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by Free Market Duck

"The Fix" is still in, new community college trustees interview only 1 person for Prez...
and guess what?
He got the job!
(Aug 8, 2007)

Boise, ID Oooh, Margie, pour yourself another hot cup of Rocket Java.  The newly "gamed" trustees of the newly "gamed" Community College called the College of Western Idaho (CWI) just "gamed" a new interim president for $120,000 - $160,000 per year.

   Why do we say "gamed?"  According to the Idaho Statesman, only one person was interviewed and then immediately chosen for the job.  Wouldn't it be standard procedure to post this new position on the Internet and then interview candidates from around the country?  Of course not.  That's not the way we do business in Boise.  First we "fix" the election process, then we "fix" the choice of trustees, and then we "fix" the choice of Prez.

   Ya-yess, girl friends, just like everything else in Boise's Culture of Corruption, the "fix" is still in, from the unconstitutional Ada County Courthouse construction, to the failed $136 million University Place fiasco, to Ada County questionably using Eminent Domain to condemn and take back its own property (in 4 court cases, 2 merged into 1, with 1 still pending) AND pay Cryptic Partners over $3 million for retail space for which Cryptic has received about zero dollars ($0.00) over the last five years (OK, so you sold a coupla salami sandwiches at the now defunct deli downstairs at the "condemned" new Ada County Courthouse, complete story coming up soon), to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and the Boise City Council hiring -- in a conflict of interest position -- a lobbying firm to rip off American taxpayers for Porky Pig projects in Boise, Idaho.

   The question, once again, is not whether new Prez Dennis Griffin, current executive director of the BSU West campus, is competent, available or a nice guy.  The question is: THE POLITICAL PROCESS.  The presidency of the Treasure Valley's newly "gamed" community college is a public position, not private enterprise in which Bill Gates can choose his high school or college buddies to become CFO or Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

   The problem is, too many little politicians in provincial Boise think they are above the law, that the ends justify the means, that their "ends," which rhymes with "friends," are the only possibility, and so they resort to "the fix." The worse part is, the current offenders openly flaunt their "fixes" as if they were virtues instead of the vices they really are.  And you can bet this latest fix won't be the last fix.  I'm waiting for Trustee Hess to hire his cocker spaniel as head janitor at CWI for $500,000 per year plus veterinarian benefits and two 401(k) doggie bon-bons a week. -- FM Duck

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