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by Free Market Duck

"Bong Hits 4 Jesus"
(Jun 28, 2007)

I doubt the US Supreme Court would have ruled against student Joseph Frederick's banner if it had read "Bong Hits 4 Buddha" or "Nose Candy 4 Osama bin Laden."  Which means the Supremes are injecting their Catholic faith into their decisions.

Juneau, Alaska Whoa, girl friends, you just lost your First Amendment rights to tell a joke about drugs.  Or were George Bush's Catholic Bible Bangers on the U.S. Supreme Court more incensed about an Alaskan student's reference to the judges' alleged Son of an un-provable Omniscient toking on a bong pipe?

   American jurisprudence has now lapsed into Fairyland, usurping the individual's inherent freedom of speech with a government blend of Public Education Laws, the current War on Drugs, and President Bush's new Faith-Based Initiatives.  And get this, the student holding up his banner that read, "Bong Hits 4 Jesus," was not even standing on school property.  Since he was standing on public property across the street during a parade, the public school principal had no right to run across the street and curb his freedom of speech.

   What's troubling about this 5-4 ruling is that it relies upon, and presumes, other questionable laws are OK, such as (1) public education policies, (2) the War on Drugs (Prohibition and Victimless Crime laws), and (3) the mixture of church and state in violation of the First Amendment with Bush's Faith-Based Funding Initiatives that grant billions of tax dollars to religious institutions.

   Public Education in the U.S. is not only empirically a dismal failure, it violates individual rights of those who have no children, seniors or adults who have no children currently in school, and a myriad of other rights including forced taxation of those who choose to send their children to private schools, paying twice for their children's education.

   The War on Drugs is both an individual rights and economic disgrace, fiscally stupid, and is simply a repeat of the U.S. Alcohol Prohibition blunder in the earlier part of the last century, which, by the way, brought about the same type of crime wave and government corruption as today's ridiculous War on Drugs.

   Third, it is patently unconstitutional for President Bush to issue Executive Orders or pass legislation throwing billions of taxpayer dollars to selected religious institutions for ANY reason, church or the church's supposedly secular activities.

   This absurd litigious linking of subordinate laws, statutes, and Welfare State Rulings to supersede our Bill of Rights is a lot like the silly college game of linking Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon from one actor in a movie through a series of other actors and movies to connect him to a final specific actor.  Unfortunately, it's our basic constitutional rights that the Supremes are now infringing upon.

   As we have stated in earlier commentary at FM Duck, most judges and politicians have forgotten -- if they ever knew --that the Constitution is not a "granting" document but rather a "prohibiting" document, prohibiting infringements upon individual rights, not granting socialistic public education rights to a collectivist Welfare State.  

   This new ruling by the now predominant Jesus Freaks on U.S. Supreme Court is, as Harvard Law Professor Derschowitz has stated in his book of the same name:  "Blasphemy - How The Religious Right Is Hijacking Our Declaration of Independence." -- FM Duck

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