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by Free Market Duck

Is the War in Iraq a Mafia-style protection racket:  U.S. military protects OPEC and OPEC promises to use only inflated petro-dollars?
(July 17, 2007)

Washington, DC What if the real reason that President Bush and the Boys dragged America into the Middle East was for a Mafia-style protection racket?  How?  Bush promises U.S. Military support in the Middle East for the Saudi's OPEC monopoly so it won't be taken over by Iran.  In return, OPEC promises to trade only in our hyper inflated US Dollars instead of other paper currencies or commodities.  Who would want this to happen?  How about the real international market managers: the central bankers running private banking corporations such as the private US Federal Reserve Corporation, the IMF, World Bank, etc?

   This creates a monetary condition known as Petro-Dollars and note that the Saudis (OPEC) are standing firm on their agreement with the US to use only dollars to sell oil, even though they are losing value through inflation.  Meanwhile other nations are rumbling about dumping their oversupply of forced dollar accumulations.

   Take China, which just dumped $3 billion lately to get rid of some of its $1.7 trillion in US Paper and buy into Blackstone's latest IPO at about a 10% return.  China has lost some $100 billion in recent dollar devaluations and is the leading holder of the US deficit via T-Notes, which the private Fed Reserve created out of thin air, loaned to the US govt at interest, which becomes our National Debt, and which US citizens are req'd to pay back to the Fed Reserve corporation via taxation to retire the fake debt, i.e. the debt created out of nothing.  Why do the Fed bankers do it?  To earn the interest, which they can then transfer into real hard commodities such as real estate, corporations, etc.  What a clever scam.  Would that I was granted a free monetary printing press in my basement, too.

   That's why it doesn't matter whether we elect Republicans or Democrats, because it's the central bankers who are really running the country in the first place.  And that's why they had to force us off the gold standard.  One cannot inflate gold.

   The solution to President Bush's mis-use and mismanagement of our great and honorable military troops in the Middle East is the same solution to America's huge deficit and Congressional earmarks:  the return to a 100% commodity-based (i.e. gold) monetary standard with no fractional reserve banking.  Is the US setting up a free market in Iraq?  Hardly.  Is the US setting up a gold-backed monetary standard for Iraqi currency?  Hardly.  Until Americans understand the financial con game that the bankers and politicians are playing on them, both political parties will continue to mis-manage our US military throughout the world and deficit spend us into total bankruptcy.  In reality, taxation exists only to give Americans a semblance of participatory government.  The Fed Reserve could just as easily print up all the fake paper we, rather they, need.  In fact, they already are.

   But the Bad Guys need bogeymen to make this work.  Ever wonder why America, through the World Bank, IMF, and Import-Export Banks, continually send or "loan" billions in foreign aid to our "enemies?"  These enemies are our "straw men," our bogeymen, our Terrorists (real and imagined) so American citizens will not only cooperate but also play the game by choosing up sides, Republicans and Democrats, like for a soccer tournament, and argue with each other on TV and radio talk shows.  Meanwhile, the Big Boys are laughing their asses off, pulling both sets of puppet strings at high levels where they smoke Cuban cigars and drink the best brandy the Paris Club can afford.

  While there is no doubt that fanatical terrorists blew up two WTCs in New York and we should address that specific and related issues even with pre-emptive self defense (not a contradiction in terms if you look long term and plan ahead for your freedoms and liberty), I suspect that there are those at higher power levels than the US Presidency and Congress -- he who controls the money supply controls the nation -- who are now manipulating and manufacturing the notion of Terrorists and Terrorism in much the same manner as in George Orwell's novel 1984 or in "V" For Vendetta in order to control the American people (as they have been controlling the citizens of other nations for many decades) for their own financial aggrandizement.  This is not an international conspiracy.  It's just standard financial business.  Follow the money.

   You should look into the concept of Economic Hit Men and the current suppression of the use of Nikola Tesla's radiant form of free energy discovered many decades ago.  There is not only no shortage of free energy in the universe, the US government already knows about it and uses radiant energy for many purposes, while surreptitiously preventing various free market inventors from bringing this form of energy to market.  While the current administration is busy protecting its OPEC Petro-Dollar special arrangement in much the same fashion as cooperating Mafia crime families divide up territories for control, the reason the Powers that Be are not concerned about N. Korean or Iranian nukes is because the US has weapons that are much, much more powerful and can knock out any nuke practically before it leaves its launching site.  That explains why Prez Bush appears to "not care" about rogue nations who are busy developing nuclear weapons.  They are almost passe.  Nor does Bush want you to have your very own Ray Gun.

  FYI, radiant energy is not "electrons running down copper wire" as in conventional Electrical Engineering.  It is "photons" that do not exactly follow current EE theories and appears as the blue streaks of lightning arcing all over the place should you care to spend about 75 bucks and build a Tesla Coil in your garage to observe this and other interesting phenomena, such as shooting down balloons or frying somebody's ass at long distance.  I suggest you be very careful and wear rubber gloves and goggles.  Then again, insulators are not insulators, conductors are not conductors, and dipoles are actually antennae to an infinite amount of universal, longitudinally-pulsating energy emanating from all over the universe.  Once again, there is no shortage of clean energy on earth or anywhere in the universe and it is ludicrous for Congress and others to propose taxation or regulation of existing fossil fuels, nuclear energy, wind, or solar.  The world is swimming in a sea of free energy and doesn't know it.  Yet.

   In summary, there is no energy shortage, no global warming problem, and those who really run the Big Show have manipulated and mis-used the US Military as part of a protection racket to protect their hyper inflated Petro-Dollars by OPEC in the Middle East.  The US is not afraid of their manufactured bogeyman, The Terrorists (yes, Martha, we know 15 Saudis blew up the World Trade Centers), except to the extent that some rogue Bozo might blow up a US power station and screw up America's highly vulnerable Electrical Grid.  The Bad Guys have finally realized this and may soon be embarking upon allowing radiant energy inventors to create, manufacture, and distribute stand-alone radiant energy machines so that The Grid will not be a factor in the future.  We'll soon see if these new Disruptive Economic Innovations will be allowed to proliferate or will they not be allowed because the Big Boys can't easily put a meter on radiant free energy to "tax" everybody as has been done with fossil fuels at America's and the world's gas stations, which, by the way, are part and parcel of the OPEC Petro-Dollar Protection Racket and explains why they financed Thomas Edison instead of Nikola Tesla.

   So the next time someone whines that America must "win the War in Iraq" at all costs, without defining the term "win," you might want to keep in mind that the whole thing may be just a simple Mafia-style Protection Racket in the Middle East, mis-using American troops for the OPEC Petro-Dollar monopoly, and the very same people are preventing the use of free radiant energy in order to protect their current investments in fossil fuels while pretending to finance government solutions to another trumped-up bogeyman:  Global Warming.  I don't know which statist concept is worse:  a Terrorist hiding behind every tree, or Global Warming. -- Deep Throat II

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