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by Free Market Duck

Yo, Rudy, follow the money
(May 29, 2007)

"The best way to understand how policy is made is to follow the money.  The enormity of the Sept 11 attacks means there's a lot of money." -- N. Heller, T. Stites, investigative reporters

"The largest recipient of counter-terrorism funds is Pakistan, which received more than $4 billion in U.S. taxpayer money in the first four months after Sep 11." -- N. Hell, T. Stites, investigative reporters

New York, NY GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who flip-flops on basic social issues such as the rights of women superseding the alleged rights of their own fetus in abortion issues, needs to bone up on American foreign policy if he doesn't understand GOP candidate Ron Paul's assertion that U.S. action in the Middle East encouraged the 9/11 WTC bombings.  And "the best way to understand how policy is made is to follow the money," says two investigative reporters Nathaniel Heller and Tom Stites at the Center for Public Integrity.

   How much U.S. tax money are we talking about and what is it, or was it, used for?

   Answering the latter is easy:  the money was, and is, used to install foreign dictators to do the bidding of special interest groups, such as Big Oil, for whichever major U.S. party happens to be in power.  In fact, It really doesn't matter which party is in power since the private central bankers of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF can run their Big Show no matter which party appears to be in power.

   Historically, the U.S. installed the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia (OPEC), and a host of other nations and then turned on them as foreign events changed.  The central bankers continually force foreign nations to "accept" Third World loans created out of thin air just as easily as they create the dollar out of nothing, and for the same reasons: to churn fake paper and make Big Bucks on the interest while forgiving the principal five years later.  (The bankers don't care since the principal was created out of thin air anyway.)

   The upshot is that the central bankers indirectly control the U.S. military to enforce their policies (such as forcing trade into Petro-Dollars), set up dictators, and thus foreign citizens around the world know that it is the American government and their special interest groups, not the American people, who installed the dictators that deprive them of their rights and bomb the crap out of them if they protest.  Indirectly, the U.S. government through its foreign "aid" and military policies -- like the British Empire before them -- are responsible for the anti-American attitudes held by hundreds of millions of foreigners throughout the world.  Again, not against the average Joe Doe American, but against the U.S. government.

   The answer to the first question above, follow the money, is:

Top Ten Recipients of U.S. Military Aid Flow:  Before and After 9/11 (in billions):

1.  Israel -- $9.0   $9.1
2.  Egypt -- $6.1   $6.0
3.  Pakistan -- $0.009   $4.2
4.  Jordan -- $0.98   $2.7
5.  Afghanistan -- $0.008   $2.7
6.  Colombia -- $1.5   $2.0
7.  Turkey -- $0.005   $1.3
8.  Peru -- $0.26   $0.4
9.  Bolivia -- $0.28   $0.3
10. Poland -- $0.03   $0.3

   With all this "free" U.S. money floating around, it is truly getting difficult to determine whether it's due to cause or effect.  Did it help cause 9/11 or is it to prevent future 9/11s?  A cogent argument can be made for the former.  Keeping the American people in a perpetual state of fear is an old concept used throughout history by Kings, Queens, Popes, and Pharaohs.  Keep their minds on the terrorists so they don't complain about the King clipping the coins in the Fatherland -- or the private Federal Reserve hyper-inflating our domestic currency through sub-prime mortgages and other clever currency manipulations.

   As if the above snippet of billions of U.S. foreign aid discovered by the investigative journalists wasn't enough, they also discovered that it is often  duplicated in similar U.S. aid programs, and, in fact, through exactly the same training classes, such as in the following source:

Top Recipients of U.S. Military Aid from Coalition Support Funds (CSF) (in millions):

1.  Pakistan -- $3,139
2.  Poland -- $372
3.  Jordan -- $191
4.  Afghanistan -- $150
5.  Uzbekistan -- $39
6.  Georgia -- $25
7.  Ukraine -- $10
8.  Czech Rep -- $6.6
9.  U.K. (England) -- $5.6
10. Djibouti -- $5.3

   And this is just the tip of the ice berg.  By the way, who the hell is Djibouti?

   So, Rudy Giuliani, the next time GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul tries to pull the academic discussion of American foreign policy up a notch to reveal how U.S. military and central banking policies around the world may well have played a direct role, i.e. a causal effect, in the attitudes of those foreigners who decided to blow up New York's WTCs, you should do as Confucius once said, "Warm brain before opening mouth." -- FM Duck

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