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by Free Market Duck

"The fix was in... But that's OK; This case warranted an inside job." -- Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman
(July 18, 2007)

"The fix was in when the State Board of Education announced the board of trustees for the College of Western Idaho on Monday.  But that's OK; This case warranted an inside job." – Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman Commentary

“Four of the five trustees served on the Community College Yes Campaign, which convinced Ada and Canyon County voters to pay increased property taxes for a two-year college.  The board's connection to this election ought to be good news for taxpayers." – Idaho Statesman, Op Ed

"Had property tax notices showing big bumps in assessments arrived before the election, rather than after, this would have never passed." – Jerry Hess, new Community College trustee and Co-Chair of the Yes Campaign that used Absentee Ballots and a Special Election to "game" the Community College election in which less than 10% of the eligible voters raised property taxes for 90% of the population.

Boise, ID – Whoa, listen up, girl friends.  Here we go again.  Another University Place fiasco, another Boise Watergate in the making.  "The fix was in; but that's OK."

   The players?  Idaho State Board of Education, a rigged "special election" whose participant(s) go all the way to the Idaho's Secretary of State's wife, Penny Ysursa on the Yes Campaign for the Community College, the use of a "special election" cleverly held BEFORE property tax notices were issued, 4 out of 5 Trustees for the new Community College were Co-Chairs or members of the Yes Campaign that "gamed" the elections with the questionably legal -- but morally wrong -- use of Absentee Ballots to allow selected voters to vote from home, and of course the Fourth Branch of Government in Idaho, Boise's socialist Idaho Statesman newspaper in which both the Opinion Editors and Commentary journalist Dan Popkey wrote glowing opinions regarding how wonderful it is to trick the voters, game the trustee selection process, and do whatever it takes to tax the crap out of Idaho's citizens in order to get whatever collectivist Welfare State cookie they want.  In short, the Statesman opinion writers have insinuated, if not stated outright, the moral philosophy of: the ends justify the means.

   Now where have we heard that before?  Besides from every collectivist dictator and statist politician throughout history?  Oh, I remember.  The $136 million University Place fiasco -- still ongoing in various lawsuits right here in Boise, e.g.,Case # CV OC 0405740D -- in which, once again, and predicted by Deep Throat II in his bestseller book ha-ha Boise's Watergate: University Place & All The Governor's Men, if the crooks are not brought to justice in the Boise Watergate scam, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will continue to happen over and over and over.  Why?  Because "The fix was in; but that's OK."

   So, here we are again, Ada -- and now Canyon -- County taxpayers: another multi-million dollar public education fiasco.  The Community College Watergate.  "The fix was in; but that's OK."

   It is not the crooks who first "gamed" the elections and then, second, were pre-selected as Community College trustees by their buddies on the Board of Education that I am concerned with -- although the voters should ask themselves why crooks who "gamed" an election would not carry the same morality into their jobs as college trustees -- but rather I'm concerned with the moral philosophy of those who, I think, have a responsibility to investigate, report, and protect the rights of the individual through journalistic integrity.  Not, "The fix was in; but that's OK."

   News Media journalists, especially opinion journalists, have a moral responsibility to the community comprising their readership.  Claiming that the "fix was in, but that's OK" based on the flimsy excuse that the trustees chosen were, in Popkey's opinion, better qualified than the other 95 candidates, misses the point.  The point is the integrity of the process, not the outcome.  Same for the "gamed" elections.

   In the same way, the Statesman's Opinion editors who claimed, "the [Education] board's connection to this election ought to be good news for taxpayers," based on their tortured reasoning that taxpayers who were essentially cheated by the process should be happy as clams because they can now hold the crooked trustees to their campaign promise of only $12 tax per $100,000 property tax assessment vs. the current max of $125 tax per $100,000.  Oh I get it.  Poland should have been happy when Hitler invaded them right after signing a Peace Treaty because now the Poles can catch the Nazis in a Big Lie if the German Panzer Division bulldozes their country.  What sort of twisted logic is this?  Just because you catch somebody in a Big Lie, such as politicians raising taxes after they claimed they wouldn't, doesn't mean you can do something about it.  Why let it happen in the first place since recent history does not show tax cuts but rather tax increases and political corruption?

   But the ends justifying the means is not what America or Idaho is all about.  We are a nation that prides itself on the process, not the "gamed" outcome based upon trickery or who knows whom.  The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are all about the process, the process of protecting individual rights, not majority rule and especially not minority rule.  Our Founding Fathers defeated the bankrupt ideas embedded in the ends justifying the means, the Divine Right of Kings, and implemented a limited republic of self-government to protect inherent rights of individuals, not, "The fix was in; but that's OK," or, "the board's connection to this election ought to be good news for taxpayers."

   Remember these words by the Fourth Estate as Boise and the Treasure Valley go forth with yet another increase in property taxes brought to you by a small minority who twisted the law, who erected another statist building block, another Boise Watergate for Big Brother's giant Welfare State:  "The fix was in, but that's OK." -- Deep Throat II

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