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by Free Market Duck

"An Inconvenient Truth" morphs into "Convenient Lies" as Hollywood Oscars regurgitate 30-year old Doomsday baloney from the 1970s
(Feb 26, 2007)

Hollywood, CA And the winner for Best Documentary Feature is:  Prof Paul Ehrlich's fantasy documentary Global Starvation Is Just Around the Corner -- oops, that was over 30 years ago at UC Berkeley.  Oh well, let's recycle all the gloom and doom baloney that the major media and far left university profs spoon-fed the parents of today's college kids in the '70s and re-feed it to their children through Hollywood and left liberal loser, Al Gore.


   According to Prof Ehrlich's book The Population Bomb, required reading in my UC Berkeley Biology class, we were all supposed to have starved to death by the year 2000.  Sorry, it didn't happen.  DDT supposedly caused thin egg shells; so it was banned and millions died from mosquitoes carrying malaria because nobody could spray what we now know did not cause thin egg shells, DDT.


   Tides were supposed to rise dramatically, the ice caps were supposed to melt, the weather was supposed to produce a "nuclear winter" in which no crops could grow.  The active ingredient in hair spray and automobile air conditioners, freon, was banned because it supposedly was causing a "hole" in our ionosphere and letting in too much UV sunlight, heating up the biosphere, and creating the "Greenhouse Effect."


   But oops, the global temperature is actually dropping, not increasing, suggesting that we may be at the start of one of our normal Ice Ages on Earth.  In fact, the early news releases from the recent international meeting on Global Warming were preliminary, and many scientists were angry because their data (to be published later in the Meeting's Summary) refute the preliminary news spin espoused by those who are eager to push their "Convenient Lies" as "An Inconvenient Truth." 


   So, pardon me if I don't get all excited about Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" movie because I've been there, seen that, and discovered the Global Warming Hypothesis is not only just an hypothesis, but according to lots and lots of documented scientific reports in the bibliography and footnotes of Dr. Michael Crichton's latest book, State of Fear, the Global Warming Hypothesis contains lots and lots of outright lies and falsification of data.


   Nobody argues whether burning fossil fuels causes pollution.  But that can easily be solved by free market solutions such as moving to the new EFTV machines (Energy From The Vacuum, the particle flux all around us) and enforcing existing pollution infringement laws.


   The real objective of Al Gore and his Doomsday Hollywood bozos is more and more government intervention into an already over-regulated market, controlled by Congress, the Administration, and all their special interest Big Energy buddies receiving corporate welfare and prohibiting new energy competitors from entering the market.


   Gore's Oscar-winning fairytale should be re-titled "Convenient Lies" since it's the same old government interventionist Pablum dredged up from the 1970s and long before that:  Orchestrate a gloom and doom scenario, keep everybody in a perpetual state of fear (environmental, foreign wars, you name it), and then push for more and more governmental controls to "save" us all from everything and everybody, all the time and everywhere. -- FM Duck

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