suddenly grab off some big news scoop of the year.  Dr. Paul reports this tactic in his own newsletter and in Congressional reports.

   This morality of Dr. Paul's method can be likened to the moral philosophical question put to Ayn Rand some time ago during one of her speeches: is it moral to receive social security money from a government that taxed you for social security in the first place?  The answer, of course, is: yes.  For the same moral reason that it's OK for you to lie to the Nazis when they show up and ask where your Jewish parents are hiding.  It's called self defense against those who initiate force or fraud.

   And this is exactly what GOP candidate Ron Paul has been doing for many years while simultaneously voting NO on Appropriation Bills.

   The disingenuousness on the part of the WSJ editors is that this is not something new or that had been hidden by Dr. Paul -- as the WSJ editors insinuate in their desperately transparent Op Ed piece, which was also picked up by the Bible Banging Conservatives at FOX and other news media in their pretend news scoops.

   Nor is Ron Paul doing this in order to get earmarks passed surreptitiously because he knows a huge majority of his colleagues in congress always vote YES for the Appropriations Bill in order to bring home their earmarked pork and thus he can have his cake and vote NO, too.  In fact, as Dr. Paul says, if all the other Congressmen and women would vote NO on the ridiculous Appropriations Bill as he does, the problem of over-taxation, socialist spending for a giant Welfare State and earmarks would finally be solved.

   Why the snide little smear campaign against Ron Paul by the mainstream GOP media when they know better?  Because Dr. Paul has been receiving standing ovations and loud applause by audiences attending the latest GOP debates and coming in first place whenever citizens are allowed to cast their votes in Internet polls.

   The GOP and Democratic mainstream candidates for the 2008 presidency and their news media sycophants trying to orchestrate their favorite candidates through Op Ed Spin & Bloviating have just now discovered what everybody else across America already knows:  Ron Paul is the only candidate with a consistently-principled platform of individual rights and limited government.

   Americans -- who now eschew both major political parties and identify themselves as Independents -- are sick and tired of the same old lying, cheating, flip-flopping politicians who are busy robbing us blind with ridiculous spending deficits to keep themselves in power and misusing our U.S. Military for purposes other than true self defense. -- FM Duck

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