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by Free Market Duck

Sec of Interior Kempthorne offers quid pro quo worth billions of dollars to Louisiana Sen Mary Landrieu  
(May 2, 2007)

Washington, DC Listen up, girl friends.  Blow and saucer yourself a hot cup of Rocket Java as we recap how the political power game is played in Washington DC.

   First, Prez Bush finds out ex Sec of Interior Gale Norton, Assistant Sec Steven Griles, and lots of other troopers in the Bureau of Indian Affairs are sleeping in the same TeePee with convicted bribe artist Jack Abramoff.  Norton retires, Griles is indicted, Abramoff goes to prison.

   Prez Bush taps Idaho's ex Gov Dirk Kempthorne to replace Norton who is now busy working at Shell Oil, one of many oil companies that received millions of dollars in special interest bennies from Norton while she was Sec of Interior.  Kempthorne's political record in Idaho includes (1) participating in Boise's $136 million Watergate Scandal, (2) lowering his property taxes with special Idaho legislation to $19 per year for 14 acres near multi-million dollar Tamarack Resort, (3) rigging the occupant selection at the failed Univ Place Water Tower with a secret weighted co-location factor, and (4) skewing the choice for project management of his $3 billion -- now $5 -$10 billion -- "Connecting Idaho" GARVEE Highway Plan, among other questionable political deeds.  All of this information, and much more, was sent certified-return-receipt to various senators at Kempthorne's Dept of Energy Senate confirmation hearing, including Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

   Kempthorne shows up to the Dept of Energy's Senate confirmation hearing with 21 senators and Sly Mary quickly puts a "hold" on Tricky Kempy's confirmation, saying she would like to receive a billion or two to clean up her home state of The Blue Bayou after Hurricane Katrina dumped on The Big Easy and wiped out Bourbon Street.  Tricky Kempy winks at Sly Mary, Sly Mary removes her senate "hold" on Tricky Kempy, and whaddaya know, nobody asks any job resume questions about Kempthorne's questionable political past in Ideeho-ho-ho, and he is unanimously confirmed as Sec of the Interior, head honcho to "manage" ha-ha "manage" millions of acres of offshore oil reserves.

   Eleven months later, right on cue, bingo!  Tricky Kempy, out of the clear blue sky, announces a new 5-year offshore drilling plan worth billions of dollars over the next 20 years with the bulk of the royalty money going to -- you guessed it -- the late great state of Louisiana, home of Sly Mary Landrieu.  Other states slated to receive billions of dollars in new offshore oil money are Alaska, Alabama, Mississippi, and, holy moly, Prez Bush's home state of Texas where, he too, is coincidentally in the oil business.

   Wink, wink, thanks for not asking any questions about my less than stellar political past in Idaho and, oh by the way, here's a couple of billion for your great state of Louisiana, Mary.

   That's how the political process works, girl friends. from Boise, Idaho to Washington, DC.  Tricky Kempy's quid pro quo has now been paid and you can bet that Bush's U.S. Prosecutor in Oregon will probably not indict nor even investigate ex Gov Kempthorne & All The Governor's Men involved in Boise's $136 million Watergate fiasco. -- FM Duck

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