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by Free Market Duck

World Wide Monetary Inflation...the not-so-Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
(Feb 22, 2007)

New York, NY Since the U.S. Congress illegally granted authority to a private cartel of world central bankers to "manage" our non-backed currency, the value of the dollar has plummeted to about 4-cents over the last 50 years or so.  No matter what phony statistics the Govt or the Wall Street Journal editors proclaim to "prove" that the U.S. economy is doing just great, the cost of all goods and services worldwide (homes, cars, food, energy, etc) are skyrocketing and are directly due to the intentional hyper-inflation of every nation's paper currency and credit relative to gold and silver.


   Many other nations are far worse than the U.S.  And if the U.S. is busy hyper-inflating its own currency and prices relative to gold, imagine how bad the hyper-inflation is in all the other nations.


   Following is the latest exchange ratios greater than 100:1 of world currencies per one U.S. dollar.  (And remember, the U.S. dollar is highly inflated itself, which means the unit dollar is losing value relative to all other good and services.)  The important thing to note (you do the Googling research, I'm busy) is each hyper-inflating nation's population and type of government.  The fewer the people and the greater the monetary exchange ratio means higher monetary inflation, which then drives a higher price inflation for all goods and services.  Then again, some nations that should show up higher on this "correlation with poverty" list will not show up at their real levels of poverty because much of their so-called "currency" has been replaced by government ration cards. 


One U.S. dollar equals:
(Not so Good = 1:1 monetary units/US$)
(Bad = 100:1 monetary units/US$)

(Ugly = 1000:1 monetary units/US$)


Africa - 54 nations, 61% Bad, 20% Ugly

Benin CFA Franc  499
Berkino Faso CFA Franc  499
Burundi Franc  1,048
Cameroon CFA Franc  499
Cntrl Afrc Repub CFA Franc  499
Chad CFA Franc  499
Comoros Franc  375
Dem Rep Congo Con. Franc  530
Congo CFA Franc  499
Djibouti Franc  177
Eqtrl Guinea CFA Franc 499
Gabon CFA Franc  499
Ghana Cedi  9,270 (stupid Ugly)
Guinea Bissau CFA Franc  499
Guinea Rep Franc  6,000
Ivory Coast CFA Franc  499
Madagascar M. Ariary  2,011
Malawi Kwacha  141
Mali Rep CFA Franc  499
Mauritania Ouguiya  269
Mozambique Metical  25,860 (Super Ugly)
Nigeria Naira 128
Rwanda Franc  548
Senagal CFA Franc  499
Sierra Leone Leone  2,355
Somalia Schilling  1,362
Sudan Dinar  201
Sudan Rep Pound  2,010
Tanzania Schilling  1,282
Togo Rep CFA Franc  499
Uganda Schilling  1,748
Zambia Kwacha  4,125
Zimbabwe Dollar  250

Americas - 26 nations, 23% Bad, 12% Ugly

Chile Peso  540
Colombia Peso  2,220
Costa Rico Colon  520
Guyana Dollar  201
Paraguay Guarani  5,200 (absurd Ugly)
Venezuela Bolivar  2,146
Asia - 43 nations, 35% Bad, 19% Ugly

Armenia Dram  355
Azerbaijan Manat  4,607
Cambodia Riel  4,016
Indonesia Rupiah  9,050 (stupid Ugly)
Iran Rial  9,240
Japan Yen  119
Kazakhstan Tenge  124
Korea, North Won  143
Korea, South  Won  936
Laos, Peoples DR Kip  9,680 (stupid Ugly)
Lebanon Pound  1,512
Mongolia Tugrik  1,163
Sri Lankra Rupee  108
Vietnam Dong  15,980 (ridiculous Ugly)
Yemen Rial  196
Caribbean - 22 nations, 0% Bad

Nobody over 100
Europe - 30 nations, 7% Bad

Hungary Forint  191
Slovenia Tolar  181
Ocenania - 13 nations, 8% Bad

Vanuatu Vatu  106


   It is interesting to note that the source of hyper-inflation of each nation's money supply, including the U.S. (the private Federal Reserve), is the central bankers of the G7 nations acting as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, Import-Export Bank, The Paris Club, and other beautifully-sounding financial names, as they (1) print up money (whether dollars, francs, pounds, or schillings) out of thin air, (2) "loan" it at interest to various nations as said nation's "national debt" to be repaid by said nation's taxpayers, (3) sell said nation's "national debt" as Treasury Notes to investment buyers at lower interest than said nation's "national debt" interest, and then (4) "forgive" each nation its "national debt" principal while collecting the interest as profit to then buy real tangible goods such as real estate, corporations, and other hard commodities.  That's how China holds over $1.6 trillion of the U.S.'s "national debt" as T-Notes (the dummies bought it as a "safe" investment, ha-ha) -- and they are losing value as the U.S. hyper-inflates, thus devalues, its U.S. dollar (and thus T-Notes) to pay for America's expanding welfare state and global interventionist activities.  It's a con game.


   Infra-structure is everything.  A free market infra-structure brings about wealth by ensuring individual rights and freedoms.  A govt-controlled market ensures poverty and destroys individual rights and freedoms.  The best way to manipulate a nation's infra-structure is to grab control of its monetary system.  Hence the central bankers disconnecting the definition of money from gold, philosophically and physically.  Control a nation's monetary system and everything else follows.  Congress and the President do not control America; the private Federal Reserve, behind the scenes, controls America.  U.S. Presidents, the Cabinet, Congressmen and women, and current PhD Interventionist economists are simply "useful idiots" in this international con game.  


   What a brilliant Ponzi scheme by which to redistribute capital assets and wealth from individuals in each nation into the pockets of international central bankers.  And what a tricky method by which to finance and keep everybody in a perpetual "State of Fear" (read Michael Crichton's latest book) so the people will not question their government's continual interventionist activities to "save" them from the created -- real and imagined -- "terrorists" of poverty, hunger, global warming, and war as the central bankers finance both sides of everything. -- FM Duck

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