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by Free Market Duck

Boise's Watergate morphs into Librarygate as Urban Renewal Agency picks Bodo developer for unconstitutionally-funded $130 million "Library Blocks" project
(Feb 18, 2007)

Boise, ID "Rah, rah, zizz boom bah, spend that money, spend that money, ha ha ha," sings the Idaho Statesman cheerleaders as they wave their little socialist pom-poms down at Boise City Hall.  Problem is, the voters already said NO to expanding 4 branch libraries across Boise and the legal beagles already stated that financing the Library Blocks project with fake lease-purchase agreements is unconstitutional.


(See 08-14-2006 Bodo developer proposes Boise's Watergate method to rip down, rebuild Boise main library  More... and
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08-19-2006 Are Idaho's "Rainy Day Funds" unconstitutional?  More... ) -- Deep Throat II

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