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by Free Market Duck

Education math scores drop across the state as Idaho teachers, administrators, and coaches vacation to Ireland and China on your tax dollars
(Mar 28, 2007)

Boise, ID Ya-yesss, girl friends, you heard that right.  Idaho students can't add two + two but their teachers and administrators and coaches know how to obtain thousands of dollars of your tax money from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Dept of State, and the U.S. Dept of Education to (1) finance a vacation -- oops, I mean a cultural exchange trip -- to Ireland and (2) ride a 265 MPH bullet train in Shanghai, China.

   Following in the footsteps of the annual state-financed vacation trips -- oops, I mean "trade missions" -- by ex Gov Dirk Thornprick to Mexico, Japan, and Shanghai's Xiang Ming High School, Boise's Borah High School is coughing up your tax money to send eight teachers, the principal, and Borah's athletic director to Shanghai, China.  (Dang, I just spent five weeks in Europe last summer and had to pay for my own trip.)

   According to the left Liberal Idaho Statesman who continually pushes for more and more taxes to fund Idaho's public education joke, "teachers and others from Meridian, Caldwell, Orofino, Wendell, Preston, and Wood River High Schools returned last week from a weeklong trip to Ireland."

   Next week, the Borah vacationers are off with their cameras and, at district expense, shirts and jackets with the school district's name on them for everybody on the trip to China.  And who teaches all the kiddies reading, writing, and apparently not much mathematics while the traveling teachers are on vacation in Europe and China?  Bingo, you guessed it.  District substitute teachers paid for by thousands of dollars of your education tax money.

   Whoa, what a juicy deal for our highly underpaid (higher than the average white collar professional in the nation), over-worked (3 months annual vacation each summer), professional (now part of the AFL-CIO / NEA super union) teachers of America.

   Meanwhile, Gov Otter OKs $5 million to start a new Community College system in Boise's Treasure Valley because (1) graduating high school students can't add two + two to get into a 4-year college and (2) Idaho needs to blow hundreds of millions of dollars to produce Community College graduates for employers such as Micron who just froze all hiring at its North American facilities after opening a new $250 million facility and hiring 2,000 new employees in China -- all this after ex Gov Kempthorne and the Idaho legislature granted Micron a huge property tax exemption in 2005 to build a billion dollar mystery plant in Boise, which they didn't and have no plans to pursue.

   What's next?  I think the Idaho taxpayers should pay for the Amalgamated Toilet Flushers Union to go on a "trade mission" and "cultural exchange" trip to check on the Seaweed Snatchers of the Sahara Desert and take pictures of the Crater Dwellers on the Moon, don't you? -- FM Duck

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