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by Free Market Duck

Idaho Senator Craig loses Illegal Immigration Amnesty bill...
Does Craig support prison inmates picking Idaho crops?
(July 5, 2007)

"We got rid of that [college students] and got the inmates."  -- Tom Sessions, SunGlo packing plant as told to John Miller, AP reporter

"I've got several potato warehouses that would love to have a crew of 15-20 inmates to offset the labor shortages.  We don't have enough inmates." -- Lt. Jim Woolf, Idaho Corrections Dept

Is the government using prisoners as indentured servants to hide Congress' and the Administration's hyper-inflation of the U.S. dollar?

Boise, ID As we have stated over and over in our FM Duck commentaries, the illegal immigration problem is not about a shortage of American labor.  It is an economic problem about hyper inflation of the U.S. dollar and the socialist policies of America and Mexico.

   Mexico is a grossly corrupt socialist welfare state.  The U.S. is less corrupt but still a welfare state.  Mexicans are illegally streaming across the southern border to escape socialist Mexico.  American politicians have hyper inflated the U.S. dollar to the point that if American labor picked crops at the going American labor rate, the U.S. population would revolt against their government at the resulting food prices in the supermarket.

   In order to forestall this disclosure to the American people that their deficit dollar is becoming worthless, the Bush Administration and Congress are doing nothing about illegal immigration by pretending that America needs amnesty for our ha-ha "guest workers" and that there is a shortage of American labor.  But the day of reckoning will soon be upon us.  It will place such a huge financial burden on American citizens, from a $2-$3 trillion un-funded Social Security increase, to Pub Ed and Medicare/Medicaid increases, to increased crime and cost to the judicial system, that by 2020 or sooner we will be financially bankrupt.

   Idaho's Senator Larry Craig, who voted for President Bush's Amnesty program and lost, is now pushing for an Ag Jobs bill to purportedly save Idaho's agricultural industry.  Governmental intervention into the free market, bringing home the pork, and earmarking are not new to Sen. Craig.  He, in fact, has co-authored several articles claiming that it is a Congressman's duty to bring home the pork to his constituents.  It seems that socialism, or fascism, which used to hide in the closet, defined as governmental intervention into what would otherwise be a free market, is now regarded by our Congressboobs as de jure.  The Welfare State mentality has now taken over, even in tiny Idaho.

   Now the spud growers are resorting to hiring prison inmates to pick Idaho's crops.  This is a troubling situation and brings up many legal questions.  Is it Constitutional to allow one company to hire prisoners at cheap labor rates to compete against free market labor at other companies?  What's the difference between hiring illegal immigrants who have broken the immigration law but are not in prison, and hiring or forcing prisoners to pick fruit for peanuts?  (Wouldn't that be a hoot: illegal immigrants in prison who end up picking crops for even lower rates than "free" illegals?)  Do prisons pay free market or minimum wages?  Will this encourage the government to imprison more people for victimless crime laws (such as minor drug abuses) to increase the number of inmates picking crops?  Is this a form of slavery or indentured servitude because prisoners are "encouraged" to ha-ha "volunteer" to pick crops by the warden or prison guards?  Does Senator Craig support prison inmates picking Idaho crops?

   The big question remains: Is the government using prisoners as indentured servants to hide Congress' and the Administration's hyper-inflation of the U.S. dollar?

   If it was only about economics, all the good Senator from Idaho would have to do is absolutely nothing.  Laissez-faire.  Just like with all other commodities and services, free market demand would automatically raise the price to pick potatoes to whatever supply the consumer would pay.  But then, that's exactly the problem, isn't it?  That's what the politicians don't want you to know.  We don't have a shortage of potatoes or American labor.  We have an over-supply of inflated U.S. dollars.  And they don't want you to revolt at the super market.  (Note that the government's current Consumer Price Index, CPI, has removed food, energy and all energy related prices, housing, rental, and, hey, what's left in the CPI, air?  No wonder the official CPI is so low, they stripped everything out.)

   Once again, the illegal immigration problem is not about a shortage of American labor.  Follow the money.  Just like the War in Iraq, it is more about the manipulation of our paper dollar by central bankers and Big Brother's manufactured terrorism to protect OPEC Petro-Dollars than who should be picking America's crops.  And now we're bordering on re-implementing slavery with prisoners picking crops?  Yee-haa, whip, snap, crack, pick that cotton, you jailbirds. -- FM Duck

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